To Dream – Ch24: Understanding and Confusion

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Things you need to know about this story…
1.) Elven dreams are very realistic
2.) Elves shouldn’t normally meet *real* people along the Olórë Mallë (Path of Dreams)… but something happens in this story that is not normal

Names/Pronunciations will come at the end of each chapter.
`*’ signals a footnote

Important A/N: I just realized that I made a mistake in chapter 16: A Revelation. I put that little explanation of what Oloriel saw in the mirror at the bottom of the chapter and I said that the little scene with Oloriel walking along a parapet and the glimpse of her and Elladan that followed was at Helm’s Deep. I’ve come to the decision that the two of them will not be at Helm’s Deep after all. So, you can either 1.) Pretend that the “mountain fortress” is really a part of Minas Tirith, or 2.) Remember the fact that the mirror shows what “may” be and just accept that this “possible” incident doesn’t actually occur.

Chapter 24.) Understanding and Confusion

Only themselves understand themselves, and the like of themselves,
As Souls only understand Souls.

– Walt Whitman

Recap: Same night as last chapter. Elrohir is walking Oloriel back to her flet.

Elrohir smiled broadly as he listened to Oloriel’s cheerful laughter. A tense aura had hung in the air during the first few minutes of their walk, but thankfully it had not lasted too long. This, however, was the first time that Elrohir had been able to make Oloriel laugh. She couldn’t help it, really, not after what Elrohir had told her about Elladan’s first attempts at romance. He had been only 73* years old at the time, and had tried to dazzle a young elleth by showing her a small frog that he had caught. Unfortunately she had not been very impressed. Somehow, the frog managed to escape Elladan’s hold and then get lost in the folds of the little girl’s dress, causing a bout of high-pitched hysterics.

“I can’t believe he did that!” Oloriel exclaimed, as she suppressed the remaining vestiges of her mirth. “Didn’t he know that little elleths do not like frogs nearly so well as little ellons?”

Elrohir smirked cockily. “He’s never been very wise when it comes to dealing with females… but don’t worry, I’ve been giving him a few pointers.”

Oloriel just stared at him bemusedly. Then, a very devilish thought popped into her head. “And you are wise when it comes to dealing with females?” she questioned with a raised eyebrow, “I find that rather hard to believe.”

Elrohir gasped in mock hurt. “Why? Don’t you think I’ve done a marvelous job with Elladan? …He hasn’t tried to give you any frogs, now has he? I keep trying to break him of that habit…”

Oloriel chuckled again. “No, indeed he has not. But still, if you were such a lady’s man I would think that you, of all people, could recognize when a certain elleth is yearning for your company. “

A puzzled look came over Elrohir’s face. “What do you mean?”

Oloriel tried to reply very casually. “Perhaps it isn’t anything, but… Nessúlë seemed rather disappointed when you chose to stay behind with me, instead of walking her back to her flet.”

A spark lit up in Elrohir’s eye momentarily, but then it receded as the gears in his brain began to turn. “You’ve been speaking to Elladan, haven’t you?”

Putting on the most innocent and dewy-eyed expressions she could muster, Oloriel looked up at Elrohir and replied. “What? No, certainly not. Do you think I would need him to tell me what I can see so plainly for myself.”

Elrohir came to a halt. His eyes shifted about as though he was trying to understand something. He cast another suspicious glance at Oloriel, but this time there was also a bit of confusion swirling around in his gaze as well. Oloriel tried desperately not to let her face show anything that would give away her little scheme. If she had been forced to remain much longer she probably would have cracked, but fortunately she realized then that her flet was just a few yards away. Before Elrohir could detain her, she gave him a quick peck on the cheek, bade him goodnight, and made a swift retreat along the aerial walkway that they had been standing on and into the safety of her rooms.

Elrohir just stood rooted to the boards beneath him, looking very much as though he wanted to scratch his head in confusion. And, undoubtedly, if he had not been a graceful, noble elf, he would have.


