Then There Were Ten – Prologue

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Into Mordor they marched, the Last Alliance of Men and Elves. They marched to free the enslaved people of Middle-earth. For the Dark Lord Sauron had enslaved the three peoples with his evil powers, and used his One Ring to rule over the Rings of power given to the three people.

Three for the Elven-Lords, under the sky. Seven for the Dwarf-Lords in their halls of stone. Nine for Mortal Men, doomed to die. And, though it may not be mentioned in tails of old, two were given to an Elven women. She was daughter of Naroelen, and Lady Linde. Granddaughter of Lady Galadreil, and Lord Celeborn. Her name was Sally, also known, to the world of men, as the Daughter of the Stars, or Elven-Goddess.

Well, this Sally was there in Mordor, leading an army of her Elven soldiers. For she would not be locked in a cage, guarded by her gender. She was a warrior, and not one to be reckoned with.

“[Stand your ground! Do not show them any mercy, for you shall recieve none! Ready the arrows]”! She ordered, as Saurons army drew closer. “[Fire the arrows]”! The arrows were released, some almst nicking Sally. Into the air, the arrows flew, and back down again, lodging themselves in the Orcs.

Then it happened, the Orcs crashed into the front lines. Sally pulled out her faithful sword, Oiolosseo. It gleamed as a light of hope to the Last Alliance. She ran forward, sword dancing in a beautiful motion. “[Long live Middle-Earth! Die Sauron, and take your armies with you]”!

Orc after Orc fell by her sword. Her soldiers were right next to the elven Queen, slaying Orc after Orc.

Victory was near. But the power of the ring could not be undone. For the Dark Lord himself marched onto the Battlefeild, a mace in hand. Everyone stopped fighting, turned, and faced the Dark Lord in fear.

Sally felt her will being taken over. She fell to her knees, with a scream, dropping her head into her hands, allowing her sword to fall to the ground.Sauron stepped over her, and began swinging his mace, taking out a half a dozen soldiers with each swing.

After about four swings, Elendil, the King of Men, rushed forward, his sword gleaming. But Sauron nocked him aside with his mace. Elendil struck a rock wall, and slowly slumped to the ground. Sally instantly knew that he was dead.

The king’s son, Isuldur, rushed forward, and knelt next to his Father’s body. Sauron stepped forward, and reached for Isuldur, with the hand that he wore the One Ring upon. Isulder grasped his Father’s sword, but Sauron stomped down on it. Leaving only a half a foot worth of the blade left.

Sauron reached for Isuldur again, but Isuldur slashed up, with what remained of the sword, cutting off some of Saurons fingers, and the One Ring.

Sally felt the pain leave her;she stood and faced Sauron. Wind began rushing torwards him. Sally’s long purple braids began flowing in his direction. The the wind change directions, as Sauron exploded.

Sally was swept off her feet, and landed hard on the ground, gasping for air.

After the windstorm was over, Sally stood back up, and walked over to Isuldur. He was climbing to his feet; he was holding the One Ring.

“Isuldur’, she said. “Follow me”. Sally turned , then she and her Uncle, Lord Elrond, lead Isuldur into the heart of mount Doom, where the One Ring had been made. And the one and only place it could be destoyed.

“Cast it into the fire”! Sally ordered.

Isuldur didn’t do as he had been told to. He looked memorized by the ring. He looked up.

“Destroy it”! Elrond yelled.

“No”. Isuldur turned and began walking back down Mount Doom.

“Isuldur! You must destory the Ring! Don’t let it take hold of you”! Sally rushed forward, but Elrond stopped her.

“There is nothing we can do”. He said.

Sally aloud Isuldur to walk away. A pain filled her heart. She had allowed him to go when she could have destoryed the ring instead.

Three thousand Years would pass before this mistake could be corrected.


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