Then There Were Ten – Chapter #4: Leaving Bree

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The next morning, Sally awoke early. The sun had risen above the horizon, meaning they had to leave soon. She stood, and equipped herself withher weapons, and threw her cloak over her shoulders. Then she straightened her clothing, and made sure her boots looked right. She did not bother putting a coat on, leaving her musculier arms bare.

Bang! Bang! Sally threw her hood up, and answered the door. Aragorn stood outside. “[Is the Hobbit up yet]”?

“[Nay, I will wake him]”.

“[Hurry, we need to leave soon. Breakfest is ready, and I have purchased a baggage horse]”.

“[You didn’t have to do that, I’ve got Earelen with me]”.

“[I know, but we need another for our luggage]”.

“[What are we moving? An entire town]”?

“[Nay, now hurry up]”. Aragorn turned, and left. Sally closed the door, and looked over at Frodo, he was staring at her.

“You’re awake”. She said. “Come on, hurry up, we shall be leaving soon. Strider has had food prepared for us, and we shall be leaving before high morning”. Frodo jumped out of the bed, and followed Sally out of the room.

Sally lead Frodoto the table Sam, Pippin, and Merry were eating at. “Mr.Frodo”! Sam cried, jumping to his feet. “Where were you”?

“He slept in my room last night”Sally said, swiping a wafer of Cram from the table.

“Manarwen”. Aragorn said, walking up to her. “[When will the Hobbits be ready]”?

“[In a bit, they need to eat]”.

Aragorn nodded. “[Come, I need your help to put the supplies on the horses]”.

The two walked outside together, and found the horses in the stables. Sally put her saddle on her horse, and then began straping supplies to it.

“I see you have a few packs of Lembas”. Aragorn noted, seeing some packs of the Elvish Waybread.

“Aye, Grandmother Galadriel sent them to me about a month ago. She said it was for times when hearts need to be lifted”.

“Elvish stuff really has a way of doing that, now don’t it”?

“Are you making fun of the elves”?

“Nay, I’d be too frightened to make fun of the Elves”.

“You should try telling the truth, because you suck at lying”.

They led their horses out front. “I’ll get the Hobbits”. Aragorn walked inside to gather the Hobbits, leaving Sally outside alone.

“Well, well,well, what have we here”? Came a voice from behind her. She turned and saw the group of men she hd run into last night. They were walking towards her, fist ready for a battle. “It’s pay back time, no one ever challenges me”.

Are you drunk again? I warned you not to mess with me. Why don’t you listen, Idiot”?


Sally rolled her eyes. The first two stepped forward. Sally kicked the first one in the stomack, and the second one she punched in the face, then twisted, and kicked him alongside the head.

The next two came. Sally dropped to the ground, and swiped their feet out from under them with a swift swing of her leg.

Then thelast one came. The chanenger rushed forward, knife in hand.

He bagn trying to hit Sally with the knife, but she was too quick. She grabbed his hand, and squeezed his pressure point ’till he let go of the knife with a cry. Then she punched him in the mouth. He fell to the ground, spitting out blood, and a few teeth.

He looked up at her. “Who are you”?

Sally ripped her hood back, revealing her feminie face, and Elven pointed ears. “I am a Ranger of the North. You have just challenged my wrath. Now get out of here, before I change my mind”. The man stood, and scurried off.

“Good job, Manarwen. You showed him who was bose. Hurray for the Rangers! Hurray for the Elven Ranger”! Sam cheered. Sally turned and saw the four Hobbits, Aragorn, and Butterbur standing outside the doorway of the Prancing Pony.

“You’re… You’re…” Butterbur nearly fell on his face when he tried to step forward.

“Aye, Butterbur, I am a woman”. Sally said, as she pulled her hood up. “But this is between the two of us. Understand”?

“Of cousre. Nothin’ is goin’ to come out of old Butterbur. Not a word”. He quickly agreed.

“If I find out that you said anything, I’ll knock your head off”.

“You had better listen to her. She has nearly knocked my head off”. Aragorn added.

Butterbur gulped. “Then I’ll make triple sure that nothin’ comes out of old Butterbur then”.

“The sun is getting high, we should leave”. Sally walked up to her horse, grabbed her rains, and walked off. Aragorn grabbed Bills rains, and walked after Sally. The Hobbits not far behind.

Sally began to sing Bilbo’s old walking song.

“The road goes ever on and on
Down from the doorway where they began
Now far ahead the road is gone
And I must follow if I can
Until it joins some larger ways
Where many paths and errands meet
And whither then? I cannot say”.

They made their way out of Bree, and onto Rivendell.


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