Oloriel had gone to bed with a rather light and carefree heart, but it did not remain so. Her mind would not give her peace. After numerous failed attempts at repose she gave up, rolled onto her back with a sigh of frustration, and stared blankly up at the ceiling of her flet. She simply couldn’t fall asleep. She had been trying to do so for over an hour now but weariness absolutely refused to take her. This felt extremely odd; usually she could call her mind in and out of sleep with relative ease, and ever since her connection with Elladan had formed, she was generally very eager to leave the waking world behind.

Her brain was churning over the events of the evening, or more particularly, over a certain event involving an elf named Kallindo. She had not wanted him to find out the way that he did. Of a truth, she wasn’t quite sure how she had wanted him to find out, but she was certain that this way wasn’t it. And to make things even more complicated, Kallindo hadn’t even really found out what was going on, he had just been given a hint of it. Oloriel shuddered softly as she realized this. If Kallindo were this upset over words that could be interpreted many different, and possibly innocuous, ways, how in all of Arda would he react when he knew the actual truth of the matter?

Oloriel had seen such pain in his eyes when he looked at her, like someone who had just had the world ripped out from under their feet. `And I have done this to him!’ she thought frantically. She chided herself immediately thereafter, telling herself that, in fact, she wasn’t to blame for Kallindo’s condition. But, unfortunately, this didn’t really make her feel any better.

With restless energy Oloriel sprang up from her bed and walked onto the small balcony that opened from her room. The gentle light of the moon had clothed the boughs of the mellyrn in silvery gossamer veils. Every few moments the blink of a firefly would illuminate in the soft, shimmering air. A timorous breeze would occasionally invite the leaves to dance, and then sift through her hair in gentle caresses. All was floating in dreamy peacefulness… all, that is, except for Oloriel. She could no longer bear the idea that she had hurt her friend – him who had been so kind to her in the past.

Oloriel gripped the rail firmly, and then pushed off of it with determination. Grabbing her cloak, she exited her flet and descended to the forest floor. Something had to be done.


Kallindo sat slouched over in one of his chairs, his elbows resting on his knees, and his face buried in his hands. He too had suffered sleeplessness this night. No matter how much he tried to, he could not resolves his emotions. His spirit yearned for something it could not have, and strove violently against the chains that kept him from reaching out and taking hold of his desired treasure. In some ways he wished that he had never met Oloriel, for now that he had known her the world seemed a dreary place indeed if he could not have her as his own.

As he sat thus in melancholy reflection, a small pebble arched its way through the sky and landed with a sharp plunk on the door to his flet. Kallindo ignored the sound, but when it was repeated he looked up and gazed around the room in confusion. A third small stone struck his door as he stood up slowly to approach the source of the disturbance. There it was again, another quick tap on the outside of his flet. Reaching out slowly to grasp the handle of his door, Kallindo took a soft breath and then swung the door open quickly. Right as he did so, another pebble came soaring through the trees. Unfortunately, since the door was removed from its path, the little stone landed squarely between Kallindo’s eyebrows, causing him to flinch backward slightly.

A soft yelp came from below. Kalindo rubbed the tender spot on his forehead in aggravation and stepped fully out of his doorway to look below. A figure stood some ways from the base of his tree, hooded and cloaked, with a hand covering their mouth in surprise.

Kallindo glared down at the concealed shape and hissed out into the quiet night, “What in Ulmo’s* name do you want!” The figure did not speak, but merely lowered their hand then beckoned to him silently to follow. For a few moments, Kallindo stood in hesitation, but when the mysterious individual turned and started walking off into the forest, he propelled himself into motion and descended from his flet, his curiosity getting the better of him.


“Sir, I really must protest. Either tell me why you have called me out here in the deep hours of the night – and it had better be good, I warn you – or allow me to return to the warmth of my home.”

A soft chuckle filtered out from beneath the heavy material of the enigma’s cloak. Turning around to face Kallindo, the faceless voice muttered. “First of all, I am not a `sir’, secondly, you will just have to be patient – we are almost there.”

Kallindo’s ears perked up when he heard that voice. “Oloriel?”

