The_Elf_From_America_THE_SECOND_DARK_LORD – Part Seven-Deceived

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“Angband!” Elerrina said looking at the black citadel.

“It is an evil place,” Eldarion spoke. “They are rebuilding it. The orcs have multiplied and are numerous here. The underground chambers I fear are still intact despite the fact it was supposed to be destroyed during the War of Wrath. It has many underground chambers and vaults far beneath the earth. Morgoth built the three highest peaks here with hollow channels and chimneys running down to the deep pits where he produced fiery vapors and poisonous clouds Some sorcery is involved in here. I know it.”

Elerrina stared at the place with sorrow. A great battle had been fought here. The siege of Angband. It was destroyed, but it was being rebuilt and quickly. The poisonous fumes and vapors lived on. There were only three paths to get through the gates of Angband. They stood on the middle one looking at the horrible place. The stairs had been rebuilt, and the tunnel which was the only entrance into Angband. Massive fiery claws reached out toward them from the gates. The place glowed in an evil way. Elerrina felt an eerie presence overwhelming her.Oh Varda! Help us in this our hour of need! she thought to herself

“How will we get in?” Merry asked.

“What was that?” Gimli said.

“Well it’s not like we can go up to the front gate, knock, and they are going to let us in,” Merry said.

“There are orcs everywhere,” Elerrina added. “How will we get in Eldarion?”

Eldarion stared at all of the orcs surrounding the gates. Then he saw a gathering of them marching to the gate. The great black gates were open with a clang.

“That is how. Come! Quickly!” Eldarion said.

The group moved with stealth along the great black wall. They were a few feet away from the orcs. They slowly crept along behind the orcs caring not to make a sound. They were able to slip through the gates unnoticed because of the darkness swallowing them and the orcs up. They stopped once the gates had closed.

“So we are here. Look!” Eldarion said.

Elerrina saw the wide gaping stairs before them, which led up to a tunnel. Though they could hardly see a thing outside, it seemed light compared to the tunnel. The orcs marched through it. Elerrina walked into the deep dark tunnel with the others.

“So you know the plan, right?” Eldarion said to Gimli.

“What are you talking to me?” Pippin asked.

“No the dwarf,” Eldarion said.

“Sorry,” Pippin added. “I can’t see anything in here. Let’s go save the elves!” With that Pippin took one step and fell down the stairs.


He had come again. Dressed in his long black cape and his veiled face. He stared at her as she lay back against the wall and braced herself. The Morquiendi looked upon her in sympathy. The door swung open, and two orcs dragged the form of Legolas in. She noticed a rather large gash upon his forehead. His hands were bound, and he was gagged. But she still saw his blue eyes. They still gazed at her. He still saw the reflect of the stars in her eyes. But now they were pleading and full of want. Want for another chance or more time.

“Pick him up,” the master cruelly ordered.

The Uruks stood Legolas up and pressed a knife to his throat.

“Must we go through this again?” Elenya asked.

“Choose!” he ordered.

“I can’t! You must not make me!”

“If you do not choose, he will die.”

“Why must you torment me like this? Even if I were to say I choose you, it is for his freedom not by my heart. Then I would be bound to you, but it would not be true. It would never be true. It would not be me. You will never have my heart, and I shall never be yours.”

He walked to her side and stared long and hard at her piercing her with his red eyes. Finally he spoke.

“I have the power to take whatever I wish even your heart.”

“That is not true!” she lashed out. “It will never be true.”

“Choose swiftly! Shall you refuse and he die? Or shall you accept and he live?”

She looked at Legolas. Her eyes were soft and warm as they looked into his. She slowly walked over to his side and unbound the gag. She knelt down to his face.

“My lord,” the Morquiendi spoke.

“No,” the master raised his hand. “Let her.”

That is not what the Morquiendi wanted to say. He wanted to help her, but how could he? What would be the price of his treason to his master? Elenya knelt and looked into Legolas’s eyes.

“I lost you once, and I was in hell. I thought you were dead, and it almost destroyed me. I could not bear it if you died again. Not when I could save you.”

“No, Elenya. If you accept, my life is over,” Legolas said.

Elenya took his face in her hands and kissed him long for one last time. She parted lips unwillingly. The Uruks gagged him once again.

“God forgive me,” she whispered. She turned to the master and said, “Spare him. Take my life.”

“So you have chosen. Take him to the pits of despair,” the master said.

“What?” she asked stunned. “You said you would release him.”

“No, I said I would spare him. But he will not be allowed to go free. He shall curse this day with every breath in his soul as his body slowly decays over time from torture.”

Her eyes seemed like the fire. She moved to strike him, but her hand was caught by the Dark Elf. She didn’t notice, but a tear slowly slid down his cheek as he held her back.

“NO! NO! How could you? You hateful demon! NO!!” she screamed at him.

He raised her chin to his face and said, “It is too late for anger my love. You are now my bride.”

“NO! NO!” she shouted.

“Take her to my private chambers,” he said.

“NO! Let me go!” she shouted as the Morquiendi began to take her away.

He had deceived her. He had lied to her. What would happen now? Was this the end? How she wished she were back in Rivendell with Legolas on the very first day they had met when he had kissed her. She despaired as the dark elf took her to the private chamber. No one shall save me now. I am alone.


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