To Middle Earth! – ch 2

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Ch 1

The Hall of Fire was a beautiful room, filled with light and music. It was made of white marble, with large pillars here and there. Through huge windows that reached from ceiling to floor, a breeze wafted, filled with the beautiful aromas of the gardens below.
Inside the room were many chairs,and stools, so that all might sit and listen to the beautiful music. There was all ways singing and laughter.
When Brian first stepped into the room, his eyes were immeadiately drawn to a fair elf-woman in the corner. He reconized her as Arwen, Elrond’s daughter, but for some odd reason he was suddenly very aware of her great beauty. Her hair was long and dark, and her eyes sparkled like stars. How had he missed her beauty before?
He was suddenly aware of a dark, tall man that stood a little away from the Lady. Tall he was, and he bore the look of one who is royal, yet his clothes were worn, and humble. His eyes were ever turned towards her, and his glance was that of silent adoration. He loved her, Brian could tell.
He was disracted, by the chatter of the other four ( Borimir was still with them) who seemed to be discussing horses.
“I used to ride….” Kaitlyn informed Borimir, leaning forward a little bit on her stool.
“But then I got into soccer.”
“Soccer?” said Borimir, looking confused, “What is that?”
“A game, were you kick a ball around, and try to get it in the goal.”
“Yea…see…” She launched into a full explination of soccer, and all its variations, by the end of which , Borimir looked quite amazed, and a little releived she was done.
“Ah. How..uh…interesting.”
Mike laughed. “You talked his ear off, Scrub!”
“Talked my ear off? Scrub?” Borimir looked even more confused.
“Talked you ear off is an expression. It means that she talked on and on, until you wished that she would stop and never talk about that subject again,” Mike explained.
“And Scrub-” Megan giggled, “Scrub is what we call Kaitlyn. A nick name.”
“And a hated one.” Kaitlyn grumbled, quite put off because of her nick name and Borimir’s obvious releif that she had stopped talking.
“Aw, c’mon Scrub! Be happy!” Said Brian, who had been enjoying his cousin’s happiness, for he hadn’t seen her smile for awhile. Not since……
“Scrub is a beautiful name,” offered Borimir, who was sorry that he had made the 10 year old upset, but he just created more laughter from the other three, and caused Kaitlyn to look even more upset.
“Hey, lighten up, Kaitlyn!” Said Megan, throwing her arm around her sister’s shoulders. “We’re in Middle Earth!”
“Hm..” mused Brian, ” I wonder how. I mean…isn’t this just a book?”
“I dunno,” shrugged Mike, “I mean, are we SURE this is just a book? I mean ,we’re here, aren’t we?”
“You mean you don’t really come from Arda?” Borimir looked a little amazed. ” I thought that was just a story Megan made up!”
“Hey!” said Megan, put off, “Why would I lie?”
“I don’t know…..” said Borimir, a little embarassed.
Megan’s retort was cut off by a hobbit standing up and begining to sing:
“Earendil was a mariner,
That tarried in Arvernien;
He built a boat of timber felled,
In Nimbrethel to journey in;
Her sails he wove of silver fair,
Of silver were her lanterns made,
Her prow was fashioned like a swan,
And light apon her banners laid….”
There was a great deal more, then the merry old fellow finished, and sat down amoung his friends, who were laughing. The talking in the room resumed.
“You should sing somthing, Megan!” said Brian, only half-meaning it.
“O…I….”She blushed slightly, unwilling to humiliate herself in public.
“Can you sing well?” asked Borimir.
“Well…not so good, but to hear my family talk, you’d think I was an elf!”
“Yes you can!” protested Mike, “You’re awesome!”
“Please sing Megan!Pleeeeease!” begged Mike, giving her a puppy face, his dark brown eyes twinkling brightly.
“Yeah!” Kaitlyn joined in, not willing to get left out on the fun. “Sing ‘Red-Neck Woman’, or “When the Sun goes down”, or “What was I thinking?”
“Yeah!Sing one of OUR songs!”Exclaimed Mike.
“Now guys…” Said Brian cautiously. He didn’t want to embarass her.
“Ah…OK.” sighed Megan. “Which song though?”
“A rockin’ one!”
“Noo…” she moaned, “It’s too embarassing!”
“OK…’ said Mike, grinning, “I’ll sing!” he stood up, and began immeadiately.
“Daddy’s belt, Mama’s sheets,
Standin’ on top of the shed in the back yard,
lookin’ cool, in my super man cape!
I told the neighborhood girls:’Hey y’all, watch this!’
my punishment was a broken arm;
and my rewardne big kiss.
And when my daddy asked me why I did it,
I made him laugh out loud,
when I told him ’cause the chicks dig it!'”
The room was completely silent. All were staring at him ,a little shocked, but he plowed on:
“Scars heal, glory fades,
and all that’s left are all the memories made, o yeah!
Pain hurts, but ony for a minuete,
Your life is short , so go on and live it,
cause the chicks dig it!”
He was shining with true contry spirit.
“The chics dig it..o yeah!
Black top road, learner’s permit,
Thought I was all that;
But i didn’t see the ditch.
I took out a pole, then a fence, then a barn.
The police came and called my father;
but I met the farmer’s daughter!
And when the judge asked me why I did it:
He threw the book at me, when I told him cause the chics dig it!
Scars heal, glory fades,
and all that’s left are all the memories made, o yeah!
Pain hurts, but ony for a minuete,
Your life is short , so go on and live it,
cause the chicks dig it!
O yeah!
The chics dig it!
The chics dig it!”
He threw up his arms and smiled.
In the silence that followed, his 2 cousins and brother rose as one, grabbed him by the arm, and quickly lead him out of the Hall of Fire.


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