Then There Were Ten – Chapter #13: The Breaking of the Fellowship (Then There Were Ten no longer)

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~Then There Were Ten~ Chapter #13~ The Breaking of the Fellowship (Then There Were Ten No Longer)~

The River of Celebrant was swift, and quickly bore the Fellowship to the River Andain. There, the waters grew much more rapid, and quickly, within a few days, carried them from the meeting of the Celebrant and the Anduin, to the Falls of Rauros. Here, they pulled the boats ashore, and began to prepare for the path that they would be taking to Mordor.

Turuna, who had not spoken to anyone since they had left Lothlorien; save Legolas, and Gimli, who rode in her boat, and Aragorn; decided to go sit a ways away from everyone, not wanting to talk. She quietly pulled out her Elven Hunting Knife, and began to sharpen it.

A bit a ways away from her, near the river bank, sat the Fellowship in a nice meeting circle, discussing their plans, and deciding what they were going to do. Turuna really didn’t pay attention to any of this, she was pondering on other things. Her thoughts were now travelling back to moria, something that she had dared not think about after entering Lothlorien. She believed it to be her fault that Gandalf fell. `I could have saved him, why didn’t I? He shouldn’t have perished…’

The members of the Fellowship would momentarily look over at her, wondering if she was alright. She did not pay any heed to their glances, or anything else.

Finally, Frodo stated that heneeded to go and think some things over. He stood, and left the group. The group then sat their for a while, talking about the roads ahead. Quietly, and with no one, save Turuna, noticing, Boromir stood and began to go off in the direction that Frodo had gone.

Silently, Turuna stood, and followed Boromir, not really trusting him. He continued in the direction in which Frodo had gone off in, and, when he had Frodo in sight, he quickly circled around until he was a few hundred meters in front of him. He then began to pretend to pick up wood to make a fire.

He slowly walked up to Frodo, who seemed troubled, and was staring in the direction of Mordor. “You know you shouldn’t travel alone. No telling the evil that can jump out at you. The last thing we need is to lose you and the last chance we have to save Middle-earth.”

Frodo looked at him, but remained silent. Boromir then began to step towards him. “You know, you don’t have to risk that path. You can take it to Gondor, a place of strength. There we can use it, and destroy Sauron.”

“You cannot use the ring. It will not safe Gondor. You cannot use it, no one, save the strong, can use it. And even if the strong use it, it will turn them into Sauron himself.” Frodo took a few steps back.

“Why do you recoil your hand? I am no thief.”

“The ring is deceiving you.” Frodo turned, and began to walk away.

This angered Boromir. “You fool! It’s not you say if it could be mine! It should be mine! Give it to me!” He began to chase after Frodo.

Turuna suddenly jumped out of the place that she had been hiding in, and tackled Boromir. Before he could recover, she jumped up, picked Frodo up, and began to run off. She carried Frodo to the top of Amen Hen, the hill that they had been on, and stopped. She put Frodo down, and turned back to see if Boromir was following. But, seeing how she had the gift of Elven speed and he didn’t, she had left him far behind.

She turned back to Frodo, who was staring at her with wide eyes. “Are you ok Mr. Frodo?”

He nodded, and took a few steps back. “I’m ok, but how do I know I can trust you?”

Turuna gave him a weird look, not completely understanding. He then showed her the One Ring. “How do I know it’s not taking a hold of you too?”

She looked down at the Ring, then back up at him. Her eyes were filled with a loving care. She stepped forward, hand outstretched. But, to Frodo’s surprise, she closed his hand around the ring, and knelt down in front of him. “I swore to protect you until the end, and to the end I will protect you. I will travel with you to Mordor, and share whatever fate you will have. You just promise me to do all you can to prevent this ring from falling into the wrong hands. Destroy it at all costs. Promise this to me.”

Frodo stood there for a moment more, looking into her bright green eyes. “I promise Lady Turuna. I will destroy this Ring, and not let Sauron take over Middle-Earth.”

Turuna gave him a bleak smile, something he had not seen since they had last been in Rvendell, when she had first awoken after those long days that she had been knocked out from the Morgul blade. He smiled back, it was a little brighter then what her smile was.

Suddenly, the sound of many horns was heard. Turuna leapt back to her feet, and looked around. “That is an Uruk-hai horn. We best be moving back to the boats, and get across the river before the get us.” She turned back to Frodo.

He nodded, “Turuna, can you carry me down there? We need to get down there with all the speed we can get.”

She nodded, and picked him up. She then used her speed, and quickly carried him back to where the boats had been. She looked around, and saw that the Fellowship no longer sat there. Suddenly, a horn began to sound in the distance.

