To the Edge of the Universe – I don’t know what to call it, but whatever else it is it’s I know it’s chapter six.

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When the dwarves, the hobbit went to bed and Omey thought that Gandalf was sleeping she slipped out of the hobbit hole and walked a little ways to find a place that she could see the stars clearly.

Slowly she felt her head clear from all of the confusing and troublesome thoughts of that day. She lay there flat on her back, hands folded on her chest and just stared at the stars. She felt herself slip into a semi dream state, not like a trance, but like an odd kind of sleep, how long she laid like that, wo knows? A few hours, maybe. All she knew was the beuatiful light that surrounded her and the undescribeably glorious music that ran around her.

Suddenly she woke, someone was coming up behind her, she sat upand found Gandalf sittin next to her.

“I must speak with you my freind.”

Omey nodded for him to continue, “When you said you were from a place called America the other night, you did not mean any place in Middle Earth.”

Omey, who had been somwhat delirious after her experience
snapped wide awake.

Gandalf went on, “Nor did you mean Valimar. You are not From this world at all, are you my good elf?”

Omey swallowed hard, she had not expected to be found out quite so soon, she decided to be honest with the wizard.
“Well no, I’m not from this world, or even this universe, but it’s kind of hard to explain.”

Gandalf smiled,”Do not try, I don’t want an explanation, I merely wanted to confirm my suspision. Are there elves in your world? Ido not think this is your natural state in your own world.”

“No I don’t think so, I belive it’s the fact that my world has a completely seprate time of it’s own that causes me to be an elf, maybe, because I age with my world and my world isn’t aging. I belive that time in my world passes differntly, like in a world called Narnia…”

Omey’s voice trailed off, and she felt like the world’s Number One Dork. Narnia, of corse P. Pevensie, Peter Pevensie, as in High King Peter of Narnia.

Gandalf nodded, satisfied with the information, and unaware of the revolation that had just taken place.

“I am going to go to bed now, I know elves don’t sleep much, but don’t stay outside too long.”

Omey nodded and Gandalf got up and went inside the hobbit hole leaving Omey with her thoughts.


Omey had not gone to bed at all that night and so was wide awake when the dwarves got up to start thire adventure. She found she needed a surprisingly small amount of sleep.

“Maybe the fact I’m more inclined to sit on my bed, reading , drawing and writing stories is going to be less of a consequence than I thought.” Omey said to herself, while shoving her stuff into her back pack.When she came to her journal she opened it and took out her pen and wrote the following entry.

I don’t know the date, but it’s a Thursday sometime in May

I guess there could be worse things to happen to a girl, I mean how many people spen half of thire life dreaming of going to another world? And how many people want not be elves? It’s not a small number, I’ll tell you now, and about five years ago I was among that number, maybe I’m an un-grateful slob, but these dwarves, for some odd reason, their starting to really get on my nerves.

All right, maybe it has somthing to do with the fact that I came here as an elf and elves, with the exseption of Legolas and Gimli, don’t get along very well with dwarves.

Anyway, I came inside after the sun came up this morning, yeah, I spent the night outside, staring at the stars, and I almost ran into Thorin, you konw what the dwarf said to me?
“Where have you been elf? Get ready to leave, we can’t wait for Mr. Baggins, we have to leave right away and we can’t wait for him.”

Now I’m not sure why this statement bothered me, but I know it did. This elven thing isn’t as easy as everyone seems to think. Anyway, I think I hear Throrin yelling at me to hurry up, gotta go.

(I promised you journal entries, so there it is, just don’t expect them every article.)

Omey ran out pulling on her cloak as she ran, it was a chilly morning, and Omey found herself glad of the cloak that Mr. Kirke had given her.

It took asurprisingly short time to get ot the Green Dragon, in Bywater, rounding up fourteen poinies and two horses was another matter.

Omey found that she had her watch on, a heavy one, an analog with a double clasp meatle band. The numbers and the hands glowed. Omey couldn’t help thinking that it would probably come in handy, she was the type of person that gets very nevous if they don’t know what time it is.

It was just about 10:45, Bilbo should be here in about fifteen minutes, she thought. Gandalf had left about ten minutes ago to see what had become of Bilbo.

“Come along, elf, get on your horse, it’s just about time to leave.” Thorin called, Omey was getting rather sick of being refered to as ‘elf’. She went and got up on her horse anyway, a tall white one that could have been the twin of the one Gandalf was going to ride.

