The_Elf_From_America_THE_QUEST – Part Seventeen-Legolas’s Plan

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That night, Elenya put on a black dress and disappeared into the darkness. She knew where to go. She did not stop until she had reached the iron gates and saw a large guard blocking her path. She approached stealthily from the shadows and did not unveil herself. She raised the hilt of the sword and brought it upon his head. She took the keys and opened the gates. She disappeared down the tunnel and ignored the requests of the other prisoners simply searching for one. She saw him looking out the window at the moon.

“Tis sad that you do not sleep, Prince,” she said in a whisper so he could not recognize her voice.

He turned swiftly seeing the cloaked figure wondering who it was but sensing a familiar feeling.

“I cannot,” he replied.

“And why?”

“I fear for someone. I fear for her life.”

“You do not need to for she knows how to care for herself and has done so. She only fears for you.”

He approached the bars and reached out touching her face not needing to see who it was.

“How did you escape from his eye?”

“Pretty easy actually,” she smiled.

She opened the locked door and stepped through. They stood apart for a moment of silence not knowing what to say or do. He saw tears in her eyes. He approached her slowly and caressed her face. In one swift motion, he pulled her to him and enveloped her mouth in a soft kiss. She stiffened against him longing to spend this moment with him forever. It had been so long since she had been with him, and she never wanted to let him go. He finally released.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for so long,” he said.

“I have to.”

She took a seat beside him and un-hooded herself. He took her hand in his and ran his fingers along hers.

“What has he done?”

“Nothing, but-“

“But what?”

“He is not letting me eat. Like Agroth he says I can not eat at all unless I do it with him.”

He sighed. “Elenya, I know it is hard. But I do not want to see you like this. If only to escape you need to remain strong. Do it for me, please,” he said stroking her cheek.

She embraced him placing her face against his check. He rustled her long hair and leaned down and planted a soft kiss upon her neck. He ran his hand up and down her arm caressing it affectionately.

“Oh Legolas, can we not go right now? I have the keys. We can leave right now. Get out of here. Make our escape.”

“You do not think that we are alone. Dario is watching you at all times. He could be waiting for you.”

“I slipped out unnoticed. Please Legolas could we not try?”

“I wish we could. But I think that is not our decision. I believe we are meant to be here.”

She wondered at Legolas’s words and kept hoping that they were true. During that time, she had avoided every single word of the Prince’s. They never saw each other but at meal times, and Elenya remained silent. She also noticed that he had not come to visit her as he used to. Either he was involved in something, wanted to give her time, or becoming uninterested. She hoped the third one, but did not trust her feelings.

Every night she went to see Legolas and found a more efficient way to knock the guard out. She acquired the sleeping darts and used it to gain her time. There was a different guard every night, and she was glad. It helped to undermine suspicion so she thought. But it wasn’t long before the different guards had figured out that they were not simply falling into a short sleep time. The Prince upon hearing this instantly knew what was happening.

That night Dario had seen Elenya go to the prison and knock out the guard with the sleeping dart. He went to the Prince. He made his way to the dungeon where the guard lay unconscious. He proceeded down the dark tunnel where he finally arrived at the cell. He saw Elenya sitting there with the Prince of Mirkwood laying calmly upon her lap as she rustled his hair affectionately. It drove him to a mad state of jealousy. He made himself visible. Legolas and Elenya instantly stood up not out of fear or guilt but out of sheer amusement as the Prince entered the cell. Elenya held onto Legolas’s arm tightly out of some fear toward the Prince. The Prince simply stared there glaring at the lovers in disgust. Finally it was Legolas who spoke.

“Mani naa ta? Mardil?” ((What is it?)) Legolas continued in elvish. “Are you angry that Elenya loves me truly and simply despises you for what you truly are? An arrogant evil tyrant.”

“That will no longer be true,” he said with venom.

“You cannot have her. She is not to be had for the wanting. She chose me and I chose her. You cannot break us.”

“Then I will break her. I will have her.”

Elenya looked between the Prince and Legolas seeing the fume between them rise. She felt like some yo-yo or the rope in tug of war. The Prince raised his hand. She saw Dario enter. He carried two darts. She trembled.

“No!” she shouted. “Not those again.”

Legolas stood in front of her. The Prince spoke, “I see you found them well rather worth using on my guards every night. Dario!” The Prince ordered.

Legolas would not pass though Dario stood in front of him towering over him like a giant. Legolas did not move. As Dario took a dart intending to stab it into Legolas, Elenya kicked him in the shins as she learned from self defense classes. Dario stumbled back a little surprised at her strength, but Elenya knew he was stronger. Legolas threw his fist into Dario’s jaw. Dario soon recovered being the King Kong he was. He threw a solid hand into Legolas’s chest knocking the wind out of him. Elenya reacted and took the dagger she had retrieved from the guard she had knocked out that night. As Dario neared her, she held it up.

“Don’t you dare come near me with one of those.”

Dario looked towards the Prince. “Do as she bids,” The Prince said grinning that he and Dario understood one another.

Dario dropped the darts and instead knocked the dagger from her hands and pulled her arms together behind her back. The Prince left the cell with Dario dragging her from behind. Legolas stood up to reach her but only met her hand as the cell door closed. Dario dragged Elenya out amidst her screaming. When they had reached outside, the Prince took Elenya’s arm and bid Dario to go. Elenya said nothing. She did not sob but tears flowed down her cheeks.

“You have brought this upon yourself,” he said. “I told you to stay away from him unless I granted you permission. You needed only to ask. Now it shall be worse for you.”

She remained silent.

“For the past few days I have been involved in something which I now wish you to see. Come.”

He took her hand firmly and led her to his citadel where they passed the great hall. He led her upstairs and they passed various rooms. He led her up another flight of stairs until they were in the last set of rooms beneath the tower. She followed him to the very last room and he opened the door. It was much like the other rooms but far grander. Two windows looked out on both sides to the east and the west. She folded her arms feeling the cold chill of the room from the open windows.

“These are my private chambers.”

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked.

“I wished to show you something.”

“Then show me and let me be on my way.”

He went to the end of the room near a bed where a table stood. A black cloth was placed over the table to cover up something. He motioned for her to follow. She did. He put his hand on the cloth and slowly ripped it away. She was stunned. For there lay Anduril undoubtedly the sword of King Elessar Aragorn


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