The_Elf_From_America_THE_QUEST – Part Three – The Journey

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“Everything is perfect now,” Elenya sighed as Legolas held her in his embrace.

“Not quite yet,” he said. “Eru told me we would both have a test.”

“Varda told me that as well. I wonder what kind of test.”

“I am sure we shall find out once we arrive at Minas Tirith.”

“The Princess has been kidnapped?”

“Aye. I received a message from Aragorn as soon as it had happened. The Prince of the Easterlings is plotting something. We must go.”

“I will go wherever you go.”

He looked into her blue eyes. “It does me good to see you.”

“I’m sure it does,” she smiled as their lips met once again.


When she awoke, she stood staring into a campfire being watched by the three men who were arguing over something intensely. She saw the moment for escape. She instantly stood up and began to run as fast and swift she could. Her green dress hung loosely about her shoulders. She tripped over a tree root, and her dress tore. She let the material hang and continued to run. She knew she couldn’t escape when she heard hooves galloping behind her. A tree branch grabbed at her hair unraveling it from its braid. She knew there was no hope as the gallop became closer. The horse turned around and stood in front of her. Dario (the huge man) looked down at her.

“Going somewhere Princess? I think not.”

She glared at him. She had no weapon for they had taken it away from her. There was no way to defend herself. He lifted her up sharply onto his horse and brought her back to the camp. Finarel (the bowman) tied her hands behind her back and smote her sharply upon the face. Yaneral (the swordsman) stayed his arm.

“She is not to be harmed!”

“Whatever you may think,” Anariel said, “you will be caught. When you are, my father will hang you.”

“Of all the necks here, Princess,” Yaneral said, “you should be worrying about your own fair one.”

His words did not sting her. She watched the flames of the fire grow higher as they continued to stoke it. Her eyes grew heavy and tired. Dario had the first shift to watch her. He did his job well never taking his eyes off her. She grew tired but refused to sleep. She would not fall asleep.

“Sleep Princess. You need your strength.”

“Sleep shall not come to me tonight.”

“Drink this,” he said holding a cup to her face. “It will help you to sleep. Don’t worry. I shall do nothing to you. I don’t know about them, but I shall not.”

“What good is your word to me?”

“As good as it can get. Drink.”

She drank, and the hot liquid poured through her body. She instantly fell asleep. It was like enchantment. When she awoke, she felt the cold chill of the wind on her face. Her hair unraveled and fell about her shoulders. Yanarel lifted her to her feet.

“It’s time Princess.”


“It’s just like I remember it,” Elenya said as their horses passed the gates of Minas Tirith.

“Aragorn has done much with it over the years. How come it took you so long?”

“What do you mean? I was only gone for a week. Oh,” she remembered.

One day in America was like one year in Middle Earth. She stared at Legolas.

“You waited for me all that time?”

“Yes. It took you quite awhile.”

She smiled. Legolas truly loved her enough to wait seven years for her return. He was amazing she thought looking at his flowing golden hair and sapphire eyes. He was just as she remembered. But he seemed troubled about the future. She wasn’t worried. Four arrows had been pierced through her. She had fought a cave troll, Uruks, orcs, had seen the Mouth of Sauron, and had been kidnapped by the servant of Morgoth. She could withstand anything. Couldn’t she?

They arrived at the palace and went into the court at once to meet Aragorn. He had not changed much. He still wore his crown his power so lightly upon his brow. He stood up at once and embraced his old friend. He took Elenya’s hand and kissed it gently.

“My friends, I am glad you are here.”

“As am I,” a voice said.

Elenya turned around and instantly embraced the queen who had been a great friend to her. She still looked as beautiful as ever though she had born four children. Arwen took her hand.

“We will give the king and the elf some talk time,” she said. “Legolas I hope you can talk some sense into Estel. He is out of his mind. Come Elenya.”

Elenya wondered what she meant by that, but she didn’t ask as Arwen led her out of the court room. They walked together in the garden.

“What was that all about?” Elenya asked.

“Aragorn is determined to go after Areniel himself. He knows that the Prince of the Easterlings has abducted her. I fear for him.”

“Arwen, I do not know your daughter, but you know I would do anything for you. If I must, I will go save her myself.”

“Elenya,” Arwen said facing the girl. “You are brave. You are braver than myself. But you are still very young. I for see a quest. Your mission shall be hard.”

“I am ready.”

“You love the Prince do you not?” Arwen asked her.

“With all my heart.”

“He will need you. But I fear you shall be separated.”

“What do you mean?”

Arwen looked toward the south. “I shall speak no more of it.”

“Have you had a vision?”

“Yes, but come. I will take you upstairs. Tis long since you have been here. I shall find you a dress.”


“Legolas, I fear for my daughters safety.”

“I know my friend, but you must also think of your family’s safety. Of Minas Tirith’s safety. If you were to go alone,”
Legolas didn’t finish. “Aragorn, we have been through everything together. I will do anything for you my friend.”

“Arwen is troubled. She has seen a vision. She did not want to tell me of it, but I knew that it concerned you and Elenya.”

“I shall care for Elenya. No harm shall come to her while I breathe.”

“But a time is coming soon I believe when you shall be separated. You shall need to be careful Legolas.”

“I shall my friend. Then you will allow me to go?”

“Yes, but because my wife has already been pulling my ear to stop me. Thank you Legolas. I am sure you wish to spend some time with Elenya before you leave.”


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