“You had better behave yourself, horse.” Omey had had some rather unplesent experiences with the equine race.

The horse merely snorted and stamped it’s foot.

At that moment Thorin urged his pony forward and all the dwarves followed him. Omey’s horse followed the rest, it seemed to be a resonably inteligent member of its species.

They rounded the corner in time to see little Bilbo puffing and panting, run around the corner the other way, balin, thier lookout following.

“Come on,” said Thorin.”Up you two get, and let’s be on our way.”

“I’m sorry,”Bilbo puffed,” I don’t have my hat or money, and I have come without a pocket hankechief, and I didn’t get your mesage untill after 10:45 to be precise.”

“Don’t be percise, and don’t worry, you’ll have to manage without pocket hankerchiefs and a good many other things before the jorney’s end,” said Dori.”And as for a hat, I have a spare hood and cloak in my luggage.”

They rode forward in good spirits, all but Bilbo, who looked rather comic in the oversized, weather stained dark green cloak. as a matter of fact, he looked rather like a beardless dwarf.

Soon Gandalf caught up with them, bringing Bilbo’s pipe and tobacco and lotsof his pocket hankerchiefs. Bilbo brightened right up after that, seeming to decide that, maybe, just maybe, adventures were not so bad after all.

The two weeks are of no consqence. Nothing really happened,
they stayed in a few inns, rode through the day and stopped to eat every so often for meals.

Nothing really happened untill one night Gandalf pulled Omey aside.

“Come my freind, I think the dwarves can manage without us for a while, let us go see what lies ahead.”

Omey shurgged, during the past two weeks, Omey had been keeping count of the number of times anyone said her name, so far, the number was five. She was getting used to being refered to as, ‘elf’ (Thorin and Co) and ‘my freind’ (Gandalf). Bilbo spoke to her often, seemingly happy that there was an elf among them, but he never called her anything.

“O.K.,but I think we may be needed herbefore long, if I’m not much mistaken, those couds look like thire getting ready for a down pour.”

Gandalf nodded, and the two of them quietly broke away from the rest of the group.

They rode on ahead for a couple of hours in silence, just when Omey was going to sugest they go back, they heard hoof beats on the road. Soon three riders came into veiw, one on a tall brown horse, on a silver one and another on a white one.

The two on the silver and brown horses had black hair and rather startling sea grey eyes, a coler like which Omey had never seen before. The one on the white horse has long golden hair and was dressed in white, where as his companions were dressed in green and brown, Omey knew that they had to be Elladan and Elohir the twin sons of Elrond andthat the golden haired one was Glorfindel, a great elven lord.

Suddenly Omey Knew how a sparrow felt when it met an eagle, small and unimportant and distinctly out of place.

Then Glorfindel called out,”Mithrandir, (find the elven phrase for it has been too long)

“Hail, Glorfindel, what brings you out ot this desolate country?”

Next one of the dark haired elves caled back,”We may ask you the same question, what brings you to this part of the world, Olorin? And who is your companion?”

Gandalf laughed, “I asked first, Elohir, answer my question.”

“We are hurrying home to Rivendell, trolls are abroad in this country, they live by eating any travelers that come thire way.Now I have answered your questoin, you answer mine.”

“Which one?”

“I for one,” said Elladan. “Should like to know who your companion is, female elves seldom travel through this country.”

Omey spoke for herself,” My name is Omedeaous, and that’s all you need to know, I really don’t think now is the time to speak of where I come from, my home is not Rivendell, Lothlorien or Mirkwood.”

Glorfindel nodded,” You don’t have the look of a wood elf, and I know you are not of Rivendell. Most wood elves have golden hair and green or grey eyes.”

Gandalf smiled at the elf sitting on her horse next to him.
“Tell Elrond to exspect us within the next two or three days, we will need to make a stop at Rivendell, for advice, and supplies, we will tell you more about it when we get to Rivendell.”

The elves nodded and rode into the setting sun.

“Well Omey, I have the feeling we are wanted back with the dwarves, Let’s go.” Omey nodded and both of them urged their steeds into a gallop.

They had been riding for some time when they both saw a fire and heard voices a little way off. Gandalf motioned for Omey to dismount and follow im, when they got to the fire what a sight met their eyes.


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