To the Edge of the Universe – An Unexpected Party

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Omey found Gandalf outside, standing by a fence, the kind made of square beams laid horizontily, watching the sun rise in the eastern sky.

She soon found there were other perks to being an elf besides imortality. She moved up silently behind Gandalf and was about to try and make him jump out of his skin, when he spoke without turning around.

“Your an early riser aren’t you, my freind?”

Omey sighed, disapointed that her trick hadn’t worked, and swung herself up on the fence and sat swinging her legs watching Gandalf quietly.

Omey had been a bit startled when Gandalf had first called her ‘my friend’ but she had developed a great respect for the wizard and was proud to have him call her friend and felt sad that he would leave them on the borders of Mirkwood, asuming of corse, that she survied that long.

“Only when I can’t sleep.” she replied glancing in the wizard’s direction.

“How far are you planning to follow the dwarves, Omedeaous?”

“To the end, I suppose, if I live that long, why do you ask?”

“I fear for you, it is almost certain that we shall meet goblins.”

Omey shrugged, “And I’ll make sure we’ll have the crumpets and scones ready if they drop in for tea.”

“This is no laughing matter, Omedeaous, the goblins hate elves, even more than they hate everyone else, it would not go well for you if we ran into them.”

“And I told you to call me Omey, you’ll run out of breath if you keep using my whole name.” And having said that she jumped off of the fence and left Gandalf to watch the sunrise.

She went back into the inn, walked to the room she had stayed in the night before and went to the bed and pulled out her back-pack. Omey fished around untill she found the blue leather book that Mr. Kirke had given her before she had left.

She sat cross legged on the bed and studied the cover. It
was blue leather as I said before, bound with silver half rings.
There was a name on the cover, P.Pevensie.

That rang a faint bell, P.Pevensie? She mused it over for a few moments and decided to open the book and find out

Omey opened the book and out fluttered a small off-white envelope. She picked it up and turned it over in her hand. There was no name on it, no address, so she assumed it was from Mr. Kirke, with some last minute instructions.

There was a green and red seal on the flap, a red lion in a green circle, that too was vaguely framiliar. Reaching inside of her back-pack again she took out a swiss army knife and carefuly slit the top of the envelope.

The paper inside read as follows,

To The Next User Of This Book,
I my adventures are, for now at least at an end, but your’s I assume are just about to begin. In this book you are to record your adventures as I once did, Do not try to find them, I removed them from this book a long time ago.
Just remember to keep this book with you at all times and write your doings in it whenever possible. I wish you luck.
“Now that’s creepy. Who is P.Pevensie?” Omey muttered, and began to write in the book.

I promise that later on in this story I’ll include some of her entries, but for now we’re going to skip ahead to about 3:30 p.m. when they were getting ready to head to the hobbit’s house.

The dwarves were busy packing shovels, picks, food, blakets, spare clothes and other stuff that you normally would take on an adverture. Omey couldn’t help but feel sorry for the horses and baggage ponies who were suppoosed to carry all that had to carry all that junk.

Finally they were ready to go. Dwalin started first, five minutes later, Balin left. Then Fili and Kili. After them, Dori, Ori, Nori and Oin left. Gloin followed after.

They were all gone for about twenty minutes when Gandalf called to the remaining dwarves, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur and Thorin.

Off they went, very slowly, Omey ran ahead of the dwarves, she walked around behind them. She was about to run ahead of them again when Bombur finally got sick of the elf’s pacing.

“We are not going to walk faster because you insist on running around in circles.”

Omey glared at the dwarf, but slowed down.

They finally got there and Omey made a mental note to avoid the red wine and ale, she had no disire to be sick.

Gandalf began to pound on the door right were he had scratched the sign the day before, making a dent in the hobbit’s door, but knocking the symbol away at he same time.

The dwarves were standing so that if the door opened sudeen ly, they would all fall in, one on top of the other, with Thorin on the bottom. Omey watched with interest, standing well back.

Sure enough, the door opened like a pop gun and all the dwarves fell in on the hobbit’s welcome mat, one on top of the other.

Omey couldn’t help laughing, though she knew that Thorin would probably take offence, if he could hear her.

“Carefully, Carefully,” Gandalf said laughing, “it’s not like you Bilbo, To keep friends waiting on the mat, and then open the door like a pop-gun! Let me introduce you to Bifur, Bofur, bombur and especially, Thorin.”

“Who is the girl with you? I belive she was with you yesterday, though you never did give me her name.” said Bilbo after appoligizing profuselly to Thorin. The crabby, haughty old dwarf was not at all happy about being ironed out on Bilbo’s mat, with Bifur, Bofur and Bombur on top of him.

“Oh didn’t I?”said Gandalf in surprise,”this is Omedeaous, the elf who is going to accompany us on the adventure .”

“Omey,”she muttered. And with that they all went into the hole for tea.


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