In a spilt second the hooded figure had dashed off beneath the trees. Kallindo let out a confused and frustrated sigh, then set off after her, his heart beating erratically

In several moments he found himself skidding to a halt in front of the shadowed form. He watched silently as two small hands reached up out of the folds of the cloak and lowered the hood. His suspicions were confirmed. Oloriel’s bright locks glowed softly in the silver moonlight, cascading down her back now that they were loosed from the constraining bounds of the hood

She lifted her soft, sympathetic, and unintentionally alluring eyes up to meet Kallindo’s, but did not speak. For several moments they just stared at one another. Finally, Kallindo walked slowly up to a tree nearby and slouched down against it. Heaving a weary sigh, he murmured, “Why do you torture me so, Aiwë? What do you want from me?”

Oloriel’s face settled into a frown as she walked over to where Kallindo sat. Kneeling down in front of him she bowed her head and spoke. “I- I want…” she paused as if searching for the right words. “…I want my old Kallindo back… I don’t want to hurt you any more.”

Raising his head up to the stars, Kallindo muttered, “I don’t see how that will be possible.” Silence reigned for several moments then, until he brought his gaze sharply down to capture hers and continued, “I love you, Aiwë… I want you… and do you know what else I want? I want you to want me. But you don’t,” he finished bitterly, “…you won’t.”

A small gasp escaped Oloriel as she tried to escape the intensity of his eyes. “No, Kallindo… it’s not… I can’t. You have to understand that I can’t! I am so sorry that I have hurt you… I wanted you to be happy, but… but I just can’t…”

Fire sprang up in Kallindo’s eyes. He lurched forward off the tree, and captured Oloriel’s face in his hands. “You won’t!” he bit out fiercely, bringing his face so close to Oloriel that she could feel his ragged breaths. “You wouldn’t…you wouldn’t even give me a chance!” His fingers pressed against her temples with a desperate pressure. She tried to look away but he forced her to face him, pulling her forehead against his. “All I wanted was a chance!” he hissed, “Was that too much to ask for?”

Tears sprang up in Oloriel’s eyes. She had never seen Kallindo act so boldly, with her or with anyone else. She had been prepared to face a forlorn Kallindo, but not such an intensely desperate one. All of her courage seemed to flee under the influence of his passionate gaze. Her body crumpled beneath the fierce pressure, collapsing against Kallindo’s chest. Shudders ran up and down her form as she whispered frantically, “Please, Kallindo… please stop… you’re frightening me.”

The fire was quenched in Kallindo’s eyes as though a deluge of water had been released from the heavens and sent crashing down onto the very flames of his spirit. He looked weakly down at the shivering body against him and bowed his head in shame. He slowly brought his arms up around Oloriel, drawing her more snugly to him. Rocking her gently back and forth he whispered words of comfort and apology in her delicate, pointed ear, hoping against hope that she would at least forgive him.

Nîron, aewtithen nín, nîron…{I am sorry, my small bird, I am sorry…}” he murmured to her as he rested his cheek against her hair. Oloriel had slowly begun to calm down and now reposed willingly in his arms. She nodded her head in a tired manner, acknowledging and accepting his apology. For several more moments she simply let him hold her, trying to muster the energy to do what must still yet be done.

Slowly she pushed her self off of him, rolling back on her heels to sit squarely, though rather ungracefully, on the ground. She brought her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them, and then tilted her head back to gaze for a few moments at the stars. “Kallindo, I have to tell you something.”

The elf stiffened and cast a searching glance her way. “This is about Elrohir, isn’t it?” he slowly inquired.

“Yes – I mean, no – well, sort of…. It’s about his brother, Elladan.”

Kallindo nodded softly as if he understood. Of course, he didn’t understand at all, but after his shocking behavior he was trying to be helpful.

Oloriel bit her lower lip as she contemplated just how she would say this. “Do you remember, Kallindo, when I told you about how my dreams had lost their darkness? How I dreamed that an elf had come to take the storms away?”

