Then There Were Ten – Chapter #7: The Council

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~Then There Were Ten~ Chapter # 7~ The Council~

“NO!!!” Turuna jolted out of her sleep, screaming. She looked around, breathing heavily. Quickly, she realized where she was, and sighed. “Good, it was just a dream.”

Just then, Elrohir, who had heard her scream, burst into the room, and rushed over to her. “Turuna, are you alright?” He sat down next to her.

Turuna nodded. “A dream, nothing more.”

“About your father again?”

Turuna nodded. “It was my fault that he-“

“Turuna, no one knew for sure what was going to happen, it was not your fault.”

“Yes it was. I am also the cause for my mothers death.”

“Turuna, you were not the cause of their deaths. Now clam down, and get some rest, you’re going to need it for the council tomorrow.” He stood up.

Turuna nodded, and laid back down, slowly going back to sleep. Elrohir turned, and left.


“Turuna!” Turuna slowly got up, and walked over to the door, she opened it a jar, and saw Aragorn. “Yes?”

“Hurry, the council will be starting soon.”

“Ok.” Turuna closed the door, and quickly threw on some of her ranger clothing, for she did not like dresses. From there, she put her sword where it belonged, for, as I said before, she went no where without it.

After that, she pulled her hair back in one long braid. She then turned, and walked out the door. Aragorn stood outside. “Let’s go.”

They turned, and quickly made their way to where the council was to be held. All the other members were already there, waiting for them.

Turuna looked at the council members, and wasn’t surprised that she knew most of them. Boromir of Gondor, Legolas of Mirkwood, Gimli of the dwarfs, and many others. Elrond greeted her with a smile.

“My dear friends, this is Turuna Laime, of the Rangers. She is here to help council us in the decisions that we shall make today.” Elrond turned back to her. “[It is good that you came today. I thank you.]”

Smiles, even though she don’t feel like it. “I am please to be here my Uncle.” She bowed her head, then looked at all the council members, who, no doubt, surprised to see a female here, let alone a female dressed in ranger clothing.

She looked at Legolas, and saw pain in his eyes. She remembered the last time she had seen him, and looked away. She looked back at Elrond. “Where shall I be seated?”

Elrond pointed to the chair that was in-between one of the Elves, and Gimli. She nodded, and walked over to her seat. She sat down, and nodded to both Gimli, and the Elf. Gimle smiled, and bowed his head, for the two of them knew each other well. “Hello milady, how have things been going in the Shire?”

“You will find out when the council starts, my old friends. So, how have you been of late?”

“Oh, just about the same, still working and all. It appears that you are doing ok yourself, still as strong as ever. I’m just surprised to see you here, for you have said you have never liked councils.”

“Yeah, I don’t like them, but for this one I had no choice.”

“No choice? How can that be?”

“You shall see my old friend.”

A few minutes later, the rest of the council members arrived, and Lord Elrond stood to start the council. “Welcome friends, new and all, we are all here to discuss the fate of Middle-earth, for it now hangs by a thread. As you all should know by bow, evil has stirred up in Mordor once again, and we must decide what to do about it.” He then turned to Turuna. “Turuna of the Rangers, may you please explain further?”

Turuna sighed, and stood. “Yes we should all know that Mordor has stirred up again with the evil we fought over 3,000 years ago. Now we must decide on what to do to stop it, for Sauron will enslave all the free peoples of Middle-Earth once more, and the world will be covered in darkness. There may be only one way to stop this.” She looked at Frodo. “Frodo Baggins of the Shire, please.” She motioned towards the small stone table in the middle of the courtyard.

Frodo stood, walked over to the stone table, and slowly placed the ring on it. All the other council members gasped.

Turuna nodded. “Yes, the One Ring has been found, and now we must decide what to do with it, for the fate of Middle-Earth depends on what we do. There are few options. We could send it to Valinor, but I doubt that it will remain save there for long. OR, we could send a team to take it to Mordor, and to cast it into the fires of Mt.Doom. We must decide, and the fate of Middle-Earth depends upon us.” She sat back down, and looked at all the other members.

Boromir stood. “But there is one choice you left out. Whyt not we use this ring against our enemies, and destroy them with their own weapon of destruction? Give the weapon to Gondor. Let us use it against Sauron.”

“It cannot be wield by any of us. It can only be used by the Dark Lord, and the Dark Lord alone. No one else can use it powers, and even if another could, it could destroy them.” Aragorn said, sitting tall in his chair.

“And who are you other then a mere Ranger?”

“I am no mere Ranger, I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn. I am last heir of Isuldur, and heir to the throne of Gondor.”


