To Moria and Back – A Story

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Thump, Thump, Thump echoing through the darkness. Unblinking, fiery eyes, glaring. Closer, closer, then I awake, sweat rolling down my face. It was only a dream. But it felt so real. Then I remember, It was real. But it had already happened, and that was quite awhile ago. Though the image was still vivid in my mind. It had been about six months ago but I was still frightened to go outside at night. I expect that you are wondering what that awfull thing was right? Well I can’t exactly tell you that for I don’t knpw myself. All I can tell you is that it had red eyes and it was huge! Oh and my name is Leor and this is my story!

It all started on a beautiful sunny day in late October. The leaves were orange and red and winter was coming. How could anything go wrong on this lovely day? Well here is how! I was walking through my garden when I was approahed by a familier face, my good friend, Cadoc. He is also a man of Gondor like myself! Cadoc and I go hunting together but today he wasn’t here to hunt he was here to ask me if I wanted to explore Moria with him. I was reluctent at first but he convinced me. So that night I was preparing myself for my exploration. I packed up some lembas and supplies, humming quietly to myself. Little did I know what and adventure it would become!

We started our journey . We walked for a few days without any problems. Then we went threw the rolling fields of Rohan and stoped at Edoras for some more food and to rest. Next day we continued our exploration around Fangorn Forest with no troubles except a lone wolf which we easily took care of. Then we went past Lorien [ for us Gondor men don’t trust the lady of the wood for they say those who enter never return!]
So we kept our distance. Finally we arrived at the entarance. I read the door and it said “Speak Friend and enter” We thought for a while, first Cadoc tried some Elvish spells then I suggested that maybe we were supposed to say “Friend” in a language so he tried in many different languages then he tried it in elvish and the door opened. We looked around and all we saw were skelletons! So I cried out for us to turn back when the doors slammed shut. We went threw a few more rooms searching for what killed all of these dwarves with no evindense.Cadoc was playing around with a rope then he pulled it, not realizing that it was conected to a giant bell. It rings so loud it shakes the walls. It echoed threw out the mountain. It was loud enough to wake the dead! I expected the skelletons to wake up and lpug their ears! Then we heard drums banging! Boom, Boom, Boom. The sound got closer, closer then orcs came running into the room. Cadoc and I grabbed swords and started hacking at the orcs. We were fighting in a losing battle when, thump, thump, thump. Unblinking, fiery eyes, glaring. Closer and closer then the orcs scatter their work is done. I feel Cadoc shaking with fear beside me. Then he runs at it! It throws him to the ground. It was up to me to save us! I run at it, it trys to throw me like he did to Cadoc but I bolt out of the way just in time. I still can’t see it because it is so dark. I run at it and stab my sword into it’s foot. It screams so I run for another sword while it is destracted. I grab it but while I reach for it he jabbs my leg with something. I fall to the ground, winceing in pain. Then Cadoc gets up and goes behind him and stabbs it in the back. It yelps and starts to fall, knowing it will die quickly it jabbs me in the stomoch and everything goes black. I wake up and Cadoc is carrying me threw a forest. I tell him to put me down, but I can’t walk so he picks me up again. He tells me that after it stabbed me it got up and he threw his sword at it like a spear and it fell. HE told me he was taking me to Lorien. I try to protest but I am to weak. So we enter the relm of lady Galadriel and we are blind folded and taken to the lady. She sees me and takes me to her healing room. She gives me medicine. My friends at home still don’t believe how she helped me and they still fear her. But in my heart I know she will help those in need. Then we Return to Gondor and here I am six months later. Here is the end of my story!

-for now!


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