Then There Were Ten

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~Then There Were Ten~ Chapter #9 ~ Starting On The Road through Moria~

Turuna looked back at the Fellowship as she made her way quickly across the snow on the mountain Caradharas. It was hard to see them through the snow storm that had blown in, and she knew that it was even harder for them to see her. She turned to Legolas who stood next to her, his elven feet, as light as hers, were quick as well for they did not sink into the snow. “[We should go back and help them Legolas. They may be having trouble seeing us.]”

Legolas nodded, and started to walk back to the Fellowship. Turuna turned, and looked back in the direction they were going. The wind was strong, and bit at her face with an unforgiving chill. Her braided hair flapped a bit to the wind, and the stray strands blew into her face. The snowfall was hard, and blinded her vision to a mere few meters ahead of her.

She knew well that this storm had not come upon them by accident, and that if they did not get of this mountain soon, they might never get the chance to.

The Fellowship finally caught up with her. Gandalf stopped for a bit, and turned to Turuna. “What evil do you believe has befallen us?”

“I do not yet know Mithrandir. But if we don’t get off this mountain soon, the Redhorn will unleash it’s anger on us.”

Gandalf nodded, “I thought as much. How far are we from the other side?”

“I cannot tell, the snow’s too thick.” Turuna looked up, and saw the great cliff overhead with much snow threaten to fall on their heads at any time. “We should get moving, the cliffs are becoming more dangerous to stand under.”

Gandalf nodded, and began forward again. Just then, Turuna began to here a fell voice in the air. “Oh no.” She quickly made out what was being said, it was from Saruman, he was chanting ill deeds against them. Quickly, she thought of a counter spell, and began to chant, for she had the power of the maia, as she was ¼ maia from her mothers side. “Lasto Caradharas, sedho, hodo, nuitho I `ruith!”

The chant that Saruman countered to that was, “Nai yarvaxea rasselya taltuva notto-carinnar!.”

Suddenly, lightening pierced from the clouds, and struck the cliff overhead, and the snow fell. Lasto grabbed Legolas, who stood beside her, and threw him against the wall where the least amount of snow was to fall. Then threw herself against the wall as well, the rest of the Fellowship followed suit.

The snow came thundering down, and buried the Fellowship completely. Rocks banged down too, and rolled of the mountain from one of the nearby cliffs.

When the fiery was done, Turuna pushed the snow aside, and climbed out of the snow. She walked over to where Legolas hid been, and began to dig. A hand stuck up from the snow, she quickly grabbed it, and began to pull him out the snow. When he was out, she turned, and began to dig where she had last seen Gandalf.

Legolas went over to where he had last seen Aragorn, Sam, and Frodo, and began to dig there. Soon, because of the Elves help, the Fellowship, including their Horse, Bill, were all dug out of the snow.

Turuna turned to Gandalf. “As much as I hate to admit it, we have no other choice now. We have to turn back, and take the other route. The mountain pass is closed up now, and, unless we had an army, we would not be able to break through it before we froze to death. We must take the path through Moria.”

Gandalf nodded, though they both knew the dangers of Moria. The Dwarves had dug too deep, and had awoken a creator created by Morgoth, the Balrog. Not only that, no one had heard from anyone in Moria for a great many years.

Gandalf turned to the Fellowship. “It appears that the mountain has defeated us, we must now take the only path left to us; the path through Moria.”


After making their way off the mountain, they quickly made their way to the hidden entrance that they would have to pass through. Gandalf found the door with ease, and, when the moonlight hit it, it appeared for everyone else to see. It was, indeed, a miraculous site to look upon, But Turuna had seen it many times.

Gandalf then began to read the runes on the door. “This is the Door of Durin, Lord of Moria, Speak Friend, and Enter.”

“Do you know the password Gandalf?” Boromir asked.

Gandalf turned to Turuna, “I do not, do you Turuna?”

Turuna shook her head, “It has been too long since I have was last here. I cannot remember the password, I was hoping you knew it.”

Gandalf nodded, “I will need some time to remember them…” He walked over to a rock, sat down, and began to mutter to himself.

The other members began to do other things. Boromir sat down nearby, and began to think to himself, Legolas stood patiently waiting at her side, Gimli sat near the door, marvelling at it’s beauty. Aragorn and Sam set to work at unsaddling Bill, while Pippin and Merry began to throw rocks into the shadowy water.

Turuna suddenly remembered something, stepped forward, and grabbed both of their arms before they could throw any more rocks. “Do not disturb the water.” She said, carefully scanning the water for any movement.

Suddenly, Gandalf jumped up. “Mellyn!” The door cracked open, and Gandalf opened it the rest of the way. “It was a riddle after all, all I had to do was speak friend, and enter. Mellyn is the Elvish word for Friend.”

Turuna gave s slight nod, “very good Gandalf.” She waited for the rest of the Fellowship to step into the cave, then slowly followed, carefully looking over her shoulder, as she was getting one of her feelings.

Suddenly she heard a cry, and looked forward. There, upon the floor, lie the bone of many Dwarves. Turuna instantly knew what had happened, and quickly grabbed the hilt of her sword, pulling it from it’s sheath.

“Gandalf, we need to make for the Gap of Rohan, this place is not save!” Boromir yelled, having already pulled his sword out.

Suddenly, Turuna felt something slimy wrap around her leg, and had her feet yanked out from under her. She dropped her sword, and fell hard on the ground with a cry. She looked down, and saw a tactical wrapped around her leg. She looked out the door, and saw the creature to whom the tentacles belonged to. It was a hideous dark creature, a creature that Turuna knew much about, as she had studied long and hard on many creatures of Middle-earth.

The creature began to drag her out of the cave, and she frantically reached for her sword. But it had dropped out of her reach. The creature pulle her the rest of the way out, and held her high in the air, swing her about. She cried out again as the tentacle’s grip grew tighter on her leg. She looked back to the entrance of the cave, and saw that Frodo was begin dragged out too. “NO!”

She grabbed the dagger that rest on her belt, pulled herself up from the downward position she was in, and stabbed the tentacle that held onto her leg. It did nothing to it though, except make it tighten it grip some more.

She looked back to the entrance and saw Aragorn and Boromir run into the water, and start to cut off tentacles as the went. Legolas stopped at the shore line, pulled his bow, and began to let arrows fly.

Suddenly, she felt herself get jolted in another direction, and looked back at the Creature. It’s head was now above the water, it’s mouth was open, and she was hovering just above it. She screamed, and stabbed at the tentacle desperately again to make it let go. She looked down again, and saw herself getting closer to the mouth, and let out another scream.

Suddenly, she felt herself get jerked away, and the grip on her leg loosen. She fell down, and landed in someone’s arms. She looked over, and saw that Aragorn had caught her. Quickly, she pushed herself out of his arms, and, seeing how Boromir and Frodo had just run into the entrance of the mines, she pushed Aragorn towards the entance, and quickly follow led, as the creature began to come after them.

After running into the cave, she quick-like bent down, picked up her sword, and continued to run, as the creature was beginning to tear the cave entrance down. Rocks began to fall, and soon, the entrance was blocked.

Gandalf shook his head, and turned to the Fellowship. “We now have but one choice, we must face the long dark of Moria. Be on your guard.” He looked at Turuna, who nodded, and chanted a few words.

She held a her hand with her rings up, and her one ring with the blue jewel, Silma, began to glow with a light bright enough to see the surrounding area. She began to step forward, the Fellowship right behind her. She knew the insides of Moria better then Gandalf, for she had been one of the few Dwarven-Friends who had been allowed to pass through Moria, and knew all it’s secrets.

So, they began their journey into the Dark…


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