Turuna nodded, “yes, that is Aragorn, last heir to the throne of Gondor. But that is not what we came here to discuss, we mainly came to discuss what we shall do with the one ring of power. In the wrong hands, the One Ring could destroy the world we know. In the hands of the powerful, the world will become dark, bitter, and cold. In the hands of the weak, many things could happen, mainly terrible things. A good example of what it does to the weak would be that little nasty creature named Gollum, and an example for the stronge would be Sauron, the Dark Lord himself. I will not tell you what to do with it, for my last decision in one of these types of councils ended up getting many of those that were there at the time killed, including my own Father. I will have no part in deciding what to do with this great power, I will only help council you.” Turuna then sat back down, and looked at all the eyes of the council members. Very few knew of what had happened at the last council, or to those that had died because of Turuna’s decision.

Boromir looked down at her. “Why should we trust you if you sent people to their deaths? Why should we trust someone who sent their own father to his death?”

Aragorn walked forward, somewhat seeing pain in Turuna’s eyes. “She made the decision she made at the time because it was the only thing that could be done. It was not her fault that she did not see what was to become of that decision.”

Turuna looked down, feeling a tear come to her eye, but did not let it snake from her eye, not wanting any of these men to see her show even the faintest hint of crying. “What my decision did could not be foretold, even with my gift of foresight. In the end, nothing else could have been done, and I made the best decision I could.” She then looked back up, looking into Boromir’s eyes. “My decision is not what we came to discuss, we came to decide the fate of Middle-Earth, which now hangs by a thread.”

Elrond nodded, and stood. “Turuna is correct, we must decide. There is really only one decision we can make, and that is to take it to Mordor, and destroy it. Who shall we choose to bear this burden?” Elrond looked over at Turuna, who shook her head.

Frodo reluctantly stood, “I will carry the One Ring to Mordor, and carry out this task for the sake of Middle-Earth. Though, I do not know the way…” He looked at the council members, eyes full of courage, and a will Turuna had seen in very few.

She stood, and stepped forward, “Frodo Baggins of the Shire, I, having been the councillor who’s council was most heard, and who’s knowledge in the Dark Lord and his evil minions, shall accompany you on this quest. My skills, my bow, my sword are yours to command.” She then kneeled down in front of him. “I promise to follow, guide you, and protect you to the end, even if it means my life to do so.”

Aragorn then stepped forward, “and you shall have my sword.”

Legolas then stepped up next to Aragorn, “and my bow.”

Then Gimli stepped forward, holding his axe out in front of him. “And my axe.”

Turuna got back to her feet, and walked behind Frodo, placing a firm hand on his shoulder. Gandalf then stepped forward, “I will help you bear this burden, Frodo Baggins, as long as it is yours to bear.” Gandalf then stepped up to Turuna’s side, and nodded.

Boromir slowly took a few steps forward. “If this be the decision of the council, then I, Boromir of Gondor, shall see it done.”

Suddenly, a little Hobbit jumped out of the bushes with a small cry, and run up to Frodo. “Mr.Frodo ain’t goin’ no where with me.”

Elrond smiled, as did Turuna, for they both had known he was there the whole time. “No indeed, it is hardly possible to separate you two, even when he is called to a secret council and you are not,” Elrond seemed amused by the fact that Sam seemed a bit surprised that he knew he was there.

Two more Hobbits then came running forward, saying stuff to quickly to be made out, but it was obvious that they were going too.

Elrond looked over the ten that had gathered to go. “Ten companions…. So be it, you shall be the Fellowship of the Ring.”

The council was then dismissed, and Turuna began back for her room when someone stoped her, by putting a firm hand on her shoulder. She turned and saw Elrohir, who seemed deeply troubled. He pulled her aside so they could talk more privately.

“Turuna, why are you going? Why not just let nine go to face off with the Dark Riders, that was fathers original idea, you know that. Why are you going on such a dreadful mission?”

Turuna smiled warmly at her cousin. “Because, we left out The Dark Lord in that count, someone must be able to face him as well, just in case. Besides, I have never been one to run from danger, just towards it, sword singing, helm glowing… If I die, I want it to be on the field, sword held high, I will not die on my knees, begging for my life.”

Elrohir slowly nodded, knowing that once Turuna’s heart was set on something, it could not be taken away from it until she finished the task she had sworn to do. “Very well, but promise to do all you can to stay alive.”

“I promise to do all in my power to stay alive, but if I must give up my life, I will, understand?”

Elrohir nodded, turned, and walked away. Turuna turned, and headed back to her quarters, not really wanting to talk any more at the moment.


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