The_Elf_From_America_THE_SECOND_DARK_LORD – Part Sixteen-ANGBAND!!

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Elenya wrapped her arms tighter around Legolas’s waist. She knew they were drawing near to Angband. She could feel Agroth’s presence growing upon her.

“Are you certain you wish to do this?”


“If anything happens, I will be there for you all the way. You have it do you not?”

“Yes. It shall never leave my finger. Never.” She stared at Legolas’s engagement ring.

“How long do you need?”

“As long as you can give me.”

“So it comes to this. A whole host of the armies of Middle Earth marches to Angband. You shall not be alone.”

Elenya clasped the jewel she wore around her neck tighter. It gleamed brighter as they neared Angband. She began to fear of the task set before her. She needed to act quickly as Legolas provided the distraction.

“I know Agroth can see us. He has a Palantir.”

“Then he’ll see this as a fly coming to sting him.”

“Or he’ll think that the army behind us is coming to make peace and offer a prize as a gift.”

“Or he is not watching us at all.”

“Oh he is. His presence is enveloping me.”


“No Legolas. No goodbyes. This is the way it has to be.”

“Elenya look!”

She looked before her and saw Angband rising from the trees. Its monstrous claws reaching out creating looming shadows before her. Suddenly a tall figure wrapped in a black mantle appeared before them.

“Well met indeed!” the figure yelled out in a cold dark voice.

Legolas stopped the horse and called out.

“Who are you?” he asked

“I am Agroth servant of Morgoth! And you are not welcome unless it be in the Pits of Despair.”

“Silence!” Aragorn said. “What do you wish foul servant of Morgoth?”

“Here are the terms. All the lands south of Angband and beyond shall belong to Morgoth. The people shall abide by his wishes and he shall rule Middle Earth from his fortress of Angband. And his servant Agroth will rule the lands in second place from Baradur with the queen at his side.”

“And what queen is that?” Legolas asked.

“The Queen Elenya.”

“Never Agroth! She will die before she comes to you!”
Legolas yelled gritting his teeth.

Suddenly Emilie leapt down from the horse. I hope he understands she thought.

“No,” she said. “I will come.”

“What?” Legolas asked stunned.

“It seems that she has chosen wisely. She has come to her senses and realized what a ruination you are.” Agroth said coldly.

“No!” Legolas climbed off the horse and ran to her side grabbing her shoulders.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered. “I know what I’m doing. I’ll be with you always. But I’m going into Angband. Wait for my signal. It shall end today.”

“I trust you,” he said.

Elenya turned around and walked to Agroth’s side.

“You are coming to me willingly?”


She could not see his face but knew he was smiling by the way he squeezed her arm in pleasure. He spoke to Aragorn again.

“And what of the terms of my master?” asked Agroth with a cold stare.

“Those we reject utterly and would rather die than serve a foul false king!” Aragorn said.

“Your offer has been accepted.”

With that Agroth took Elenya’s arm in his grip and led her through the gates of Angband. She turned one last time, met Legolas’s eyes, and mouthed the words ‘I love you.’ Agroth had sprung his trap. Thousands of orcs swept through the gates and even behind the army in the woods. Legolas made ready his bow but concentrated his mind if Elenya should call him. Within moments, Legolas had slain at least twenty with his bow. But he still thought of Elenya and what could possibly be happening to her.


“What’s happening? I can’t see a thing!” Pippin said.

“Well neither can I,” Merry said. “What about you Gimli?”

“Merry,” Pippin punched his brother. “He’s a dwarf. Of course he cant.”

“What is going on Legolas?” Gimli asked running up to his friend on the horse.

Legolas’s concentration rested primarily in front of him where hundreds of orcs and Uruk Hai were approaching.

“Sorry dwarf. I don’t have a box at the moment.”

“Oh I see. Don’t worry my elf friend. Um you just go ahead and get mad about her not being with you. I am going to get nowhere near you.”

“I may need your assistance, dwarf,” he said putting an arrow into his bow. “You’re short I know, but I think you can come in handy.”

“Oh he’s going to pay for that later!” Gimli muttered under his breath. “You have my assistance, tall arrogant elf.”

“And mine as well,” Eldarion said to Legolas riding his horse to his side.

“And mine,” Elerrina said.

Legolas saw two small figures approach the horse swords raised and one with a frying pan in the other hand.

“And ours!” Pippin and Merry said.

“This may be a great battle. It is possible we go to our doom,” Aragorn told his friends.

“Sounds delightful,” Pippin said and tears began to flood his eyes as he saw the orcs approaching.

Ever Legolas spoke to himself in elvish saying, “I trust you Elenya. I hear you.”


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