To Middle Earth! – ch 1

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this is a story i have had brewing in my head for quite a long while.Please read and tell me if i should continue.

Megan was sitting on the beach,watching the sun rise over the glittering water. She was thinking,hard. She hadn’t had much time alone scince her parents died, and she and her sister came to live on the east coast with their mother’s brother and family.
Maine was so different from California!It was colder and lonelier. But at least it was by the sea.She breathed in deeply.That was the only thing that had always been constant in her life:the sea. Sometimes, she would pretend she was an elf,waiting for Valinor’s ships to take her and her family away from all hurt,all pain. But she wasn’t in Middle earth. No amount of her pretending could send her there.
She sighed softly. Lord of the Rings had allways been her escape,until now. “Ada.” the nick name she had called her father scince she had bought her elvish dictionary came,unbidden,to her lips.”Ada!” She buried her face in her hands and cried,but was brought out of her tears by a tiny lick on her elbow.
“Red?” She turned to see her little terrier sitting just behind her,looking concernedly at her with his big brown eyes.”how did you get out?”
“Me.”Megan turned farther around,to see her older cousin, Brian behind her.
Brian sat down next to her,and stared out at the water for a moment.”Meg-“
“I’m sorry.”
The sentence that had been said to her billions of times in the past month had never struck her so hard.”o Brian!”she sobbed,bowing her head.
“Meg,it’ll be ok,” Brian put an arm around her shoulder and held her tight.Tears were running down his cheeks,too.
They remained so for awhile,until the sun was completely up,and the rest of the family was starting to wake up.They snuck inside the house,and poured themselves some cereal before the rest of the family woke up.
” ‘morning.”Mike,Brian’s brother came clumping into the kitchen,with Kaitlyn,Megan’s sister close behind.
They both sat down quietly. After a brief,crunchy,(on account of the cereal),scilence,
Brian cleared his throught.”Uh…want to go biking today?”
Aunt Linda walked in.”Biking?Thats a good idea! Have fun,sweeties!Today,I plan on tanning!First sunny day we’ve had in awhile….”
They were biking along the beach later that day,when evey thing strange started happening.
The side walk they were on went along the sea for miles,and at one point,along a big rocky hill that fell into the sea.
They were riding along that hill,when,for some unknown reason,a blast of wind came suddenly out of the west. It was a strong wind and it pushed the bikers hard,until they were at the very edge of the side walk,the edge that fell off into the sea!
“Stop !” Brian shouted,allways the leader.But it was too late. 10 year old kaitlyn was going much too fast,and,to the other’s horror,swerved,and fell down the hill.
“KAIT!” Megan hopped off her bike,and began to run down the steep,rocky hill,the boys on her heels.”Kait!” there was no sign of her any where, even her bike was gone.
“KAITLYN!ANSWER!”Mike was running up and down the shoreline,looking behind boulders and shouting.”KAIT!KAITIE!WHERE ARE-WHOA!!”
Megan and Brian heard him yell from behind a boulder,and rushed to the spot.”mike?mikey?What’s wrong?”
They both ran behind the rock,expecting to see a hurt Kaitlyn with Mike kneeling beside her,but they didn’t see ANYTHING. Nothing at all.It was like the whole world had blacked out.The rock was gone,the beach was gone,but they felt a strange rush,like they were falling down a huge well.
“OOF!” Sight returned to their eyes.They were sitting on a soft bed,inside a beautiful chamber.Megan gasped.”What the ??!!”
Kaitlyn and Mike were there too,sitting on the bed,looking just as surprised as Megan and Brian.
The door at the end of the chamber opened.In stepped a tall woman,with dark hair and very lovely features.She stopped,surprised when she saw the four sitting on her bed.”Who are you?”
The woman was sitting on a chair accross from the bed,digesting the story she had just been told.”So…you are children of men?” She asked,finnaly breaking the scilence.
“yup.Isn’t every one?”Kaitlyn cocked her head slightly.
The woman shook her head.”No. I am not.”
“Then who-or what-are you?”Kaitlyn’s brows where furrowed.
“I am an elf-“she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and the others could see the elegant point.
“WHAT????” Megan stood up.”But-you only exist in-in-Middle Earth!”
Brian looked very surprised.”Ah..M’lady….would you mind telling us…were we are..currently?”
The elf nodded.”Certainly.You are in Imladris,in the house of Elrond halfelven,my father.”
“So you come from…this place called..Maine?”Elrond was staring at them strangley as he questioned them in his study.
“yup.”Mike answered.”Cool place.”
“Ah.It must be northern then?”
“uh…no.more eastern.”
Elrond’s eyes were bulging,so Megan hurriedly cut in.”We aren’t servants of Saroun,Lord Elrond,we do not even live in Middle earth.”
“Were then do you dwell?”
” Earth.Its a planet- but not this one.I’m not sure how we got here.”
Brian spoke up.”I assure you,Lord Elrond,that we aren’t servants of that evil power!Would Saroun use mere infants such as us for his dirty work? I haven’t yet reached my 15 th winter,and she-” he pointed at Kaitlyn”- is no more than 10!”
Elrond rubbed his forehead and sighed.”Very well.But you must come to the council tomorrow,so that we may discuss matters further.For now,have the Elf at the door show you were the dining hall is. I shall have rooms prepared for you.”
The meal was delightful, but the Group’s eyes were feasting apon the other guests and the elves.Kaitlyn was continually poking Megan.
“Look!hobbits!see them?”
“Hey!Looky there!A dwarf!”
Megan too,stared with wonder at every thing.
Across from her was a man,who looked very amused at Katlyn’s antics.His eyes twinkled as he remarked to her:”The little one seems exited.”
Megan smiled as she watched Kaitlyn trot off to tell Brian somthing,and then she turned to the Man.
“Yes,she is full of exitement.My name is Megan,by the way.”She added,extending a hand,and shaking it with the Man.
“Borimir,of Gondor.”So this was Borimir.Somthing told her that somthing bad happened to him,but-she couldn’t remember what.She shook her head sightly.
“How fares Gondor in these darkening years?”Megan had read LOTR so many times,she knew just how to talk.
“Not well.The Dark Mountain flames again.”
“I am sorry to hear that.”
“Were do you make berth?”
“Where is my home?Well….”Megan proceded to tell the whole story.Borimir listened with much facination”…so Elrond has us coming to the council tomorrow,to see if the others have any idea of what to make of us.”
“Then i shall see you there,for I too,am attending the council of Elrond halfelven.”
“Great!”She smiled at him.
“Meeegan!”Kaitlyn was tugging on her arm.”It’s time to go to the hall of fire!”
“ok!ok!hold on!”Brian and Mike came over.
“Are we going?”Brian looked questionly at Borimir as he said this.
Megan Turned to Borimir.”Borimir,these are my cousins and sister,Brian,Mike,and Kaitlyn.Guys,this is Borimir.”
“Nice to meet you.”Borimir nodded his head pleasantly at them.He held out his arm to Megan.”May I accompany you?”
“Sure!Why not?”
Well what do you think?shall i keep writing?Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


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