Then There Were Ten – Chapter #5 Weathertop

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Okay, I give up. Sally’s name is going to be changed to Turuna Laime, which, in my research, means Mastered Shadow.


Five days after leaving Bree, they arrived at Weathertop, or, as the Elves know it, Amen Sul. Turuna looked upon the great landmark with Aragorn. “Amen Sul”. He said, he then turned to the Hobbits. “We shall rest here tonight”.

They made their way up to the summit of Amen Sul. The Hobbits plopped down on the ground, and rubbed their sore feet.

Aragorn sat his pack down, and pulled four Hobbit-sized swords out of it. “Keep these close, Turuna and I are going to have a look around”.

Aragorn and Turuna then began to look around Weathertop. They were on ther other side when Aragorn said. “I sure hope they don’t do anything foolish”.

“Well, it’s not their fault that they were raised in a peaceful Shire. They would not have lasted one night in Bree without our help”.

“I know, that’s why I question Gandalfs choice of Ringbearer. I know Frodo takes after his Uncle, but, if it had been me, I would have given it to you. You have a strong will like no other, I found that out when we first met”.

“Hey! You started that fight”. They were talking about the time they were first getting to know one another. She had not been to Rivendell in a long time, andhad just met Aragorn a few days before the fight. He was only twenty, and didn’t know any better. He had started the furious arguement. Elrond was about to step in, and end it when Turuna decided to punch Aragorn in the nose, ending the fight. It had been so furious that she couldn’t remember what it had been over.

“I agree, I wasen’t trying to point fingures in your direction. You just ended the fight that I started”. He squatted down, adn examined a set of footprints. “Elves”?

“Nay, Elven feet are lighter then that. I mean, look at mine, you can’t see them”.

“Are you sure, they look Elven? They llok to be that of an Elf”?

“Let me see your boot”. Aragorn placed his foot in Turunas hand, and she compared the soul to the imprint in the ground. “You idiot! Those are your footprints”.

“They are”? He quickly compared the two for himself. “I guess they are, I forgot that I was wearing these boots”.

Turuna hit him on the back of the head. “Idiot, pay attention next time”. She stood up, and popped her neck.

Aragorn stood too, and squinted into the distance. “Do you see that”?

“See what”?

“Smoke, the Hobbits are cooking”! Suddenly, Turuna, and Aragorn heard blood-freezing screams.

“Nazgul”! Turuna spun on her heel, adn dashed off in the direction of the Hobbits.

By the time she had climbed to the summit of Weathertop, she had left Aragorn way behind. She climbed to the summit just in time to see Frodo slip the one ring onto his fingure, as five Nazgul surrounded him. He disappeared from a normals beings site, but Turunas. into the Shadow World.

The Leader Nazgul advanced, and pulled a knife out. He then tried to take the One Ring from Frodo. But Frodo pulled away. Furious, the Nazgul went to stab Frodo with his knife.

“Noooooooooo”! Turuna screamed, rushing forward, torch in hand. The Nazgul went to stab, and Turuna dived. The blade met flesh, but not just Frodo’s.

Turuna cried out, as pain struck her every bone. The knife had gone through her musclier sholder, and into Frodo’s. “Frodo”!! She faintly heard someone cry, as she fell to the ground, knife still in her sholder.

Aragorn rushed forward, and began swinging his torch, adn sword at the Nazgul. Soon, he threw them into retreat.

He ran over to Turuna, and Frodo, and squatted down. He pulled the knife out of Turunas sholder, and looked at it’s markings.

“Well”? Turuna asked.

“It’s a Morgal Blade”. He held it up to the sunlight of the newly coming day, and it disappeared in a cloud of dust. “We’d better get the two of you to Rivendell”. Aragorn then went to pick her up.

“No”. She protested, holding her hand up. “I’ll ride Earelen, nobodies going to be burdened by me”.

And, as thought by a magical call, Earelen came trotting up a set of staris, up to Turuna, and lightly lied down next to her so she could pull herself on. Turuna weakly pulled herself onto Earelen, and Earelen stood back up.

She then motioned for Aragorn to sit Frodo down in front of her. “I’ll carry him to Rivendell, Earelen’s fast, and may be our only hope”.

Aragorn nodded, and sat Frodo down in front of her. “Be careful, Lord Elrond would never forgive me if anything happened to his only neice”.

Turuna nodded. “Then to Rivendell I am off to, see you there. And Aragorn, be careful”. She then whispered a few words to Earelen, and Earelen bolted forward, with speed greater then a lightening bolt.


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