to chase a dream – chappie 1

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Kennethas found his father in the study, bowed over plans for a ship. He waited until his father had noticed his presence before greeting him. He knew from experience that it was not wise to sneak up on him…

Kennethas smiled and said:’ Good morning father.’

Cirdan finally tore his gaze away from the papers on his desk . ‘Good morning son’

He walked over to his balcony and folded his hands on his back. He looked at the lune before him, the water moving in little waves, almost as if the sea was a mirror. His son came and stood next to him. He too looked at the blue water and closed his eyes. – the girl laughing her silver laugh and then falling from the edge He opened his eyes, suddenly afraid to close them again.

‘My son’, his father’s dreamy voice said and it made the memory of the dream vanish like thin smoke,’ The last of our ships are leaving our beaches. He looked at the plan of the ship in his study. Either that ship will be the last that will ever leave this middle-earth, or it will be destroyed, so that none will cross again.. ‘ He looked at the plans on his desk. ‘ But before that there are many paths that must be walked. Your path will lead you to Laurelindorenan, the forest of gold, to the lady Galadriel. You will give her my message.’ The old elf paused and seemed to sink in thoughts again. Kenethas looked at his father, and knew he wanted to be like him one day. Tall, with wisdom in his eyes and silver hair. An elvenlord. The lord of Mithlond.
His father had no idea how enthusiast he was about leaving the harbour. Not that he didn’t like it, he loved it. But he never saw anything else in his long life but water and a horizon he couldn’t catch. He was exited to see a sea of green and grey. They stood there next to each other for a while, father next to son. The first one was dwelling on memories from a long time ago, and the second one was dreaming about memories he would make. In the end, they woke out of their trance and the father gave his son a map, to find his road, a horse, to spare his feet, and advise, to be kept close to the heart.
Kennethas was sitting in his chambers. He was busy studying the map before him, trying to find out what path he would take to get to lorien. Galdor had an easier job, he only needed to go as far as Rivendel. Perhaps, kennethas thought, it was best to go with him and hear what lord Elrond had to say as well. That way he might even have to deliver two messages in stead of one. Besides, travelling with two was more pleasant then travelling alone…
Just when he was looking at the lands they would have to cross, (a land called the shire where the Halflings lived; Kennethas had no idea what Halflings were) The door croaked and a girl entered. She smiled a sad smile and said: ” Please tell me you’re not going?”
Kennethas sighed and stood up.


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