They of the Myst – chapter one: The king of the faeries

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There are more folk that came unto the land of Middle Earth than those that a single brilliant mind could create. They were others, far different from the elves and Men, different from the dwarves. Perhaps they had come through the barrier that parts every land from its neighbor, coming when the moon shone bright over the land and when the crickets did not sing so as to honor their passing hence into Middle Earth.

They were not created by the great Illuvatar, by Eru. Nay, they were created by an even greater power, a far greater being, indeed.

Those of whom I speak are the Fae: the Faeries, the Sidhe, the Tuatha De Dannan, and the Daoine Sidhe….all beings of the Myst. They passed through the barrier long ago, in the darkest of the hours in night and they made their homes in the earth and the sea and the sky. Why the beings of the Myst came to Middle Earth is quite a tale, a tale which Elves and Men shall speak of for long years to come, if they should not speak of it forever.

The Myst was shattered. Shattered by foul hands, hands of the evil druid Wyvernn Lwynn. Wyvernn had been a peacefull young boy in the early days of Eire, but one fatefull day he fell upon a score of witches who cast a dark spell upon him for disturbing their dark and evil whim. He was cursed with the foul eyes of the Basalisk, so that if one should dare to gaze into his eyes, one would fall to the ground and shatter as should a stone upon hard earth. Also, he was burdened with the hind legs of a lion and the wings of a great dragon, making him foul and ugly to look upon.

Being so very horrible, Wyvernn was thus made miserable and his misery fed his soul and soon, though he had begun so innocent in his stumbling over the witches, he was corrupted and his soul became evil. Wyvernn fell to practicing the arts of druidism, looking into the future so as to aid evil kings who sought to overcome good and peacefull lands. He aided the foul whim of evil men and women, weather they be great rulers or the very gods themselves. Soon, Wyvernn was the most powerfull mortal ever to be found and he was feared by all, by those he aided to destroy and, too, by those whom he aided in their own destruction.

Wyvernn Built for himself a powerfull fortress to keep himself safe from fears to great for any other man to dream upon and fear. those evils never came to be anywhere other than Wyvernn’s own mind. Folk in the nearby hills said that he feared someone greater than their own gods, they said that he feared one single being, so great and powerfull, thier little gods seemmed no more than folly stories. Wyvernn hid within his fortress, thinking that he could hide there like the dog that he had become, and that He whom he feared would not see him, but He saw everything. Wyvernn soon came to suppose this as his fears would not subside, and so Wyvernn fell to madness. He crafted for himself a druid’s wand, a thing with which he could controll anything, and he found with its powers the doors into the Myst. He had never seen such folk as those in the Myst, folk so fair and mighty, so kind and yet fierce.

He thought in his evil mind that no one should be so fine save for himself, and so he sought to destroy the folk within the Myst, the Fae.

Every great king of the races within the Myst fought to hinder Wyvernn’s controll o’er their lands, but, one after the other, they fell. Naught on this earth was so great as to overcome Wyvernn. However, although no one could slay Wyvernn, some could trick him weather with glamour, or what little magic they still kept with them.

In secret, in the darkest of night, below the earth in some form of hiding, the clans of the Fae drew together and wrought beautifull jewelry of what gold and silver they could find and they made crowns and treasures fair and glorious to the mortal eye. They hoped to give these unto Wyvernn so that he would suffer them some time to rest themselves….or, time for the weakest of them all to escape into other lands by the magic of the Barrier. That was the only way any of the Faeries could survive Wyvernn’s great power.

And so, when the moon was at its highest peak and the faeries made ready for their escape, one faerie king, lord O’Donnaghue, came forth unto Wyvernn and presented to him the fine treasures. Wyvernn was a mortal man no matter his powers and so the faerie’s plans went aright and Wyvernn looked upon the treasures, forgetting for but an hour his domination over the Fae. And so the Fae left as the dawn filled the sky with its blood red light.

When Wyvernn haad done with his newfound treasure, he looked upon O’Donnaghue who had remained in this world so as to show Wyvernn that supposedly naught had gone awry in the evil man’s plans to overcome the lands of the clans of the Fae. O’Donnaghue smiled grimly as he showed Wyvernn the opened seal of the Myst. Wyvernn found that none of the Fae remained within there, and he cried out in wrath.

He turned to O’Donnaghue and held forth to him his Druid’s Wand, seeking to slay the faerie king as he stood-smiling in grim mirth-before him. But O’Donnaghue pulled forth from his own robes a druid’s wand as well.

Thus the faerie king an the evil druid were engaged in such a battle as no man has ever seen. O’Donnaghue opened the doors of the Myst and drew Wyvernn within there, and they fought there for many, many years, as the folk of the clans of Fae entered into Middle Earth, safe- for the time being -from Wyvernn’s evil. And the Lord O’Donnaghue fought Wyvernn and never tired of it, allways fighting untill his people should return and be more powerful, powerful enough to finally overcome Wyvernn’s evil.

Well, this is what O’Donnaghue had hoped for….but, sadly, this could not come to be…..for O’Donnaghue would be overcome, and his people would soon have to come to his aid, though they alone would not be enough and they would be forced to bring with them the aid of the people of Middle Earth, if the Elves and Men and Dwarves would consent to come.


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