to chase a dream – proloque

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Kennethas was standing under trees he didn’t know. There was moonlight coming through the trees, so he could look around him. He was searching for something, but he didn’t know what. Slowly, he started walking. It seemed to him that the forest was made out of silver, but he couldn’t decide or it was or that it was just the moonlight playing games with him. His eyes kept on searching but still , he didn’t know for what. Then, suddenly, he heard someone laughing, like silver bells. He quickly moved in the direction of the laugh and followed the sound until it had died away. He stopped and looked wildly around him. The he heard the sound again. He started running in its direction again, untill he got to an open spot in the forest . On the other side of the spot stood a hooded figure, with it’s back towards him. The hooded figure started running and again , he folowed. It seemed like the chase went on forever.He knew that somehow, someway, he had to catch up with the person , that it was important. The rest didn’t seem to matter. All his memories, al his knowledge, all his sense was gone.
And then the forest stopped. They had gotten to a cliff, and beneath them was the sea. The hooded person was standing on the edge of it. Suddenly, the person turned around. Kennethas caught a glimp of a girl with blue eyes and brown hair, before she laughed again, and let herself fall into the sea.

Kennethas woke up and immediatly jumped out the bed. There was sweat running over his body, and his breathing was heavy, as if he actually had chased the girl for real. He walked over to his balcony, and leaned on the banisters with his arms. Why did he keep having that dream? what did it mean? And how could he get rid of it? He rememberd having the dream when he was younger, but the girl never fell then. And Kennethas didn’t wanted the girl to fall. He sighed and got dressed. Just when had fineshed, there was a knock on the door. “Yes” He said and a messenger entered.

“Your father wishes to see you mylord” the servant said, and left.

Kennethas sighed again, he wished he could’ve had more time to think about the dream. He looked over to the bed, shook his head, and left the room.

(A/N) I’m so very sorry I’ve been away for so long. I’ve been sick, really sick and you don’t have computers in hospitals. You do however have english courses so I am hoping that my following stories are better spelled. If anyone wants me to continue my other story, a firey love , just say so and I’ll post that one as well.much love from anna !

P.s. if you’re wondering about the name kennethas, I know it doens’t sound very tolkien like, but there’s a good reason for that.


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