Then There Were Ten – Chapter #8: Setting Out

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~Then There Were Ten~ Chapter # 8~ Setting Out~

Turuna popped her neck, and sat up, the morning breeze blew through her hair, as her room had many unclosed windows. She relished the sweet feeling of the air, and stretched a bit. She stood, and began to do a few exercises, that she had made up, in her room, for sometimes even Elves need to work out to stay in shape for fighting.

She yawned, somewhat tired, for her night had not been a restful one, as she had had many nightmares. Many, of which she knew, were generated because of the Morgul Blade wound she had received from the Nazgul.

She finished exercising, and pulled on some of her Ranger clothing, pulled her hair back into a long braid that went down to her knees, strapped her weapons to their rightful places, and threw a cloak over her shoulders. She looked out one of the many windows, and down at the courtyard where the fellowship was to meet before they left. She saw that many Elves, and many of the Fellowship had already gathered, and were waiting.

She smirked, “eagered are we, young ones these days, they have no sense of patients. Oh well, I only hope that we make it back from this alive.” She turned, walked out of her room, and made her way down to where the Fellowship and other Elves were gathered, it seemed, at first, that she was the only one missing, but then she noticed that Frodo and Sam had not arrived yet.

Gimli greeted her with a smile, and bowed, “milady, it is good to see you again, if only all the Elves were as fair and kind as you.”

“I’m only kind until you make me mad, many have already found that out,” Turuna said with a laugh, as she patted Gimli on the back. “I am glad to see that you, too, are not afraid to go on this quest.”

“Just point me in the direction of an Orc, and my trust axe shall do the work.” Gimli held up his axe a bit to make sure she knew what he meant.

Turuna laughed some more, “at least I am not alone there, my good friend.” She stepped behind him, and sat a firm hand on his shoulder, then began to wait patiently for Sam and Frodo to arrive.

A few minutes later they did arrive, all ready for the journey. Elrond stepped forward to state his formal goodbye to them. “My dear friends, may the Valar be with you on this dark quest to Mt.Doom, do remember that no oath, or bound is lied upon you to go further then you will. Stick to your perpose, and may the blessing of Men, Elves, and Dwarfs go with you.” He bowed his head, and motioned for them to begin their journey.

Frodo turned, and began to walk through the gate. HE quickly looked left then right, not sure on which way to go, “Mordor, Gandalf, is it left or right?”


Frodo then began to turn left once outside of the gate. Slowly, the other members of the Fellowship began to follow. Turuna turned to begin to follow last, and stopped momentarily when she saw Aragorn stop, look behind her at her cousin Arwen, then turn, and began to follow the rest. Quickly she took a look back at Elrond, then looked over at her cousins. Arwen’s head hung low, Elrohir and Elladan stood tall, even though she knew that they did not like the fact that she was going with the Fellowship.

A light wind blew through the courtyard, blowing Turuna’s hair into her face. For a moment she believed she felt something, like a hand, lightly touch her face, giving her a feeling that someone was there to help her, someone who had lost their life, and wished not to see her lose her own because of the task that she was about to journey to help with.

She looked back to Elrond, “Uncle, send Earelen down to Lothlorien, to my adopted daughter, Mica.”

Lightly, she whispered to herself, “[Elbereth, help me protect and guide this Fellowship. Say hello to my Mother and Father in the Halls of Mandos for me.]” With that, she turned to follow the Fellowship. And Elbereth, who had heard her cry, did as she had requested.


They travelled on for weeks, and finally stopped to rest near the foot of Caradras. Turuna looked up at the great mountian, remembering all the dangers it took to cross it. She had to cross over that very mountain many times, and a few of them she had almost lost her life.

She put her bag down, and began to dig through it, she pulled out a bit of cram, and began to eat it. It did not taste as good as lembas, but she had acquired a taste for it. She looked behind her, back at the fellowship, from whom she sat a ways away from. Boromir was showing Pippin and Merry how to use a sword, Gimli was complaining about the path that they were now taking, saying that he didn’t see why they had to take the long way around the mountain.

Sam was making some lunch, Aragorn was watching Boromir and the Hobbits. Gandalf was listening to Gimli’s complaints, while Frodo was talking to Sam. She looked over, and saw Legolas standing a bit aways from everyone as well, looking at a dark cloud.

“Hmmm….” She stood, and quickly rushed up to Legolas’s side, “what is it?”

Legolas shook his head, “it is too far away for me to tell. Can you see, for your eyes are far better then mine?”

Turuna focused her eyes on the cloud, and began to make out shapes, her eyes widened as she saw what they were. “Oh no.” She turned back to the Fellowship, who had finally caught sight of the cloud. “Spies of Saruman! Hide!” Everyone immediately leaped for cover, Legolas kneeled down next to Turuna under some bushes near a rock. The other members of the Fellowship found their own places to duck behind.

Moments after all were hidden from few, a flock of birds came whipping threw the place, circled it a few times, then flew of towards Isengard. Slowly, Turuna, followed by Legolas, crawled out of the bushes. Gandalf stepped up to Turuna, “this does not fair well, now he’ll expect us to go through the gap of Rohan… What do you think?”

“I don’t know Gandalf, we could go over Caradras, but you know the dangers of doing that. And then we have…”

“No, Turuna, I would not risk that path just yet. We’ll take the path over the mountain.” Gandalf turned to the mountain that stood behind him.

Turuna shook her head, knowing the dangers, “let us go then, I wish not to be caught up there during the night. Fell deeds have fallen upon us, and I fear it was not by accident.”

Gandalf nodded in agreement. Everyone gathered their stuff, and set out on the long, dangerous trip over the mountain.


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