The_Elf_From_America_THE_SECOND_DARK_LORD – Part Four

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“Evenstar!” Elerrina said bursting into the lady’s chamber.

“By Varda, Elerrina! What is wrong?”

“Elenya is gone! And so is Legolas!”

“What are you talking about?”

“I went to our room where she was. When I arrived, there were three Uruks there. I leaned up against the wall to avoid being seen because I was weaponless. I saw a large Uruk carrying her away from our room. She was taken out of Minas Tirith into the woods. He was taking her north at last I saw her. Then Legolas fought bravely trying to rescue her, but he was taken as well. They are gone.”

“Do you know where they were taken?”

“I overheard words from outside the window. Legolas was pointing the sword at the Uruks throat. I heard the words
The Hells of Iron my lady, but that is all.”

Arwen went white. She knew of that place. It was horrible place where many of her great ancestors were tortured and mutilated. It was Angband.

“Angband!” Arwen said.

“;No that can not be!” Elerrina said.

“Come I must speak with Aragorn.”


Where was she? Her head was pounding. The last thing she remembered was the fist of the Uruk Hai coming at her face. How long had she been unconscious? Many days she thought since she felt like she was starving. Everything was dark about her. She gasped when she heard the groans and cries all around her. She felt the shackles encircling her wrists and ankles. She was chained to a wall in a cell. She was in a prison. She heard the wailing’s all about her and knew torture was happening. She pulled on the shackles with all her might, but they were of iron. Her eyes soon became accustomed to the dark. She was still clothed in her simple white nightshift. She tried to remember what happened. The Uruk Hai took her. She remembered meeting the fist of his hand against her head. No wonder it ached. She felt like every bone in her body was breaking.
Where am I? How could this happen? Why am I here? What are they going to do with me? Who is this master they keep talking about? All these questions filled her mind. Suddenly she felt a presence. She was not alone.

“Who’s there?” she called aloud.

“I apologise for their treatment of you. It was necessary,” a dark voice spoke.

“;Necessary. Why? I am not even armed. The Uruks were. Who are you?”

“I was sent to guard you. And announce when you awoke.”

“Guard me? Why? I am in shackles here. There is no possible way I can escape.”

“There is. Elves are never underestimated here. Especially you.”

“Why me? Why am I here?”

“You shall find out soon. But now I shall bring you to my master.”

“Why? Why must I go? Why does this master wish to speak with me?”

“That is none of my business. I was simply ordered to retrieve you. Come.”

She felt a chill run up her spine as a cold hand slipped across hers and fitted a key into the lock of the shackle. The irons fell to the ground with a clamp. She massaged her hands fighting away the numbness in them. She tried to stand. Her legs felt stiff.

“Can you walk?” the cold voice asked taking her arm.

She pulled away. “Yes, don’t touch me!”

“Seems we have a spirited one. Here drink this. You have not had food or drink for many nights.”

She wondered if she should spit it out. But she was thirsty. The liquid was hot and had a bitter taste. She swallowed it disgustingly. But at least it warmed her down to her toes and gave her strength. She suddenly felt two hands slip a piece of cloth over her eyes.

“What are you doing?”she asked.

“You must be blindfolded. My master thinks that you are not yet ready for the sight.”

“What sight?”

“You are not yet ready as I said. Come.”

She had no choice but for whatever it was to lead her. He placed a cold hand upon her bare arm and pulled upon her forcing her to walk. She knew she was going up the stairs. She heard more groans and wailing. She felt cold. Something evil was happening.

“Where am I? What are all those sounds? I hate them!”

“I shall leave that part to my master. You shall meet him soon. Those sounds are our victims whom we torture to mutilate.”

“Are?” she could hardly say the words. “Are you to do that to me?”

“That choice is not mine.”

“Who are you?”

“In your language, they call me a Morquiendi.”

“A dark elf” she said the three words.

“Aye. I am in blood just like you.”

“That is a lie. You are not like me.”

“We shall see.”

“Are you saying I’m a liar?”

“No, lady. But you do not know of what words shall come out of your fair mouth later.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You will.”


“Remember that elf we saw at the feast Merry?” Pippin said to his brother.

“Which one?”

“;The one with the copper hair.”

“Oh yes. She was very nice. Rina was her name.”

“No her name was Elerrina you lazy loaf. Rina was short. There aren’t any other hobbits here to play with. I mean besides our boring brothers and sisters who don’t know how to have fun. She’s about our age.”

“How do you know that? Elves don’t age” Merry said.

“I don’t know. She just seemed like a young elf. Why don’t we ask her if she’d like to play?”

“I don’t think elves play. They sing and dance and enchant people with their fair faces and long hair.”

“Some elves must play. Come on. Lets go find her.”

“Do you really think we should? Why don’t we go into the kitchen and get some food?”

“No, I’m not hungry.”

“Well that’s a miracle to be certain” Merry chuckled.

“Even if she doesn’t play, she must talk. Elves like to sit down and have a nice chat don’t they?”

“You have me to chat with” Merry objected.

“You are too boring.”

“You say I’m boring yet you want to chat with an elf? You’re daft!”


“Seems the pretty elf is awaking,”Legolas heard a voice say.

He felt like every bone in his body was broken. He tried to touch his pounding head, but realised that iron shackles had been placed around his wrist. He looked about him, but all he could see was darkness, but he knew he wasn’t alone. The Uruks were with him. He could sense their presence and smell their malodorous reeking odour.

“Where am I?” Legolas asked.

“Where am I, it says. You are in the hells of iron.”

“Angband!” Legolas gasped.


“You lie!” Legolas cried. “Angband was destroyed. Beleriand was swallowed by the Sea.”

“Its foundations were not destroyed. Its dungeons were not destroyed. Sauron labored here many years with the Balrogs and demons of torture. Now it shall become whole again. A new power is arising that none can stop. Angband shall be rebuilt as well as Baradur, Dol Guldur, and Isengard. The torture chambers shall be open again. The Sea has been cast away. Beleriand is whole again as well as Angband.”

“What are you to do with me?” asked Legolas.

“I hate your kind,” the Uruk said. “I would torture you till your pretty blood has painted Angband, but it is not my decision yet. I am to await my master’s command.”

“Who is your master?” Legolas demanded.

“That is none of your concern.”

“Then where is Elenya. For she is my concern.”

“No she is not. Not anymore.”

Legolas was enraged and pulled at the shackles with all his might. His throat met the sting of a sword pressed tightly against his skin.

“I do not fear you foul orc!” Legolas said bravely.

“That shall change. You shall be reunited one last time with your elf. But I suggest you erase her from, your memory. For she will likely do the same.”

“Never!” Legolas cried.

“You shall see. The power of Angband breaks all spirits even the strongest. The wolf howls, the ravens flee, the ice mutters in the mouths of the sea. The captives sad in Angband mourn..”

*As you’ve probably noticed The Eavenstar’s name isn’t at the bottom of this chapter, she had to go somewhere so I submitted it for her, but, don’t worry she will be back soon*


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