The_Elf_From_America_THE_SECOND_DARK_LORD – Part Twenty-Eldarion and Elerrina

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Sorry that this took so long to complete. I wanted this to be their perfect ending. But no this is not the end of Elenya and Legolas.

And so it was. Aragorn came to death and image of the splendor of the Kings of Men in glory undimmed and untouched before the breaking of the world. Arwen was left to wither and fade until in Lorien she laid herself down to rest at Cerin Amroth and her light went out. Elerrina had grown so close to Arwen for it was only she who knew the pain Elerrina would experience as well. Elerrina wished to have Arwen stay when Aragorn died, but her grief was too much. Eldarion was crowned as the next King. He and Elerrina were wed. Her promise was fulfilled the night they were bound. He and Elerrina shared a perfect life together filled with more love than most people have in a million years. Eldarion was a good king much like his father though he had doubted himself. Aragorn had taught him well. At the end of his life, he laid himself down in his bed. Everyone had gone to bid their final farewell to the king. He had lived a long life three times that of normal men. Everyone else had gone now, but one person still remained. Her eyes were still like the stars. Her beauty had not faded. He looked into her eyes.

“So it comes. It is the end. Has your life been well spent?”

“I could not have wished for another,” she said taking his hand and kissing it her tears falling freely.

“Elerrina my lady, namarie. You must not ask me to stay for I cannot. Beyond the circles of this world are more than a memory. I feel it coming now. I can see the starlight. It is in your eyes. I have loved you to the end and shall continue to do so even in death.”

“Eldarion! Eldarion!”

And so it was! Lightning split the sky! Thunder shook the earth! The wind swept across the world! Then all was quiet. Eldarion was gone. He had passed into the next world. Elerrina had remained with him to the end. Ever she wept bound to her grief and undying love for him. She laid him down to rest in the garden where Elanor and Niphredil bloomed little. When he was forgotten utterly by everyone, Elerrina continued to walk in the fields of the earth wandering under the fading gloomy trees until she came to Rivendell. She passed out of the city and into the forests where she came to a lake. She crossed the bridge of covered vines and looked down at herself. The bitterness of mortality had consumed her. She did not recognize the face of the girl who stared at her. Her gray hair remained in tangles. Her eyes had lost their light for they had faded through months of countless tears. They had called this a gift. What gift? It is a doom! All she had were memories and even they were faded. The sun shone pale and cold. The trees of Rivendell were once a lush green. Now lichen hung from the branches leaves tarnished to brown hanging upon brittle branches. Once it had been a beautiful place. Once it had been her home.

Everything was meaningless now. This place! It is no more! The rain began to pour. She gathered up her tattered robe and continued to wander. Varda has turned her face from me. Elerrina thought. I shall never see those places of Belefas I so longed to see. The havens I shall never reach for no ship will bear me thence. But I have no regrets of my life with Eldarion. How I wished he would have stayed a bit longer. Even the sound of the river had faded. To think that here she had walked as a happy elven maiden beautiful heart prancing in the morning sun. The wind blew across Rivendell rustling the dry leaves. NOTHING! She felt nothing but sorrow. She finally came to a garden where she had wandered so long ago. It was now but a childhood memory. She walked among the gray trees the thorns overgrowing the worn dead flowers. It all was different. This is weariness. A curse not a gift. Eru’s gift is bitter. Where chall I go now? Mando’s Halls are closed. Was Arwen scattered when she left this world? Did she become as dust nonexisting? Will the dusts of my body linger with hers? It grew dark. The stars shone but bright and cold. And they brought no happiness to Elerrina the Star Elf. At her home, she walked no more when her grief finally overcame her. Her heart gave in and melted away. The light of the stars died in her closed eyes. She met her bittersweet end coming to death. But then a new breeze enveloped her a sweet fragrance blowing through her filling her with memories of happiness. Silver covered the ground. The trees grew green. She felt strong, and her footsteps became light. She remembered the lightness. Elerrina opened her eyes and saw the brightness of her childhood garden. The flowers bloomed once again even more vivid than before. The Sun shone bright and clear. Elerrina danced and wept with a longing and love for a world beyond her reach for a person beyond her reach. She wept for the bitterness of the gift of the choice she had made. Then a voice came to her. “Did I not tell you that beyond this is more than a memory?”

She turned and saw him. He was as bright as the sun clothed in a white robe. His eyes shone with a love deeper than anything before. She cried out his name and flew into his arms and then noticed that she was clothed in this same garb as he. Her copper hair had returned. The stars in her eyes rekindled. Happiness in her heart returned.

“And here are others that have come before us whom you know.” He pointed. “Our kin from afar.”

Elerrina looked and saw her father and mother in law. She whispered their names. Then she saw a maiden of surpassing beauty long lost ago to her fair people and a man long forgotten by his people but no less prouder and taller. Elerrina breathed. “Luthien and Beren.”

“They have been granted a second chance just as we,” Eldarion spoke. He smiled again and took her hand. “Our journey begins anew.”

The world disappeared from beneath them and they arose. Eldarion and Elerrina the Star Elf in death but not parted.


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