Then There Were Ten – Chapter #18: The Battle of Helm’s Deep, and Faramir’s Test

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~Then There Were Ten~ Chapter # 18~The Battle of Helm’s Deep, and Faramirs Test~
Mica stood on the wall, on her left stood Haldir, and on her right stood Haleth. She looked coldly out over the plains, which were now full of Uruk-hai. The sound of the Uruk-hai feet stomping on the group would have been enough to make anyone shrivel down and cry. But, since the Elves were here, and they stood tall, and ready, the men pushed aside their fears, and stood ready too.

She looked down at Haleth. Haleth was looking up at her. “My Lord, I’m afraid.”

“Do not be. You are the only one fighting alongside the Elves. Even though we will get hit first, and the hardest, we will keep you safe. Do not let those foul excuses for life scare you. They are nothing more then an image.” She then turned to Haldir who stood next to her. He was looking at her with eyes of wonder.

“Are you that sure that we will last this battle?” He asked quietly so Haleth would not hear him.

“No.” Mica answered coldly, in a low voice. “I never had hope of living when I first set out for Rohan.”

“You speak much like my dear friend did. She never had any hope of life after her foster mother left on a mission…” He trailed off from his sentence.

Although Mica already knew, as she was the one in which he was speaking of, she asked. “What is she on a mission to do?”

“She is going with two Hobbits to Mount Doom to destroy Isuldurs bane…..She left Mica behind, even though she wanted so badly to go with her. Mica left for the Grey Heavens not long ago…”

Mica nodded, then looked out over the Uruks, who had stopped, and were now pounding their spears on the ground, and clashing spear against armour. Mica fingered her sword eagerly, `come to me, my prey. Come and taste the steal of my blade.’ She thought to herself. She then heard Aragorn give a command, she grabbed her bow, and knocked it with an arrow. “And so it begins.” She said in a cold voice that sent shivers up the spines of all those who heard her.

She then heard the command to fire, and she did. She coldly smiled as her arrow flew down into one of the Uruks bellow. She quickly nocked her bow again, and began to fire arrow after arrow.

And then, the Uruks pulled out the ladders, and set them against the walls. Uruks began to climb up them. Though risky, Lome leapt up onto the roof, and shoot two Uruks off the two closest ladders with her arrows. She then turned, and shot two more. She then jumped off the wall just in time to miss being hit by a dozen or so arrows that the Uruks shoot at her from their crossbows.

She laughed slightly at their foolish attempts, put her bow away, and pulled out her sword. She saw an Uruk begin to attack Haleth from behind, leapt forward, and ran him through with her sword. She nodded to Haleth, and turned to meet her next attacker.


After being carried for some time, the men that had been carrying Turuna sat her down on a cold stone floor. They took the blindfold off, and she saw that she was inside a cave. Next to her stood Frodo and Sam.

Faramir sat down in front of them. “Speak, tell me of your tale. Are you serious about Isuldurs Bane?”

Turuna nodded. “Yes, we are carrying it to Mount Doom. Now, Faramir, Caption of Gondor, I have a question for you. What do you plan to do now that you have an Elf, two Hobbits, and the one ring in your grasp, with a host of men to call on for aid? What are you going to do? What quality are you going to prove to be?”

For a moment, Faramir sat there in thought. Frodo and Sam looked at one another nervously, as Turuna kept her eyes on Faramir. Faramir saw the fear in the Hobbits eyes. “Are you afraid now that this she-elf has pointed out what she has that I will try and take the ring for my own? To take my chance at proving myself? Indeed, this is a chance for Faramir, Caption of Gondor, Brother to Boromir to prove his quality.” Faramir’s eyes then seemed to focused on nothing.

Fearing for the hobbits, Turuna reached for one of her hidden daggers, and pulled it out. Faramir saw the flash of the blade, and laughed. “Indeed, what has been told to me about Turuna Laime is true! You are indeed, a great Ranger from the North. For look, my men could not fin that hidden dagger, and I’m sure there was many other weapons hidden that they did not find.” His eyes seemed to focus again, and he smiled caringly towards the three. “No, no, I will not take Isuldurs Bane! In fact, if it be of any use, I wish to help you in any way I can.”