Kallindo flinched slightly. He certainly remembered. At the time he had thought that perhaps her dreams heralded the coming of spring to her heart, that just maybe they told of a readiness for love and reliance upon others. But he had been wrong. Certainly she had grown warmer, that much was evident; he had felt the transformation and reveled in it. But somehow the frost had not fully receded from her spirit – she still felt herself incapable of loving… or so he thought.

“Yes, I remember,” he finally murmured.

“Well,” Oloriel began, “Um… the elf, he was… uh… he wasn’t a dream.”

Kallindo just looked at Oloriel for a few moments with deeply furrowed brow. “What do you mean?”

“The elf was real. He was Elladan… The Valar have blessed us with this connection. We… we share our dreams with each other. Ever since he came to me then, our paths on the Olórë Mallë have been merged, and I… I have gotten to know him.”

Oloriel watched as Kallindo shook his head in a daze. He looked at her with a bewildered expression as he spoke. “I don’t think I understand.”

Taking in one last shaky breath to strengthen her equally shaky voice, Oloriel tried to explain, “Elladan and I are linked through our dreams. It is not unlike what some Eldar have experienced before, but usually that is only between spouses, and it is generally not this strong. It is a gift for a purpose, or so Galadriel has said, but even she cannot tell what that purpose might be.”

Kallindo’s eyes clouded slightly when she said the word `spouses.’ He shifted uncomfortably. Galadriel; strange dreams; high callings, these things meant nothing to him unless… “You must have become rather… close with lord Elladan, you even speak of him by his given name.” Kallindo stared blankly at the ground, not quite sure where his own thoughts were leading them.

On impulse, Oloriel reached out her hand and tilted Kallindo’s chin up so that she was looking him gently but firmly in the eyes as she spoke. “Yes, Kallindo, we have become close – very close… I love him. He is my soul’s home and has filled me with life again. That is why I cannot be yours. My heart has been claimed by another.”

Blood pumped loudly in Kallindo’s ears as he sagged breathlessly against the tree. A dull ache coursed through his body as he let her words sink in. She did love, just not him; she had learned to love, but he had not been the teacher. Fire burst through his veins. His first impulse was to curse all the powers above the earth and below it, but try as he may, the accusations stuck fast in his throat. His heart continued beating at an incredible rate for some time, his breaths coming short and labored. After several long moments the first wave of his desperation finally began to recede.

He looked up at Oloriel and allowed his mind to wander as he took in the depths of her eyes. He remembered how she had been before this dream elf of hers came: quiet, adrift, lonely, cool, even sad. But now, well, she was so different now. A spark that had lain dormant in her for centuries was kindled anew. At one time he had thought perhaps that his actions were the cause of this metamorphosis, but now he realized bitterly that he had only been a beneficiary of her new vitality. After centuries of off-and-on coaxing, he had failed utterly to wake up her slumbering spirit, but what he had failed to do in all those many long years, this son of Elrond had done in a mere few months. What did that mean? Could it be Elladan was meant to have what he had not been able to claim? His heart rebelled at this thought, and yet, if he truly loved her how could he wish that this light, this life had not come to her?

Kallindo shook his head wearily. This was it. This was the final decision. Would he cling to his heart’s desire and fade from this world or would he embrace life with all its hopes and cares? Would he take his sorrow with him to the Halls of Mandos* in hopes that the pain would slowly grow numb with the passing of millennia or would he let it go and take up a different burden?

Time seemed to stand still around him. He could see Oloriel’s lips moving, but the words she spoke did not register in his mind. Everything around him seemed to be swirling to a point, converging on this single moment in time. His head was spinning, the ringing in his ears penetrating into his mind like sharp, piercing tentacles. To Kallindo, it seemed as though the whole of life might stop in that moment and simply cease to exist. But then, just as reality was on the verge of collapsing in on him, a very beautiful, very natural thing happened.

You see, there is something about the name of an elf that is quite extraordinary – it is always given with care and can influence the destiny of its bearer or help to shape what he or she will become. And in this moment, at one of the many crossroads of his life, Kallindo’s identity shone forth, and he lived up to the promise of his name. He truly was a noble heart, and in the end, he could not have been anything else.

