To the Edge of the Universe – Chapter Three: A very startled group of dwarves, and a protesting elf.

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Gandalf turned to Omey with a smile, “Come, my friend we shall see Mr. Baggins tomorrow at tea time, for now you must stay at the inn with us.”

“Don’t you think the dwarves will object to bringing that hobbit along? Besides the hobbit didn’t seem all that eager for an adventure to me.”

Gandalf chuckled, “He will thank me when this is over, if he lives through it.”

They walked on in silence for a long time, soon they came to a little inn, the sign above it read, The Green Dragon, in what can only be discribed as Tolkien lettering, with a picture of well, a green dragon above the words.

A dwarf with a white beard, wearing a scarlet hood, was on look out, looking, apparently, for Gandalf.

“So you’ve come back, you’re early, Thorin said we couldn’t exspect you back untill tea at least and-” the dwarf caught sight of Omey. He stared at her for a total of about thirty seconds. “Where in Middle Earth did you find that elf?” he shouted.

Omey was taken aback, elf, her? She was too stunned to speak, but Gandalf wasn’t.

“Balin, I’d like you to meet Omedeaos, she will be coming with us on this adventure. I came upon her while walking to the home of a man who is interested in The Job.”

Omey, who had almost found her voice was once again too stunned to speak. The dwarf also seemed to be having trouble speaking. Gandalf led the stunned elf and dwarf into The Green Dragon.

Thorin was just as shocked as Balin had been, Omey still hadn’t found her voice and was unable to protest this disaster.

“It’s unheard of!” Gloin shouted, voicing the oppinion of all of the dwarves. “Not only an elf, but an elf maiden at that! We can’t take her along to reclaim our tresure!” The other dwarves nodded in agreement.

Omey jumped up finding her long lost voice, “Who said I wanted to come on your stupid trip in the first place? I would like to know when I said I was coming along, Gandalf!”

Gandalf ignored her question,” Am I right in thinking, that you plan to go into Mirkwood? Thorin nodded in confirmation. “Well then, it will be useful to have an elf with you, if you have a run in with the wood elves, they will be more likely to trust you if you are traveling with one of thire kin.”

“True,” Thorin mumered, looking Omey over, ” well my good elf, you must forgive us, for you know our people do not get along well with yours, I am asking you now, will you come with us on our adventure?”

Omey sighed, truth be told, didn’t have much choice. Where would she go if she didn’t go with the dwarves? And besides, this was the chance of a life time, how many people got to look on the horde of Thror? And anyhow, going on this adventure didn’t mean that she would have to go with the Fellowship, seventy seven years later, a thing she hoped very much to avoid. (This show how great her foresight was) She also hoped to change the fate of some of these dwarves, the prospect of watching Thorin die, bossy and arraogant as he was did not appeal.

“All right, Thorin, I’ll come with you, I was getting kind of bored anyways.”

Thorin smiled in sattisfaction, “And now we should all get some sleep, we shall further discussour plans tomorrow, at the burgler’s house.”

Omey hadn’t relized how late it was, looking out the window she saw it was nearly dark.
Omey woke up early the next morning, the sun hadn’t risen yet. She rolled out of the bed, trying toignore the snores of the dwarves and not think about how she was going to have to listen to that for months.

I wonder why I ever agreed to come along on this crazy trip, she thought as she pulled her shoes on. I mean it’s not as if I’m all that great at riding and we’re going to ride all the way to the Misty Mountains, lucky me, untill we get captured by some goblins, everyone who’s ever read LOTR knows how much goblins love elves, particularly, female elves.

With these cheerful thoughts running through her mind, she went off in search of Gandalf, knowing somehow that he wasn’t one to sleep in.


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