Then There Were Ten – Chapter #6: The Ford

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Turuna urged Earelen on. They had been riding for a few days now, and Turuna was getting weary from her wound. The poison was spreading quickly through her body.

She looked down at poor Frodo, and saw that he was much more overtaken by the poison then she was.

Suddenly, she heard a Nazgul scream. She quickly looked back, and saw one right behind her. Her eyes widened, as she saw more appear, jumping forward like a wolf after their prey.

She leaned, and whispered. “Faster, Earelen, you must go faster.” Earelen then bolted forward again, with a new found speed.

And on they went, Earelen weaving through the trees, and the Nazgul right behind. Turuna almost fell off a few times, and Earelen increased her speed once more, feeling her master slipping away from her.

Soon, they reached the Ford. Turuna had Earelen ride across, then turned her to face the Nazgul, pulling out her faithful sword, Oiolosseo.

The Nazgul stopped on the other side of the Ford, feeling it’s get Elven powers. “She-Elf, come with us, and we will make you more powerful then all the others you may know.” The leader tried to tempt.

“Never, I’ll give in the way you did. I am proud of who I am, and I do not need to be anymore then that.”

The leader was furious, and moved his horse into the water, the others followed suite.

Turuna thought for a moment, she could keep up this chase until her horse wore out, which she knew Earelen would do before they reached Imladris. Or they could… No! She couldn’t do that, that would mean the Dark Lord won the war.

She thought about her options, and what she could do, but then she heard voices around her, voices coming from the water. They were chanting words of grace torwards her and Frodo, and fell words torwards the Nazgul.

Suddenly, a great wave, with water horses charging out of it, came crashing down the Ford. The Nazgul were taken by surprise, and were swept down the Ford, by the great wave.

Turuna weakly smiled, then fall unconscious. She fell off Earelen, as did Frodo, without her help to stay on. Earelen turned, and began to try and wake her master. After failing a few times to do so, Earelen trotted behind her master, and lied down, gently resting next to her master.

A few minutes later, three horses came trotting up to the scene. The young Elven men jumped off their horses, and rushed over to Turuna and Frodo.

“[Will she be ok?]” Elrohir asked, looking down at his cousins pale face, with a look of sorrow on her face.

“[I don’t know, she’s in bad shape.]” Answered Lord Glorfindel.

“[Mr.Frodo isn’t looking too good either, we had better get them to Imladris.]” Said Elladan, who was examining Frodo.

“[Let’s go.]” Glorfindel picked Turuna up, and sat her on his horse. Elladan picked up Frodo, and sat him on his horse.

Glorfindel turned to Elrohir. “[Elrohir, bring Turuna’s horse, we’ll meet you in Imladris.]”

Elrohir nodded, and grabbed Earelens rains. Glorfindel, and Elladan then raced off on their horses, in the hopes of getting Turuna, and Frodo, to Imladris, before they completely left for the darkness.


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