The_Elf_From_America_THE_QUEST – Part Ten-

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The Prince walked into Legolas’s cell with his hands folded behind his back grinning arrogantly. Legolas sat on the ledge of the window staring into the sky not turning to look at the Prince.

“You have changed greatly my friend,” the Prince said to Legolas.

“You have changed for the worse Mardil.”

“I never thought love could ever find you but it did.”

“What are you talking about?”

“She’s very beautiful Leggy,” he said using the nickname Legolas most despised.

Instantly reading his mind, Legolas stood up pulling at the chains.

“If you touch her in any way harm her or anything like that, I will kill you!” Legolas said eyes flaming.

“What kind of a person do you think I am, my friend. I won’t rush at her like some idiotic fool. I will take it nice and slow something you always seemed to lack.”

“NO!” Legolas yelled. “You stay away from her Mardil or I will kill you! I swear on my soul I will kill you.”

“I think she is the least of your worries now my friend. May I inquire to what your girlfriend’s name is?”

“Elenya happens to be my fiancé if you wish to know. She will not have you, and you will not have her.”

“Not for long my friend. Not for long. Get some rest Leggy. You will need it.”

With that, the Prince walked out of the cell leaving Legolas alone to ponder what Elenya’s awful fate might be.

Elenya spent most of the day walking in the city under the close eye of Dario whom she liked to call King Kong. She returned to the courtyard at dusk since it was the only place in the city that allowed her to look up at the stars. She sat beside the fountain her silver dress reflecting the light of the stars. The Prince watched her from a distance wondering how to get at her. He simply needed to erase all memories of Legolas from her mind. Then she would be his. But could it be possible to do that? He wished not to have to use his magic upon her. He slowly walked quietly up behind her. She knew he was there.

“What do you want now?”

“Merely to talk again my Elenya.”

She turned. “No, how did you learn my name?”

“I am not without my strengths. Come along,” he said taking her hand. She shirked it away. “Would you like to do this the easy way, or shall I be forced to submit my stronger will over yours?”

She walked beside him not taking his hand.

“That is your name, Elenya.”

“Is there something wrong with it?”

“Nay. Tis a beautiful name and far more beautiful than fox. It suits you well for you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life,” he said stroking her hair.

“And how long have you lived?” she asked pushing his hand away.

“A very long time. And I have met and loved many beautiful women.”

“I’m sure you have,” she said sarcastically. She added, “You don’t even know the meaning of love.”

“I do know the meaning of desire.”

“No lust, covetousness, envy, evil desires.”

He grinned. “If you wish to put it that way.”

She looked up at the stars and thought of the night when she had sung to Legolas and had first told him of her love. How much she missed him. She wished she could turn back time and stop it at that moment. It was far better than this. He entered her mind once again and read her thoughts discerning of what to say next.

“So you think being out in the wilderness with that arrogant elf is far more enjoyable than walking in the fairest of gardens underneath the stars on the right hand of the most powerful and handsome man in the world.”

“Yes,” she said easily. “And I do not think you are as hot as you think you are. Certainly not as much as Legolas.”

“What a pity that you are so easily swayed.”

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

“You believe Legolas is perfect with no faults, well you are wrong.”

“That is not what I think about him. If I thought that way about all people, I would be a very poor judge of character.”

“You are a poor judge of character. My character for example.”

“I do not think so, Prince. And even if I did not know your true character, I would not wish to see it.”

She turned away. He plucked a single white rose from a nearby bush and brought it to her face.

“How can I reach you?” he asked earnestly. “Help me reach you. I do not want to have to-” he didn’t finish.

“To what?”

“Tell me how I can reach you.”

“I don’t want you to reach me. I want you to leave me alone. Now and forever.”

“Tis impossible, Elenya. Amin mela lle.” ((I love you))

“I know what that means, and it’s not true! And I could never feel anything for you but-but-“

“Hate?” he finished.

“No not hate. I may have felt that for Agroth, but not you when I remember what Legolas told me of what you were like before the Enemy overcame you. I cannot feel hate but I certainly cannot love.”

“Then I shall make you.”

“You can’t make someone love you. Just like you can’t make someone be your friend. They have to want to be.”

“I shall make you want to be.”

“I shall believe it the day I see it,” she said turning and walking away.

When she had gone some distance, he said to himself, “Then you should begin believing soon melamin, a’maelamin.” ((my love, my beloved))


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