The_Elf_From_America_THE_SECOND_DARK_LORD – Part Ten-What Happens Now?

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“Where are you taking me?” Elenya cried as he gripped her arm tightly.

“To see your friends.”

“What have you done with them?”

“They are safe for now. But they are under my control.”

“Look. You want Middle Earth. You can take it. But don’t harm them. And don’t take me. Why must you have me?”

“I will take whatever I desire,” he said greedily.

“Then why do you want me?”

“You shall soon join us.”

“Who is us? Was it that echoing voice I heard in your chamber?”

“That is my master.”

“Why did he not show himself?”

“For he is not in this world. What you heard was the voice through a Palantir.”

“A Palantir. I don’t understand.”

“My master is Morgoth.”

“Morgoth. No! He was destroyed. His power is gone! He was placed in the eternal void forever.”

“He was, but I was not. When Angband was sieged, I fled to the Sea.”

“How could you? How could you live in the Sea.”

“My power is that strong. I take on many forms. The one you do not see me of right now is a vampire.”

She shuddered at the word.

“I toiled long and hard and finally I found it.”

“Found what?”

Then Emilie’s mind was opened. She knew what he had found. One of the Simarils was taken by Beren and Luthien and put into the stars. Another was cast with Maedrhos into the fiery chasm, and the last was put into the Sea. Earendil’s brow bore the only one left.

“I know your thoughts. I labored long searching endlessly for five thousand years in the Sea. I finally have it.”

“So now, you shall use it. You shall take Middle Earth with it.”

“My master is Morgoth. He wants Middle Earth and the Simaril, which I have.”

“So I was the promised price and the doom of Legolas son of Thranduil Prince of Mirkwood and everyone else I hold dear as well as the King of Gondor and his family and every remaining elf in Middle Earth.”

“Not every one,” he said looking at her.

“Why? Why? Why me?”

“Because I wish it. And something as captivating as you who carries the Firestone should not belong to an abomination of a Prince.”

The Firestone? She wondered at the word. What did she carry? She looked at her necklace, which was shining brilliantly. The Evenstar’s necklace!

He stopped. They were now in a tunnel. They had passed from the surface down many flights of steps. Elenya heard loud wails and cries all around her. He began walking again gripping her arm tightly.

“You can not have me. You will never have me!”

“I shall have whatever I wish.”

“Even if Morgoth were to poison my soul and spirit and heart, he can never take away my heart. Never shall Legolas be unbound from me.”

“Then I shall destroy him and your friends. I shall make him curse you and your love. I am Agroth.”

He stopped at a cell. She saw the dark elf before her guarding it. She gave him a look that could melt steel at twenty paces. He stared at her back, but instead she saw in his eyes not anger or hate but pity. She was pushed into the cell where she saw her friends. She embraced Elerrina and then knelt down beside Legolas.

“Are you alright?” he asked her.

She caressed his forehead and placed a gentle kiss upon it. “You’re the one who got bashed on the head and you’re asking me if I’m alright? I’m fine.”

Agroth spoke, “Start with the girl.”

Elenya saw two Uruks appear out of the darkness and take Elerrina’s arms holding them tightly planting her feet on the floor. She turned and saw a large Uruk carrying a red glowing fiery stick the ashes of fire still fresh. Eldarion, the hobbits, and Gimli stood in front with their weapons ready to defend her. Agroth raised his hand. Suddenly! their weapons fell from their hands. Even Sting was affected. It had seemed like they were burned. Elenya fell to her knees and began to plead with Agroth to spare them. He did nothing. The dark elf watched helplessly. He didn’t want this to happen. But what could he do? Elenya watched Elerrina as the orc drew nearer to her. Was this it? Was this the doom of all her friends? Her Prince?


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