Turuna smiled, and put the dagger away. She then turned to the men who had searched her for weapons, and smiled at their surprised faces. She then turned back to Faramir. “Indeed! You have shown your quality, Faramir, Caption of Gondor. It was one of the very highest.”

Faramir smiled, and nodded. “Now, what can I get to help you on your way?”


Mica looked up, and saw another blade coming towards her. Quickly, she blocked it, and kicked the Uruk over the wall. “Good riddens!” She yelled after him. She then leapt up onto the wall, and kicked the nearby latter down. She leapt off, avoiding being hit by many arrows, but one did not miss her. It lodged itself into her shoulder, and she let out a small cry.

She stumbled forward, and nearly fell off the wall. But she was caught by someone, and saw that it was one of the Elven warriors. He grabbed a hold of the arrow that was in her shoulder, and pulled it out.

She let out another cry, but turned, and thanked him with a nod. She turned to see a Uruk was attacking Haleth again. She leapt forward, and beheaded the Uruk. “See, I told you nothing would happen to you.” She whispered into Haleth’s ear.

But then, she looked over the wall, and saw a uruk running towards them with a torch. She immediately knew what the Uruk’s had been doing while keeping the Elves upon the wall busy. She pulled her bow out, and aimed. She was able to get off two shots, but neither of them killed the Uruk.

The Uruk leap forward, and dove into the drain underneath the wall. In a flash, Mica grabbed hold of Haleth, just as the wall exploded. She went flying through the air, Haleth in her arms. They landed a ways away on the wall, knocking down an Elven warrior.

For a moment, Mica just laid there, groaning a bit. She had taken a hard fall for both her and Haleth, who had not touched the ground because she would not let him. It was the Elf warrior that they had fallen on that stood up first, and helped both of them to their feet.

Mica nodded to him, and turned to face another uruk. Then she heard Theoden from the wall. “Aragorn, fall back to the keep! Get your men out of there!” She gritted her teeth, it was nearly impossible to get out now.

She began to hear Aragorn yell to everyone to fall back to the Keep. She looked over the wall, and saw and Elf running by underneath. “[Hey!]” She cried out to him.

He stopped, and turned to eye “[Aye?!]”

“[Take this lad with you.]” She picked Haleth up. “Don’t worry, I’ll follow you shortly.” She then threw him down, and the Elf below caught him, and carried him off towards the Keep.

Mica turned back to the problem at hand. She saw Haldir in the distance fighting some Uruks on his own, while he was yelling for everyone to fall back to the Keep. She saw an Uruk creeping up behind him, and knew that he’d be slain if she did not help. She leapt forward, and, just as the Uruk was about to slay Haldir, she pushed him out of the way, and blocked the Uruks sword. She then pressed her own attack, and killed the Uruk.

She turned, and grabbed the surprised Haldir’s hand, and began to pull him down the stairs. The two of them fought back to back to the stairs that lead up to the keep. They were the last ones through the door before the Elves that were there closed them.

Then, with nothing else left to do, she turned, and ran to where the front gate was, knowing that they would need assistance. She bid that Haleth stay with the Elves because, if the gate was broken through, he’d last longer there. Haldir joined her, knowing also the next great risk area was the front gate.

There, they found the men putting up a barricade, but Mica knew it would not last. She saw Theoden, and ran up to him. “Theoden King, what do you want us to do?”

Theoden looked at her, his eyes were distant, as if he had excepted defeat when hope was still left. “Fall back. Pull everyone back”

Gamling, who was standing next to him, started to yell for everyone to fall back. And they did, they all made for the hornbirge, the hall in which you had to pass through before going into the caves in which the women were in. There they barricaded the door, and waited for dooms great hand to take them, even though Aragron, Haldir, and Mica were trying to convince Theoden that there was still hope of living.


After doing all he could to help Turuna, Frodo, and Sam, Faramir took them to a plce where he could let them go free to walk. Before letting them go, he warned them. “There’s been a creature about named Gollum, beware of him.”

“We know about Gollum, he is our guide to Mount Doom.” Turuna said coldly.

“Your guide?! How could you trust him to be your guide?!”