He realized then, with utmost clarity, as he sat defeated beneath the moon and stars and golden leaves of Lorien, that love does not mean getting what you want, but giving what you can. It means doing what you have to for the person you love, even when it’s the last thing you want to do and even when it brings you immeasurable pain. That is really what makes love noble in end – that is what makes it so pure: it is the one underlying impulse that drives us to forsake the dull, shrinking landscape of our own self-centered universe and venture out into the wide open plains of the cosmos. It is a call to life. And so, answering that call, Kallindo let go, silently blessed Oloriel, and resigned his fate to the will of the Valar, taking life in whatever form it was given to him. He would be content because his love was content. And if he could do nothing else for her, be nothing else to her, he could at least give her this gift of happiness: that she would not be the cause of his death. For her sake he would live; for her sake he would give her up.

Gradually the world came back into focus. Oloriel was wide-eyed with fear. While it had not seemed very long to Kallindo, he had been in his dazed state for almost ten minutes now. Oloriel had not been able to get a response from him, and she had feared for his life right then and there.

With painful slowness Kallindo reached out to gently press Oloriel’s hand, giving her a small smile along with his friendly gesture. She let out a breath she had been holding at these promising signs of life.

“You had me scared there for a while,” Oloriel stated earnestly. “Don’t ever do that to me again.”

Kallindo couldn’t help but smile at her commanding tone, but he was all seriousness when he finally made his reply. “I vow that I will not, Aiwë. Do not fear for me, I shall not make you suffer by falling to grief. I release you from my own expectations – go to him.”

The elleth before him seemed utterly shocked by what she had just heard. But finally the words registered, and with a face-splitting grin, she exuberantly grasped his shoulders (not sure if it would be appropriate to hug him at this time), gave them a hardy squeeze and half laughed, half sobbed out, “Hannon lle… hannon lle, Kallindo {Thank you… thank you, Kallindo}.”

Kallindo gave her a shaky smile in reply. He was glad that he had made her happy.


Somehow Oloriel kept Kallindo talking with her for quite some time after their emotional encounter, despite his reluctance. She had missed her friend. There were some levels that they had never reached in their relationship, but aside from Írima, he was still one of the closest friends she had and very valuable to her.

After quite a bit of aimless conversation that served mainly to get them comfortable with each other again, Oloriel got up from where they sat and walked to the other side of the clearing. She had hidden her long knives in a bush there, and had also stashed away two swords. As a peace offering of sorts she had planned on inviting Kallindo to spar with her. It was her way of trying to symbolically repair the breach. The blades that Kallindo had given her had not been used since his first declaration of love, and now she felt that it was time to make them sing again.

Kallindo accepted, even though he still felt rather heart-weary and uncomfortable. He didn’t feel up to refusing Oloriel that night. The experience proved to be a good one in the end. He and Oloriel were certainly most at home with each other when they were sparring.

It was just a couple of hours before dawn when the two of them finally called it quits. Kallindo gave her a few final pointers on her technique, and then was about to leave. Before he could accomplish this feat, however, Oloriel called him back.

“I was just thinking… if there is no longer this issue between us, would it be impossible to take up training again? I know that Lady Galadriel was going to ask Nimfallë to help me, but if you are still up to it I don’t see why we couldn’t try it out again…” She looked up at him with a questioning gaze. She thought that perhaps he would appreciate the gesture she was making. She wasn’t quite prepared for his answer.

“No.” Kallindo replied bluntly, shaking his head in emphasis. In his mind he was marveling at Oloriel’s naiveté. He may have resolved to give her up, but did she think that this “issue” had just disappeared? Did she not know that the pain was still there and would be so for a long while? He sighed softly as he took in her slightly baffled expression. “Aiwë, the pain is still too fresh for me. I could not… I could not bear to be near you so often. Please, do not ask is of me, I need some time.”

Understanding dawned in Oloriel’s eyes. “Oh… oh I did not think, I mean… I am sorry.”

