Then There Were Ten – Chapter #2 The Prancing Pony

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Because of Earelens speed, Sally was able to reach Bree in six days. She jumped of her horse, walked up to the gate, and banged on the door. The door guard opened a small veiwing window, and demanded “What do you want”?
“I’m heading for the Prancing Pony. I’m meeting some friends there”.
That’s when the gaurd noticed that she was a Ranger, and quickly opened the gate. “Forgive me sir, it’s just my job to ask questions after nightfall”. Sally smiled, everyone in Bree thought that she was aRanger.
She lead her horse through the gate, and began to make her way to the Prancing Pony. On the way, Sally walked past a group of men who were heading back to their homes. One of them bumped into her, turned, and growled. “Watch were you’re walking”!
“Why don’t you”? Sally barked back, in the Manish tone that she had accuirred from bing a Ranger.
The man was obvoiusly drunk. “How dare you challenge me! You shall pay”! He reached for the knife that was tucked in his belt.
Sally pulled Oiolosseo from it’s scabbard, and help it up to the mans neck. “No, i think it’s: How dare you challenge me. Can you not see that I am a Ranger, and a dangerous one at that”?
The man fell backwards, landing on his butt. One of his buddies pulled him back to his feet. They then hurried off.
Sally put Oiolosseo back into it’s scabbard, and let out a soft laugh.
She walked up to the Prancing Pony. “[Go find the stables, Earelen]”. She then walked into the Inn, and up to the front desk.
Butterbur came scurring over. “And what might I be able to do for you tonight, Marawen”?
Sally smiled, Marawen was her Ranger name, it meant Destiny. “The usual. A room, food, and a good mug of Ale. I wish for it to served to that table, over there, with Strider. Think you can manage that”?
“Yes sir”. Butterbur scurried off to prepare Sally’s room and food. While Sally made her way over to Strider. She sat down, propped her feet up on a neaarby barrel, and said. “Good evening, Aragorn. Have the Hobbits arrived yet”?
“Nay, not yet”. Aragorn answered. “Wht are you doing here”?
“Nazgul are in the Shire, and are looking for something, i figured it might be the One Ring. So I rode to Imladris, and found out that it had been found, and that it’s bearer, Mr. Frodo Baggins, was heading here, and that you were sent to pick him up. And so I came”.
“Nazgul are in the Shire”?
“Aye, Helbarad was able to uncloak two of them, but the rest were able to slip our guard. And, I believe, that the others were able to get new cloaks by now. So I find it ill news that the Hobbits have not yet arrived”.
“Here you are, sir”. Butterbur sat a plate of food, and a mug of Ale, down in front of Sally. “Here is the key to your room”. Butterbur nervously handed Sally a gold, rusted up, key.
Sally nodded, and Butterbur scurried off.
“It is ill indeed, if the Nazgul are in the Shire. I wonder i-” He suddenly stopped, and sat forward.
Sally looked over at the door just in time to see four Hobbits walk in. “They have arrived then”. She breathed a sigh of relief.
“It would appear so”. Aragorn agreed.
“I’m going to check it out”. Sally stood, and made her way over to the place where she could get another mug of Ale. She got two of them, one for herself, the other for Aragorn. But she wasn’t paying attention to that. She kepted her eyes on the Hobbits.
“Excuse me”. One of them said to Butterbur.
“Good evening, little masters. What can I do for you? If you’re seeking accompidations, then we’ve got some nice, cozy Hobbit-sized rooms available. Always proud to cater towards little folk, Mr”?
“Underhill. My name’s Underhill”.
“Underhill, yes”. Butterbur muttered to himself.
“We’re friends to Gandalf the Grey, Can you tell him that we’ve arrived”?
“Gandalf? Gandalf? Oh yah! Now I remember. Elderly chap, grey beard, big pointy hat. Haven’t seen him in six months”.
“Here you are sir”. Butterbur’s helper handed Sally her two mugs of Ale. She took them, and walked back over to Aragorn.
“That’s them. They seem to looking for Mithrandir”. She said, as she handed Aragorn his Ale, and sat down.
“But he was heading to Orthanc. He couldn’t have been there and back in such a sort amount of time”.
“You didn’t just say Orthanc, did you? That is ill news, Saruman has turned against us. He has sided with Sauron”.
“That is ill indeed”.
Sally took a sip of her Ale, and looked over at where the Hobbits were sitting. “I hope we can get Frodo to Imladris without any troble”. She stood up, and walked over to the Hobbits. “Good evening, Mr. Underhill. May I speak with you”?
Frodo looked up at her. “Who are you”.
“I am Marawen, of the Rangers. I promise not to hurt you, I just wish to have a word with you”.
“‘Bout what”? Asked the sandy heired Hobbit, sitting next to Frodo.
Sally didn’t answer, instead she turned, and walked back over to Aragorn. Frodo stood, followed Sally, pulled a chair up to the two Rangers table, sat down, and said. “What do you want”?
“We know of your quest. We have been sent to help you”.
“How do I know I can trust you? And how do you know of my quest”?
“Come with me, this Common Room is not a good place to start discussing this”. Sally and Aragorn stood, and began to head for Aragorns room. Frodo stood, motioned to his friends to follow, and began to follow the Rangers, when he suddenly slipped, fell, and disappeared.
Sally began to look for Frodo, using the strange powers that she’d had sense her birth, that’s why it is whispered that she is an Elven Goddess, though she isn’t, or at least she don’t think she is, to lok for Frodo. She saw him crawl under a table. He took off the ring, that had made him disappear when it slipped onto his finger, off, and reappeared.
Sally walked up to him, picked him up, and carried him out of the Common Room. Aragorn on her heels.


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