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All of a sudden, Elerrina spoke. The words were of an ancient elvish tongue, which Legolas even did not understand. Elenya listened. She was chanting. Suddenly, the room was bathed in light. The light it seemed of a star. Agroth cowered from the light. The dark elf made his move and undid Legolas’s shackles. Eldarion, Gimli, and the hobbits swiftly dealt with the Uruks killing them instantly. Legolas took Elenya’s hand, and they all fled. Eldarion led the way to the surface. Unexpectedly, an arrow flew right past Elenya’s head.

“They are shooting at us!” she said. “Duh Emilie!”

“Come on! We are almost to the surface!” Legolas cried.

Suddenly, Elenya felt a sharp pain in her leg. She had been struck with the arrow. She heard a voice and the arrows stopped.

“Fools! I want her alive!”

She cried out and began to fall, but instantly Legolas caught her. The arrows began to fly freely now, but not aimed at her. She watched and abruptly Elerrina fell from one that had pierced her side. She gripped it in pain.

“I shall carry you out if I must,” Eldarion said lifting her into his arms. “We are almost to the surface. Come!”

Gimli was far ahead. He made up his mind to outdo any enemies that would try to hinder them. He fulfilled his promise and knocked down each orc that came in his path. He finally reached the top and saw the others coming behind. The hobbits were the first ones out. Eldarion carrying Elerrina came next. Just as Legolas and Elenya were about to exit, a massive figure stood in their path. The Uruk stared down at them.

“Out of the way orc!” Legolas said bravely.

“You aren’t going anywhere.”

Suddenly, a small form fell upon the orc and stabbed it in the back.

“Thank you Gimli,” Legolas said to his friend.

“Thank me later elf boy. Get out! Now!”



Gimli drew his two axes as he saw more orcs approaching up the stairs. He shoved Elenya and Legolas out of the way and began to defend them. Like lightning, he struck each orc down that assailed him. The hobbits rushed back inside to help overwhelmed Gimli. Finally they struck down the last one, and they fled outside. They met the rest of their company in the woods where they had left the horses. They stopped to rest for a moment. Elenya spoke.

“They won’t stop looking for me,” she said.

“Which is why we must take you to Minas Tirith immediately,” Legolas said. He looked at the arrow in her leg. “It has been poisoned. I’ll not lose you again.”

“Pull it out,” she said.

“Are you certain?”

“Yes, you have done so before.”

She would have cried out from the excruciating pain had not Legolas kissed her. The hobbits laughed. Elenya’s eyes turned to Elerrina. Eldarion was kneeling over her. She was wounded badly. Elenya crawled to her side.

“How did you do that?” she asked.

“Do what?” Elerrina asked.

“The light. What was it?”

“It was the light of a star. The stars I love, and they love me. At least their maker does. I am the only elf who worships them more than anyone else.”

“You have the power to contact Varda and Elbereth?” Elenya asked.

“It is a secret I have long since kept.”

“Well by the Valar!” Elenya said. “You have saved my life, Elerrina. Thank you. Elerrina?”

The girl began to falter. She lay against the ground and closed her eyes.

“Eldarion!” Elenya said. “What is happening?”

“She is hurt badly. Move aside. My father is a healer. He has taught me well. Trust me. I will take out the arrow.”

“No!” Elerrina shouted. “Just leave it. It’s meant to be in there.”

“No. It must come out. It is a black arrow. Now turn over.”

“Is that an order?” she asked.

“Consider it a threat,” he said.

With one swift movement, Eldarion skillfully extracted the arrow from her side. Everyone heard her cry. Eldarion placed a cloth upon it.

“Now we must ride and tell my father of what has happened,” Eldarion said.

Eldarion helped Elerrina onto a horse. There were four horses in all. Elenya rode with Legolas, Elerrina with Eldarion, Merry with Pippin, and Gimli rode alone. It was amazing for Elenya to see her dwarf friend ride.

“I thought you didn’t know how to ride,” she said. “You always fell off when you even climbed upon a mare or steed’s back.”

“My lady, a dwarf at a serious time must conquer that adventure of learning to ride. And I have.”

“Well that is indeed a miracle,” Legolas laughed.

“We must ride quickly to Minas Tirith and raise the alarm,” Elenya said.

“Would you help to explain a few things?” Legolas asked her. “Who was he? And what is he planning to do?”

“His name is Agroth for starters. He is not the real master. His master is Morgoth.”

“Morgoth!” Legolas said stunned. “But he-“

“I know. I know. Let me finish. When the siege of Angband happened, Agroth was there. But he escaped and went to the Sea. Morgoth was overthrown and cast into the eternal void. One of the simarils was carried on Earendil’s brow. Another was thrown into the fiery chasm with Maedrhos. The last was cast into the Sea. Five thousand years Agroth searched for the Simaril. He also has one of the Seeing Stones. Don’t ask me how he retrieved it. Probably when Baradur was destroyed. But obviously this Palanitr gave him leave to watch me. He said he has been watching me ever since I came here to Middle Earth. Morgoth wanted the Simaril. Agroth finally found it. I was the promised price.”

“So Morgoth takes the Simaril and Middle Earth, and Agroth takes you?” Legolas asked.

“That’s basically it. And he destroys the lives of all I hold dear.”

“We must tell Aragorn immediately. If he has a Simaril, he could have the power to break the Eternal Void and let loose Morgoth.”

“Couldn’t the Valar stop him?” Elerrina aseked. “Surely Illuvutar and Varda can do something.”

“That would be the greatest battle ever in the history ever since the world was made,” Eldarion said. “With a Simaril, Morgoth could be unstoppable.”

“Then we must make sure Morgoth is not set free,” Elenya said.

“How can we do that?” Elerrina asked.

“I don’t know. I have an idea. But I shall not speak it yet,”

Elenya said. “That is a secret for me to know and for you to find out.”

“Well I certainly would like to find out what’s inside that American head of yours,” Legolas said.

“Legolas, you may never know. You carry my heart not my mind.”

“True,” he said smiling. “I know you were just trying to save my life. But you must realize that without you, I am nothing. My life is over if you were ever to leave me.”

“You will never lose me,” she said. “Ever he tried to taunt me and set food before me. All I gave to him were harsh words and cold long glares.”

“You have not eaten in many days. Gimli, did you bring no food with you?” Legolas asked.

“Surely we did,” Pippin said. “I would have died without one day of food.”

“Here my lady. You may have my share of the food,” Merry said throwing her a sack.

“We have lembas,” Pippin said. “And lembas, and more lembas.”

Though she was still riding on the horse, Elenya ate. She was starving. Slowly her strength returned to her. The elvish waybread gave her strength.

“When shall we reach Minas Tirith?” she asked.

“A few days unless we quicken our pace,” Eldarion said.

“Then quicken it. What I wouldn’t give for a cell phone!”


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