Kallindo just shook his head softly. “No need. Mae aur, Aiwë {Good morning, Aiwë}.”

And with that, he was gone. Oloriel spent the rest of the dark hours thinking about and analyzing the last few bewildering hours of her life.


Oloriel knelt down by the small stream at the foot of her tree with a wooden bowl, spoon, and knife in hand. She had feasted on porridge with berries and a slice of buttered bread for breakfast, and now she was rinsing out her utensils before she went to see Írima and the new arrivals. She was just finishing up her task when she felt the insistent presence of Elladan in her mind.

//Where were you last night?// he asked anxiously. Of course, he was fairly sure that if Oloriel had been truly unwell he would have felt it, but that still didn’t keep him from worrying a little when she had not arrived the night before.

//Visiting with a friend.//

//All night!//

Oloriel chuckled, //Well, most of it, anyway. We had a lot to talk about, and then I had some thinking to do.//

She could feel Elladan’s sigh course through her. He was desperately trying to be reasonable and “non-clingy”, but he found this task to be incredibly hard. He only got to see Oloriel for the few precious hours that he spent in sleep, and being an elf, that was not an incredibly long time. Consequently, he was jealous of every moment that he got to spend with her.

//Who were you with?// he questioned, not able to help himself.

There was a pause.

//Oloriel? …What is it?//

//Kallindo,// she finally murmured. //I was with Kallindo. Your brother arrived last night and said something that began to unearth our little secret. I needed to make Kallindo understand.//

//And it took you all night? I thought… I thought you felt uncomfortable around him.//

Oloriel began to climb back up to her flet as she replied. [//I did, but I think that we have come to an understanding of sorts and, well… it was actually nice to talk with him again – it has been so long.//

//Nice?// Elladan was unable to keep the note of apprehension out of his voice.

Oloriel smiled slyly. //You’re not jealous, are you, meleth nín?//

//No.// Elladan blurted.

The answer came a little too quickly and bluntly to quell Oloriel’s suspicion. She laughed merrily. //Oh yes you are. I can feel it! You’re afraid that I might come to find Kallindo’s company a little bit more than nice, and that you’ll be too far away to stop it from happening.//

Elladan furrowed his brow slightly and muttered, //You can’t pin this one on me – I never said it. I’m not jealous! …After all,// he continued, sending a wave of playfulness through their connection, //who could possibly compete with me?//

Oloriel snorted in a rather unladylike fashion then, grabbing a light cloak from her closet, replied. //Apparently your brother! He modestly informed me last night that he as a lady-charmer of the highest quality …But really, Elladan, don’t act like I’m accusing you of some great infraction. As long as you don’t do anything rash, I think it’s rather adorable when you’re jealous.//

Elladan rolled his eyes, but smiled nonetheless. On a more serious note he whispered, //I don’t think I could bear to loose you – whether it be to someone else or no.//

Oloriel finished securing the clasp on her mantle and then gathered the courage to murmur back softly, //Then I suppose that someday you’ll just have to come and claim me…//

Elladan’s heart quickened slightly. //Is that an official invitation?//

Making her way from her flet and out into the morning sunshine, Oloriel breathed in the cool morning air and replied coquettishly, //Come, lord of Imladris.// She laughed merrily as their link, as if by providence, was at that moment broken, giving her with the last word and leaving Elladan with a spinning heart and mind.


Oloriel cast a sly glance at Elrohir and Nessúlë as they stood by a window talking. She had just gone over to the crib to pick up Almárië and as she stood rocking the elfling gently in her arms she made use of the opportunity to spy on the unsuspecting pair. Írima was tidying up the small kitchen in the other room, and Alarkelú and Lantél had gone to explore their new home, so it was just the four of them, baby included, that occupied the sitting area. And by the looks of it, Elrohir and Nessúlë had forgotten that even she was there and the child were there.