Turuna sat Frodo down, and turned in the direction the horn was coming from. “The Horn of Gondor. Boromir is calling for help.”

“I hope the others can get to him, we do not have the time.”

Turuna nodded, and walked over to one of the boats. She motioned for Frodo to climb in, then pushed it away from the shore. She then leapt into the boat, and picked up and ore. Suddenly, they heard Sam’s voice. “Mr. Frodo! Lasy Turuna!”

“No Sam, we’re going to Mordor alone!” Frodo yelled to Sam.

Sam, refusing to let them go without them, had waded into the water, and was coming after them. “Of course you are! And I’m coming with you!” He was beginning to get to the deeper part of the water.

“You can’t swim!” Frodo yelled, but it was too late, Sam had already tried to swim towards them, and had sunk beneath the surface.

Quickly, Turuna unstrapped her quiver of arrows and sword from her belt in a blink of the eye, and leapt into the water after Sam.

Slowly, Sam sank down. The world around him was growing dark, and he began to think that it was his end. But then, he saw a great light. A figure, one, to his eyes, looked like an angle, came swimming down to him. It was a woman, and her long purple hair flowed with the water, and it seemed that she wore a long White dress, that flowed about her.

It seemed to him that she smiled, and reached out to him with her hand. He smiled back, and took her hand. She then pulled him up, and wrapped him in her arms, then began to swim upward. It seemed to him that she was taking him to some place where the dead go. A wonderful field of green grass, and lovely singing.

Turuna broke through the surface, Sam wrapped in her arms. She swam back to the boat, and help Sam into it. She then climbed in after him.

Sam, having thought his vision to have been no more then a mere dream now, looked into Frodo’s eyes. “I made a promise Mr. Frodo. A promise! Don’t you leave him Samwise Gamgee, and I don’t mean to. I don’t mean to.”

“Oh Sam!” Frodo exclaimed, hugging Sam.

Turuna just looked at the two, with a grim face. She sat back, quickly ringed out her hair, and picked the ore back up. Sam turned to her. “Thank you, Turuna. If it had not of been for you I would have drowned. For a moment, though, I could have drowned.”

“I couldn’t just let one of my favourite Hobbits drown. Do not worry, I was sworn to protect you and your master, and so I shall with my life.”

“I have a question though, why did you appear as an angle under the water? I could of sworn it was an angle version of you coming down to save me.”

Turuna just gave a bleak smile to him, turned, and dipped the ore into the water. She began to row the boat to the other side of the river. It did not take her long to get them over there. They jumped out of the boat, and hide it in a group of trees near the shore.

She turned, and began to lead the way away from the river, and up onto the hill in which they now had to climb. At the top of the hill they had a good view of the surrounding area. Turuna turned back to the river and saw, on the other side, Aragorn Gimli and Legolas. They looked grim, and there was no sight of Boromir. “May the Valar protect you.” She said.

She then turned, and began to walk away, Frodo and Sam on her heels.


Mica sat in one of the Gradens in Lothlorien starring at the ring Turuna had given her. Faire’s red gem gleamed brightly in the light. She sighed, and slipped it back onto her finger. It was indeed, as Turuna had said it would be, a hard burden to bear.

She slowly began to walk around, and soon ran into Galadriel. Galadriel gave her a soft smile. “[Mae Govennan, Mica. It is time.]”

Mica gave her a weird look. “[Time for what?]”

“[You must ride to Rohan, and protect Edoras. Come, we need to prepare you.]”

Mica followed Galadriel into one of Galadriels many rooms.


A few hours later, Galadriel walked out, and with her walked a young Elven warrior. His blode hair was shoulder length, and was put up in the style of that of the Lothlorien’s warriors. His armour fit him well, and two rings, on a thin golden chain, were about his neck. The sword at his side gleamed brightly, and the lothlorien bow strapped to his back was strongly made, and the string was woven from his hair.

But, though he looked to be male, it was actually Mica, disguised cleverly like an Elven Warrior. Slowly, Gladriel lead her down to the stables in which they had kept Turuna’s horse, Earelen, in.

Mica climbed onto her, and turned to Galadriel. “Thank you Milady.”

Galadriel nodded. “Just remember, from now on your name is Lome, and you have to use a gruffer voice when you’re speaking. Your soft voice will give you away too easily. Now, I have drilled you well on the stories that you should tell if you are asked them. If someone asks something we did not go over, answer it as best you can. And Earelen will be referred to as Qualme. Now, ride to Rohan, and do not look back.”

Mica nodded, and pulled an Elven Helm onto her head. She then whispered a few words to Earelen, and they were off.


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