“I don’t completely trust him, but he has been in Mordor more recently then I…He know the current land better then I do. We have no other choice but to trust him to be our guide at present.”

Faramir looked at all three of them. “I envy you for taking such a chance.” He then turned to Turuna, and in Sindarin, he said. “[Just be careful. If he should do anything, anything to hurt any of you at all, kill him. Do not hesitate to do so, or else it could mean your life.]”

Turuna nodded. “[I am aware of that Faramir. Take care, and no matter what your father says, you have the highest quality a man could ever have. Namarie.]” She turned, and walked away. Frodo and Sam followed.


Mica, out of frustration, decided to stop trying to convince Theoden to do what he could, and started to help the men about her. He kept on going on about how this was the end. Of course this was the end, even she knew that, but they could at least fight to the death, and make an ending worth remembering.

She sighed, and looked up at the window. Suddenly, she saw something, light. The sun was rising! The words that Gandalf had said to her before leaving Edoras came back to her, and she smiled. “My Lord!” She yelled, running over to Theoden. “Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them.”

Theoden’s eyes lite up. “For death and glory?”

“For Rohan, for your People.” Aragorn said, stepping forward.

Then Gimli noticed the light in the window. “Aragorn, the sun is rising.”

“And with a rising sun shall come a red dawn. And the prideful end, if that be what it shall be, of Rohan. Let’s go out and meet this foe together.” Aragorn said to Theoden.

Theoden smiled. “Yes…yes! The horn of Helm Hammerhand shall sound in the Deep! …One last time.”

“Yes!” Gimli cried.

Mica turned to Gamling. “Prepare to sound the horn when you hear your Lords cry.”

Gamling nodded, and ran off for the horn. Some of the guards brought out everyone’s horses to ride upon. Aragorn turned to them. “Thank you, now send word for the women and children to make for the mountain pass, and barricade the entrance.”

The guards nodded, and ran off. Mica leapt onto her horse, and watched as the others did too. `This is the end.’ She thought, looking. At the door that the Uruks were now pounding on to break down.

Theoden then began to talk. “Fell deeds awake. Now for wrath. Now for ruin. And the Red dawn!” Just then, the door broke up, and Uruks began to pour into the hall. “Forth Eorlingas!” Theoden cried, diggings his heals into his horse.

Everyone let out a cry, and they began to charge forward. This surprised the uruks, for they had not expected them to do this. And forward they went, down through the stairs of Helm’s Deep down to the front gate, slashing Uruks here and there, laughing at their cries.


And so they rode down the paved way down to meet the thousands of Uruk-hai waiting for them. Haldir heard someone laugh, and looked over at Lome. He was laughing coldly, slaying the Uruks in his way. By the look Haldir saw in his eyes, he knew that Lome had lost all hope of living. He turned back to the Uruks in front of him, and began to slay them again, knowing that Lome may very well be right. This might very well be the end.


Mica continued to slay the Uruks about her, then, suddenly, something caught her eye. She looked up at the great hill that was to her right, and saw, at the top, the White Rider. “Mithrandir.” She said to herself.

And then, Eomer rode up beside him, and they exchanged a few words. Then, Eomer pulled his sword. “Rohirrim!” Up behind him suddenly appear all the riders of the Rohirrim. Their armour gleamed in the sunlight. “To the king!” Eomer’s cry was picked up, and the Rohirrim began to charge down the hill, Eomer and Gandalf in front.

Mica’s breath was taken away, as they came charging down the hill, swords unsheathed, echoing war cries. The Uruks all went to the bottom of the hill, and prepared to meet the riders with there spears. And, when the riders seemed to have no other choice but to crash into the spears, the sun rose over the hill behind them.

The Uruks threw up their spears, shading their eyes from the light, but when they realized their mistake, it was too late. The riders of the Rohirrim had already crashed into the front lines.

Mica laughed. “Victory is ours!” Her cry was picked up by many others.

But then, in one Uruks last desperate attempts to kill at least one more, he shot an arrow from his crossbow. The arrow flew through the air, and lodged itself in Mica. Mica sat there is shock for a moment, then fell from Earelen’s back. She past into darkness and shadows, and all to her seemed lost now…


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