The_Elf_From_America_THE_QUEST – Part Twenty One-Elenya’s Attempt and Valmarias’s Departure

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She passed silently through the streets cloaked and hooded in black. The Prince meanwhile was in his room not being able to get her voice out of his head. He made the decision to go see her again. He made his way to her room and opened the door but finding nothing.

“Elenya!? Where has she gone?!”

He whirled around and stomped out of the chamber. She wasn’t in the courtyard or the garden either. He ordered the guards at once to search for her.

This was it. The moment of escape. She would go to Minas Tirith. She threw the rope over the wall. The metal clasp reached its target, and she shook it firmly. She began to climb. Dario heard noise above him. He then saw her. He signaled the other soldiers.

“Stop you! Get her!” Dario yelled and threw a spear at her but the Prince caught him by the throat. “Hurt her not!” he said. “Merely take her back.”

Elenya ran as fast as her legs would take her. She went into the forest still running wishing she could have taken Lossielen. She heard footsteps behind her. A branch clawed at her tearing one of the shoulder straps from her dress. She kept running regardless. She could nearly feel Dario behind her. Dario raised his spear. She ducked and kicked him in the shins. Dario made a great fall before getting back up again eating her dust. Elenya ran faster. She saw a large tree ahead and hid behind it hoping Dario did not see. But she was wrong. He tackled her to the ground while breaking his kneecap. She swung a fist to his jaw.

“Get off me!”

“You’re coming with me.”

“I’m not going back.”

But she knew it was pointless to struggle. He was the size of a giant, Dario. He made a horrible laugh.

“I think not.”


Dario bound her hands with ropes in the midst of her struggling. He dragged her back despite his broken kneecap to the Prince. The Prince stood in the great hall hands folded across his chest proud and happy that she was unharmed and safely in his grasp once again. He bid Dario to go. The doors closed behind. Elenya stood glaring as he circled her drawing ever near.

“Very foolish of you to try and escape,” he said circling her.

“If my hands were not tied, I would bring a fist to your face so fast it would-“

He placed a hand across her mouth.

“Is it so wrong for me to simply bring what is rightfully mine, back to me? I did it for your protection.”

She gave him a glare that could melt steal at twenty paces.

“There are worse dangers out there than me,” he told her.

“I’ve had enough! I’ve killed orcs, Uruk Hai, defeated Barrow Wights with help, killed a dark lord, survived four arrows going into my body, and you tell me there are things dangerous out there!”

He seemed a little surprised by her words.

“Well then, why is your will not stronger than mine?”

“Because you did something to my mind. Something dangerous and uncalled for.”

He grinned elusively.

“Get past my mind if you are so intelligent. Get past it.”

“I don’t want to!” she said turning around.

He gripped her shoulders tightly from behind so she could not move.

“That is because you are succumbing to me,” he whispered in her ear and kissed her neck.

“Then why did I try to escape?”

“Because you are afraid.”

She turned around and tried to bring her bound hands to his face. He caught them and grinned mischievously and touched her bare arm. She flinched as he stroked her shoulder lustily. Then he noticed something strange. He noticed her arms were bare. He touched the fabric of her stomach, but only felt the cloak’s fabric.

“You are bare underneath,” he said licking his lips lustily. “Where has your shirt gone?”

“I gave it to Legolas.”

“Very foolish of you,” he said inching his hands toward the sashes.

“Amin feuya ten’ lle,” she said venomously. (You disgust me).

“Dina, melamin, dina,” (be silent, my love. Be silent) he said touching her lips once again. “Lle maa quell.” (You look good). “Vanimle sila tiri.” (Your beauty shines bright)

“What does that mean?” she asked becoming nervous as he traced the lines of her neck moving to her shoulder. He moved his hand to the sashes of her cloak. “I want you,” he said taking it in his hand.

“Don’t,” she said terrified. This was her only fear that she ever had ever since she had turned thirteen. A tear rolled down her cheek. He wiped it away with his hand and brought her chin to his face.

“Do not be afraid melamin. It shall be beautiful.”

“No!” she said defiantly.

“You still persist?”

“Yes and I will persist until the day I die.”

“Elves are immortal my love. And here you will stay until you die.”

“I’ll escape though it take the whole king’s army. I will.”

“I think it is time to show you.”

“Show me what?”



Areniel woke up at first light the next day to see Valmarias off. He mounted his horse and took the letter, which she handed to him. He took her hand one last time and kissed it.

“I shall return within a few days.”

“Do please. I shall not forget you.”


“Valmarias,” she said as he mounted.


“Do not forget me.”

“How could I possibly? With one glance at you and one word from your lips, no person could possibly forget you.”

Valmarias took off galloping his horse through the forests of Rivendell. Areniel still watched him until she could see him no longer. A tear rolled down her cheek. Elrohir noticed her crying. He took her shoulders.

“Areniel, my niece what is it? What happened last night?”

“I do not think he wants me.”

“Do not assume too much Areniel. I sincerely believe he loves you.”

“Thank you. I hope he returns safely.”

“As do I.”


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