The_Elf_From_America_THE_SECOND_DARK_LORD – Part Twelve

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“What should I do, master? She is gone,” Agroth spoke into the Palantir.

“Let her go. Let her rush to the little king. We shall deal with him soon. He may have defeated this army of orcs, but soon an army shall be raised that will cover the entire earth slaying everyone. The Valar will be powerless to stop me once I carry the Simaril.”

“Not slaying everyone. There is one out there. Should I send the winged beasts to recover her?” Agroth asked.

“What is it you see in this girl?”

“She enchants me. I don’t know what it is, master. She is enthralling.”

“Do not let your mind be enchanted by love my apprentice. For love destroys hate. You may lust if you wish. But do not love. Love is the end of all things. The reason you lust for her is because of that jewel round her neck. Once you retrieve it and free me, you must destroy it. I will not make the same mistake I made with the Princess Luthien.”

“I shall never love my master. When do we strike?”

“Let her go to the king. When he has heard her ill news, he shall be disturbed and all of Middle Earth with him. We shall strike at the girl’s beloved Prince first. Then you shall go after the place she loves best where her heart would dwell with her Prince where they first met.”

“You will strike Rivendell?”

“Very good my apprentice. Then once I have Minas Tirith in my grasp, you may do what you wish.”

“I wish to see the little Prince squeal. I want to see him curse her with all his soul.”

“If that is what you wish, he shall curse her. She shall hear it, and her heart shall turn to you. You shall reign under me and live in Baradur. We shall rule Middle Earth together. We shall also resurrect our old allies. Soon the time will come.”


Finally they reached the city. They were celebrating their victory over the orcs even if it was still dark and snowing. Elenya went instantly to the court of Aragorn. When he saw her, he stood up form his chair and ran to greet her.

“By Varda! You have returned to us. What a miracle. You are a marvel to my eyes.”

“There is much I must tell you, Aragorn. Sit down. It cannot wait,” Elenya said.

As food and drink were brought for the weary travelers, Elenya explained every single thing of her entire journey into Angband. She told him of Agroth and Morgoth and of the Simaril. Aragorn stopped her once in the middle of her story.

“Wait, he said Firestone. What does he mean by that?” Aragorn asked.

“I was wondering the same thing. I don’t understand what he meant by me bearing The Firestone.”

“Your necklace,” Aragorn pointed to the shining jewel. “Where did you get it?”

“It was a gift from Arwen,” Elenya said.

“Then she is the only one you can explain it. Herla.”

Aragorn turned to his advisor.

“Yes my King?”

“Will you fetch my wife for me please? Tell her Estel wishes to see her. It is a matter of great importance.”

“Yes my lord.”

Within minutes, Arwen appeared.

“Yes Estel? What is it?”

“Undomiel, is it true you gave Elenya that necklace?” Aragorn asked.

“Yes, it is. I gave it to her the night of our wedding.”

“What is the story behind it?” Elenya asked.

“I received it from Galadriel. But it is an heirloom. Luthien Tinuviel wore it always. She said it was what made Morgoth lust after her when she danced before him.”

“So that’s what it is!” Elenya said. “I’ve been so dumb. Agroth has been watching me the day since I received this. And he was captivated by it. Then he retrieved me, and was lustful even more. He wants me to join him and Morgoth, and once I have, he shall steal it. Morgoth doesn’t want the same trap to happen to him with Luthien. So he has sent his servant Agroth to deal with me.”

“But in turn Agroth has done the same that Morgoth has done,” Legolas said.

“But why did he name it the Firestone?” Elenya asked.

“There is something I did not tell you of the jewel,” Arwen spoke. “The Firestone is what she named it. It was made with fire and the light of the brightest star in the sky. It has the power to not only be lustful but also to control minds. Elenya, if you were to match Morgoth with the Firestone, you would be of a greater power than the Simaril.”

Elenya trembled. She knew now that Agroth would do anything possible to retrieve her. Aragorn seemed to know her thoughts.

“You shall never be left alone. You must not leave the citadel for any purpose. I shall double the force of my guards. Legolas, I wish you to stay at her side at all times.”

“I will my lord. Believe me. She shall not depart from my side,” Legolas answered.


“Thank you for bringing me here, Eldarion,” Elerrina said looking about the garden around here.

“When my father began his rule here in Minas Tirith, he made sure more gardens were grown. Samwise tended this for a little actually. Now every flower in the world grows here.”

Eldarion slowly picked the bud of a white flower, which glowed a beautiful silver in the middle. He handed it to Elerrina.

“Thank you,” she said smelling its sweet fragrance.

He stared at her. She was much changed once she had arrived back in Minas Tirith. She wore a flowing blue dress, and her hair was combed to perfection. Her blue eyes twinkled, and her copper hair shined. He stared at her for a moment. Candles had been lit all around them. She glimmered with radiance. He could not control himself. He took her hand in his. She seemed surprise at his touch. She watched him quickly inch toward her face. He kissed her.

“Prince,” she said when he had ended.

“I am sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. You are elf kind. Forgive me.”

“I know how you feel about me. But-“

“But it isn’t enough. I am mortal. We could not live together in peace.”

“Your father and mother have.”

“They are different.”

“Why? Beren and Luthien were alike with them as well.”

‘Do you love me?” he asked.

It was a question she did not expect. She did not know how to answer. For she did not know the answer herself.

Chapter 11-


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