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Eldarion took leave of the tent. There were only a few remaining. He said goodnight to everyone and exited out of the tent. He saw Legolas walking outside for a moment ready to enter once again.

“Prince,” Eldarion said making a polite bow.

“Prince,” Legolas smiled maing the same gesture. “I want to thank you once again for aiding us aiding me at Angband. I shall never forget this.”

“Twas nothing I assure you.”

“You are very alike your father.”

“In some ways. Legolas may I ask you a question?”

“Of course my friend.”

“You love Elenya do you not?”

“With all of my heart. Why?”

“And my father loves the Evenstar with all of his heart. How do you know you are in love?”

“That is a difficult question. For some it’s hard to tell. For others, it is merely a feeling. For some, it is easier. For Aragorn, I know that he loved the Evenstar at first sight but did not think he was worthy of her hand. For me, I loved Elenya the moment I saw her. But I did not know her. As we traveled together, I grew to love her even more. It is a process for some. Love is grown over time. Love is just love, Eldarion.”

“I believe I am in love with Kaylin’s daughter.”

“Ahhh,” Legolas sighed. “I have seen your care for Elerrina. Then you are like your father, Eldarion.”

“I wish her to take the ship to Valinor. She is stubborn, though.”

“You cannot make the choice for her. It is her own. Just as it was Elenya’s own to choose me.”

“She made a wonderful choice.”

“Well thank you. I know she did,” Legolas chuckled.

“And modest too.”

“Of course.”

Legolas disappeared into the tent once again. Eldarion turned around and walked into the midst of the garden thinking to himself. He unexpectedly heard footsteps behind him. He turned and met eyes with Elerrina.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Prince please-

“My name is not Prince. Please call me Eldarion.”

“Very well. Why are you doing this?”

“You must take the ship, Elerrina. We will never be together.”

“Are you so free of me that you are driving me to this choice?”

“Driving you? You think this is easy for me?”

“Then do you not love me?”

“Of course I do!” Eldarion began to raise his voice as the tears began to flood her eyes. “But what should happen to us? Just think! You must see reason,” he said grabbing her shoulders. “You must go back.”

“I could not go to Valinor. Living out each day of my life aging not Middle Earth passing away you with it. I would rather remain here to die than suffer all the ages in Valinor alone without you. You shall come to death. And even then Eldarion son of Aragorn king of Gondor, I will stay by your side grieving for your loss until all my days are utterly forgotten. I choose to die for I choose you.”

“But think of it Elerrina! We will spend our lives together knowing that someday I shall die. Knowing that I would never be worthy of you. Finally I shall die. You shall leave my side once I have passed into the next world. You shall wander through the forests alone comfortless. You shall be left alone when all the elves have gone to the Sea to wander in the forests of Middle Earth in grief until all your days are spent. No family no friends just you alone and in sorrow and pain your life faded and destroyed all because of me!”

He watched the tears flow down her cheeks. “Why? Why do you say these things? You think that I would not do that for you? Even if I do die someday, it would be a far greater life than I could ever have imagined. Far greater than parting to the sea with my family to live an immortal life without pain or fear of dying. I do not fear death. As long as you are with me.”

Eldarion looked at her in awe and silence. She truly loved him, and he knew it. The moment did not escape him. He took it and closed the distance between them. He took her face in his hands and kissed her long but gently.

“Are you certain you wish this?” he asked.

“With all my heart.”

“Then may it be.”

“I am prepared even for death.”



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