The_Elf_From_America_THE_SECOND_DARK_LORD – Part Nine

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“Where are we?” Pippin asked hearing wails and cries all around him.

“These are the pits of Despair,” Gimli said. “It is where poor wretches are to wait in darkness and gloom. It is where they shall be taken to be tortured. Come we must find Legolas.”

Gimli held his axe tight in his grip. He heard wails and cries all around him. They moved with silence against the walls when suddenly! a humongous Uruk appeared in front of them. Merry’s sword glowed a brilliant blue. Gimli raised his axe and clashed it against the Uruk’s sword. He saw another one approaching. Swiftly, Merry plunged Sting into the Uruk’s back and watched him fall to the ground. Gimli swung his axe at the other ferociously meeting his target as the Uruk fell to the ground black blood pouring forth from his body.

“Disgusting,” Pippin said. “He smells.”

“Of course he does,” Gimli said smiling. “He’s an orc. They are at best when they are dead. Come. I believe there are more. We must find Legolas. His cell will be the most highly guarded.”

They began to quicken their pace. They unexpectedly saw a large gathering of orcs by a door. Gimli and the hobbits braced themselves against the wall listening in on what they were saying.

“Why can’t we begin? We’ve had nothing but stinking maggoty bread these months. I want to taste the blood of an elf,” one said.

The tallest one answered, “We can not begin yet until we are sent word from the master. Just wait. You shall have your share of blood tonight. I hear there shall be a surprise. We shall feast tonight upon elf blood as well as human and dwarves.”

“Not if I can help it,” Gimli said drawing his axe. “Come along little hobbits. Let us see how you fight.”

Suddenly, out of the orc party burst Gimli and the hobbits. They began slashing right and left at their enemies knocking each one to the ground.

“Merry!” Pippin said. “Look out.”

Pippin lunged at the large orc coming towards Merry knocking him to the ground. The two hobbits began to stab violently at the creature. Gimli wasn’t doing so bad himself. He had taken out five already and was battling with the leader. His axe clanged against the orc’s spear. Suddenly, he felt a dagger plunge into his leg. He turned and met his fist with the head of a small orc, which Merry and Pippin finished off. His rage began as he stabbed to and fro at his enemy. The largest and last orc finally collided to the floor dead. The hobbits stared amazed at Gimli.

“You see my boys,” Gimli said, “You do not become an expert like me unless you have fought within the battlefield for many years.”

“Always a proud one,” Merry said.

“Oh you think I am arrogant? Do you?” Gimli said. “Wait till you meet the elf!”

Gimli took the key from the dead leader Uruk and fitted it into the lock. He instantly saw Legolas chained to a stone wall with iron shackles. He noticed a large gash upon his head. He did not move. Gimli walked up to his friend and knelt before him running his hand over the elf’s head. Legolas stirred and opened his eyes.

“Gimli son of Gloin. What took you so long?” he asked.

“Sorry Legolas. You know me. I couldn’t decide how many orcs I wanted to kill out there. You know had to choose between the big and small ones. I must get you out of here my friend,” Gimli said fitting the lock into the shackles.

“It won’t work. There is only one key for the shackles, and the dark elf has it.”

“The dark elf?” Gimli said.

“Yes,” Legolas answered. “He has taken Elenya. His master has.”

“Where is she?”

“They have taken her to his private chamber. I fear something awful is happening to her. Gimli, go! Leave me. Go save her.”

“No, I will not leave you here to die.”

“Oh curse dwarves! Go! She needs you more than I do. If he harms her or touches her, I will not rest until he is dead. So stop before something happens.”

“Legolas, you are my friend. You saved my neck plenty of times at Helm’s Deep. How can I get you out of here?”

Suddenly, a voice not of a hobbit arose out of the darkness. “None of you shall leave here.”

It was the dark elf. Two hobbits came flying into the doorway and fell to the stone floor. Eldarion and Elerrina were shoved in.

“Liar!” Elerrina shouted. “You tricked us! Said you were going to take us to Elenya and your master.”

“There has been a change in plans,” the Morquiendi said. “She shall come to you as well as he. She shall finally see. She shall finally turn.”

“Never!” Legolas cried. “Elenya has the heart of an American. She would never!”

“You are young my dear elf. You have not yet seen the power of my master.”


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