Almárië giggled as she played with the long golden strands of Oloriel’s hair. Unfortunately, her touch was not always the most gentle, and her rather jerky tugging caused Oloriel to direct her attention away from the window and back to the little bundle in her arms. Giving the child one last squeeze, she extracted her hair from the darling’s vice grip and set her back down into the crib, adding a few toys as well for the elfling to play with. With this task accomplished she turned and walked slowly over to the window.

As Oloriel approached she saw Nessúlë slap Elrohir playfully on the arm for something he had said. The elf in questioned just shook his head at her, and in doing so caught Oloriel’s eye.

“I am glad that you could join us this morning, Lady Oloriel. I just wish that we had not eaten all of the breakfast before you came.”

Oloriel smiled up at him. “No worries, I ate earlier. Knowing Írima as well as I do I could predict that she would try to serve up a feast for everyone that came and I did not want to add to her burden.”

“It was a feast, indeed,” Nessúlë interjected. “I don’t think I have ever eaten that much for breakfast in my life, but I simply couldn’t refuse – she is a wonderful cook. I wonder where she got it from, for I certainly did not inherit any such culinary talent.”

“Ah, but I think you did inherit other things,” Oloriel replied. “Did I hear you mention that you have skill with the sword?”

“Aye,” the other elleth replied modestly, “I do have some experience with it. Certainly more than with the bow – I do not think that I will ever truly master that art.”

A light-bulb flashed on in Oloriel’s mind. “I myself am more talented with the bow than with the sword, perhaps we could work together since you will be staying here… and lord Elrohir,” she continued with a look that tried to portray sudden realization, “Why, you are more skilled than either of us I am sure. You were just asking what we should do with this day a few minutes ago. Why don’t you help us get started; I’m sure that you have much valuable wisdom to impart.”

Elrohir stiffened slightly. There was that odd look in Oloriel’s eyes again that he could not quite decipher. She was up to something. But right now there was no time to contemplate the issue. He did not want to appear rude by hesitating at such a simple, innocent request, and quiet frankly he would have taken almost any excuse to spend more time with Nessúlë, even though he was not quite ready to admit why. “I am not at all opposed to such a venture,” he acquiesced, “However, I do need to speak with my grandparents before the morning is out. Why do not I meet you at the South Field after lunch?”

Oloriel looked to Nessúlë, who nodded her head agreeably, then replied with a smile, “That sounds lovely. It will give me some time to show Nessúlë around the Wood.”

“Alright, I will see you then.” With that Elrohir inclined his head toward the two ladies and departed the flet.

Oloriel tried her best to hide a smirk. Today was going to be a good day.


1. I really don’t know enough about Elven maturation to judge ages very well. I know that an elf would stay in childhood for much longer than a human wood. In this instance, imagine that Elladan was about eight years old in human terms.
2. Ulmo is one of the Valar. He is the lord of waters.
3. Place of the after-life

Things to Know:

Oloriel: “dream daughter”
Kallindo: “noble heart”
Aiwë: “small bird” – Kallindo’s nickname for Oloriel
ellon: I believe that this is the male version of `elleth’ – so basically it means “male/he elf”
– all other translations can be found in previous chapters

Nîron, aewtithen nín, nîron: “I-am-weeping, bird-little my, I-am-weeping” – I wasn’t satisfied with the Gray Company’s version of `I am sorry’ (Amin Hiraetha), so I just made up my own version. It doesn’t mean exactly what I have translated it to mean, but as far as I can discern, it’s at least real Tolkien Elvish.

Hannon lle: “Thank you” – up until now I have used Diola lle, but again, I do not have a lot of confidence in the Gray Company, which is the only place that I can find a record of “Diola: thank”

Mae aur: “good morning”


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We return to the forests again. Our hobbit friend has lost all faith and finds the true meaning of apathy by the end of this chapter. He is taken captive by a band of elves and one human. This chapter suggests that some of his past will be revealed soon.

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The Missing Link Chapter 2: Ivy

We leave the fields and forsets and earth whatsoever to the sea, where a broken abused halfling sails. We hear a little about her past from her recalled memories that she remembers during her turn at lookout. Please comment again, and if you find ANY FAULT AT ALL please tell me. Thank you! 🙂

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