The_Elf_From_America_THE_SECOND_DARK_LORD – Part Seventeen-Agroth!

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Agroth led her into his chamber and removed his cloak. His face was still veiled from her sight, but she could still see his eerie glowing red eyes.

“Tomorrow we shall free Morgoth’s spirit from the eternal void with the power of the Simaril and of the Firestone.”

He served her wine, and she was forced to drink. She hoped he hadn’t poisoned it or put a spell upon it. She wanted him to think she was coming to him willingly so that in turn she might slay him with Legolas’s aid.

“Tonight we shall be joined in body, heart, and soul. Tonight is ours.”

He laid her upon the bed and slid his black fingers into the fabric of the dress upon her shoulders. Slowly he tugged at her sleeve moving it down the curve of her arm when suddenly! his eye caught something gleaming upon her hand. She tried to hide it, but he caught it with his hand. He also felt the hilt of the dagger upon her chest.

“What is this?” he asked holding up the ring.

Suddenly she screamed out, “Legolas!!!!!”

With a twang of his bow, Legolas pierced the back of Agroth with a sharp arrow. He shrieked out and turned meeting another arrow in his chest. He instantly unveiled his face and breathed a roar of flame into the Princess’s. His face was evil and grotesque. It was that of a face of a vampire. Something she would never want to see again. He had the face of a dark lord but part monster as well. She did not have any other chance but this to slay him. With all her might, Elenya drove her dagger into Agroth’s neck. The red raging flame in his eyes died. Agroth fell to the ground as Elenya rushed to the side of her fallen Prince. Red fires started to consume the room. Agroth’s body decayed before her eyes and turned to dust. Elenya knelt beside Legolas. His eyes were closed. She took his face in her hands, and as she cried, she said, “Please Legolas come back. Don’t go. I can’t stay here without you. I love you. I’ve loved you since the first moment I saw you.” Her tears fell upon Legolas’s golden head as she wept. Suddenly, he spoke, “I often wondered about that,” he said.

Legolas took her in his arms and kissed her. She felt the heat of the flames all around her.

“We must get out of here.”

Suddenly she saw a great light coming from the mirror of the chamber. The light of a jewel. She knew what it was. She looked into the mirror as the light became greater. Legolas took her hand. “Come.”

As they rushed out of the chamber, Legolas made ready his bow. “Angband is being destroyed without his power. Soon the Sea shall swallow it up and all Beleriand with it. We must get to Aragorn!”

Elenya and Legolas made their way out of Angband fighting orcs along the way. They could not see a thing in the endless black chasm. The only light was from the glow of their swords.

“I can’t see a thing. We shall never get out of here before-

Elenya stopped. The fires were spreading far to quickly. She felt the heat of them enveloping her. Suddenly! a great light issued forth. Two figures armed with bows shot dead at least a dozen orcs coming at the Prince and Elenya from behind. Elenya saw who it was. Elerrina had called upon the stars once again to help them. Eldarion was by her side as well as Gimli and the two hobbits who were becoming quite good at using the swords and especially Pippin with the frying pan. The company retreated from Angband and went into the battle where much of the enemy was retreating.

“We need to get out of here!” Elenya said. “The Sea will soon swallow this land up. Alert Aragorn!”

“Come,” Eldarion said leading the way to his father who was in the midst of the battle.

As soon as Aragorn heard Elenya speak, he ordered everyone to the horses. The orcs were nearly defeated. What was left of them was running into Angband. As Elerrina began to mount her horse, and arrow surged from the air and struck her shoulder. She grabbed her shoulder in pain and took the reigns with her left hand. Eldarion saw the orc who had pierced her and immediately cut him down. He examined the wound for a moment.

“You have been pierced with a morgul arrow. It has been black poisoned. I am coming with you,” he said climbing on behind her.

“I’m alright honestly.”

“No you are not. We cannot stop now though. Our lives will be forfeit. Let’s ride!”

The army rode through the night. It was night now and the stars were shining. It was warmer now, and the snow had melted away. They drew out of Beleriand just in time as they saw the Sea swallow it up. Agroth’s power was over. Morgoth would never be released. Eldarion helped Elerrina to the ground and tended to her wound immediately.

“Will she be alright?” Elenya asked looking at the sleeping Elerrina.

“She will be fine now,” Eldarion answered.

Elenya turned to Legolas. “Agroth found a Simaril.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“He toiled long and hard searching endlessly. He was planning on using its power and the power of my Firestone to release Morgoth.”

“Thank the Valar he didn’t,”Legolas said. “Or darkness would have covered Middle Earth as well as my life forever. I would not have forgiven myself if he had harmed you.”

“You heard my call. Thank you for coming.”

“Oh Elenya.”

Legolas took her in his arms and kissed her long. Everyone else could see her wrapping her arms around his neck. But she didn’t care. It seemed as though time stopped just for them as he enveloped her mouth under the stars. She knew she wanted to spend forever in his arms.

“I guess it is a good thing the Sea took it up,” she said when he had finished. “The Simaril is back where it should be. No one shall ever disturb it again. It lies in the heart of Angband in the heart of the Sea.”

“And my heart belongs to you and always will. Marry me Elenya my star.”

“I will.”

Even though she would abide in Middle Earth and be Legolas’s star, Emilie is and will continue to be The_Elf_From_America for the rest of her life.


Eldarion watched her. The snow had melted away, but it was still night. She seemed to make the darkness like light as she wandered in his father’s courtyard. She had been tended to for many days since the day she had received the wound. Now her silver dress trawled against the ground as she walked in her elven grace and beauty. The light of the stars reflected in her eyes. He approached her slowly. She heard his footsteps and turned.


“Elerrina. You look beautiful.”

“Thank you,” she said. “Have you been here long?”

“Longer than you think.”

She turned her face away. He touched her hand.

“Look,” he said meeting her eyes. “I know I am not worthy of your hand star elf.”

“Please don’t-” she began. He held his hand up to her mouth.

“Let me speak. I know I am not worthy of you. I know your father would just think of me as wishing for a prize. But you are no prize to be won. I just wish you to know that I love you.”

“What?” she asked surprised.

“I do.”

He inched toward her face and closed the distance between them. He placed his lips upon hers in a gentle kiss. After he had stopped, he turned away.

“Eldarion?” she said.

“Yes my lady?”

“Could we ever be together?”

“Your father would never allow it. Even if you were ever to remotely consider choosing me, you would remain here to die a mortal life. You should depart to the Sea. Take the ship. Go to Valinor.”

“I think my father would want me to be happy.”

“Are you happy with me? Don’t trick yourself.”

“I am not. I love you.”

“Do you?”

“Aye. Ever since that time you first kissed me. And that night at the campfire, I knew I loved you.”

“Elerrina, we should keep it a secret.”

“Why? Why must we? It will destroy our lives if we do. Why do you force me to?”

“You should go to Valinor.”

“The choice is mine and no other. I do not wish to be silent.”

“What do you think your father would do? Shall we be as my mother and father? Shall I die and then you live out the remainder of your days in grief until you die of a broken heart. I shall not do that to you. You do not deserve that.”

“Deserve what? Love? If I must die, then I shall die with the knowledge that I have spent my days with you.”

“Goodnight lady.”

With that, Eldarion kissed her hand and went into the citadel leaving her alone in the courtyard.


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