The_Elf_From_America_THE_QUEST – Part Two-The Princess of Gondor

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Though the War of the Ring was over, there was still much to be done. Just because Saruon was destroyed and peace was at present, it would not stay that way. Aragorn knew this in his heart. He knew his life would not be one of ease and luxury. He could feel the time coming. Arwen could as well. She had already born Aragorn a son, who had married the Star Elf Elerrina. She was concerned for her daughter though.

The Princess of Gondor she was called. She was said to be the fairest creature on the face of the earth even more than Luthien. For she had the likeness of her mother Arwen, but she had her own qualities. One thing she possessed herself was her violet blue eyes. No one in all of Middle Earth had eyes as she. They were a dark amethyst of endless light with a ring of blue around them. Long flowing dark hair rested upon her head. One thing that was odd about her hair was the silver highlight in it. She did not know where she had inherited it from, but a silver highlight was seen in her hair when the sun shone upon it. At night it seemed as though her hair was silver. She was exquisite. Not only this, but she had learned well to defend herself. Her father and brother taught her how to ride, wield a sword and a bow and arrow. Her mother had taught her the necessary things on how to read and write. She even taught her daughter the elvish language though most of the elves had departed to the Sea. Yes, she was the perfect Princess of Gondor but for her sadness. She did not enjoy the court life and her parents knew this. She assured them both that she loved them very much, but this was not her life. She did not want this life. Though her parents did all they could to make their daughter happy, they could not. She wanted adventure. How could there be anymore adventure when peace had come? Had it?

It was the Easterling threat. Aragorn knew it. They were populous in the south and had pledged allegiance to Sauron during the War. Although the Easterling King had sworn himself loyal to Aragorn, Elessar knew something was not right. And the young Easterling Prince. He had not approved of his fathers decision. It was said he was so rash that he had killed ten men in a simple gamble over a coin. The Prince was strong and quick to anger. He would have to be watched closely. Aragorn could feel the time coming. So could the Queen. He did not know when, but it was close very close.


Valmarias knew he was merely an exiled elf. He was not worthy of so beautiful a Princess. But he loved her. He thought of her as his sun by day that kept him going. She filled his soul so that he did not sleep at night but merely watched her like a star. Now he was a banished ranger. He had been wandering all of his life because he was well skilled with the sword. But he was not of noble blood. This was his destiny. He would never grow up to be a noble warrior like the king. He was an exile. And he was in love with the most beautiful girl in the world. Even though he had never met, he loved her and wanted her for his own. His aim was too high. She was an untouchable star he would never pluck from the sky. He had a bigger problem even. He was banished from King Aragorn’s realm. It began on the night of the great fire. It spread throughout Minas Tirith. It was quickly put out, but many people were still without homes. It was said that a traitor who worked for the king had caused it.


Arienel crept slowly through the stables caring not to disturb the horses. She knew what she was doing was wrong but she cared not. No longer could she stay at the palace in Minas Tirith. It was time to leave. Leave to seek adventure. She slowly walked up to her faithful mare Raylin and touched the white horses neck.

“You’ve been with me all this time. I need you tonight. I need you to ride fast.”

Arienel rode through the night never stopping. When she had ridden for what seemed like hours, rain began to fall. She decided to take shelter in a cave close by. Though it was cold, she drew her cloak about her and grew warm. Her horse lay down beside her. She drifted off to sleep and didn’t wake till morning. When dawn arose, it was still sprinkling. She was warm and dry. The sun was shining, and a rainbow rested in the sky.

“What do you say, Raylin? Shall we go to the rainbow’s end?”

The horse whinnied as if in agreement. She mounted the horse and began to ride fast before the rainbow could fade. Suddenly, three figures appeared in front of her. The first one was huge nearly like a giant. He seemed to be proud of himself the way he flexed and showed off his muscles. The second one had two swords at his side. The third one two bows. The second one spoke.

“Is there a town nearby lady where we can take shelter?”

“There is nothing nearby for miles.”

The huge one approached her.

“Then there shall be no one to hear you scream.”

She tensed as the huge one reached up to grab her neck. She reached for her dagger, but the third one instantly took his bow and shot it out of her hand. The huge one dragged her off her horse. The second one pressed a dagger up to her neck.

“I suggest you cooperate, and it will go better for you.”

Something hard collided with the young Princesse’s head. She felt dazed and fell into darkness.


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