The_Elf_From_America_THE_QUEST – Part One-BACK!! Prologue

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Ok everyone. Forgive me. I had only about ten minutes to write all of this before going to bed. I had planned on ending my story, but all of my friends and fans were asking me not to. These might take more time in getting submitted since I am currently submitting another story called The_Hobbit_Who_Was_An_Elf but I have heard your pleas and requests for me not to end it. And though the next parts did not happen in a dream, they were granted to me in my head. I like to think of them as visions in my imagination. And maybe one day I shall dream them. So currently here is the Quest of Elenya and Legolas.

Emilie was in misery for the past weeks. She didn’t go to school, and she forsook all of her friends. Every night she went to bed with a wet pillow full of countless tears. She was in love. And love hurt the most when it is gone. Every day was like living for a thousand years without Legolas. She prayed to God every day that she might see him. She prayed to Eru and Varda especially. She wondered if they were real. If God was really Eru and if the Valar were his angels. But soon she did not know her prayers would be answered. Varda took pity on her. She knew her misery. And she knew Legolas’s misery. She knew that they were meant for each other even if it had just been a dream. Emilie wished with all her heart she could go back or he could come to her. There was one particular night when her prayers would be answered. For Eru was afraid she would do somethign drastic. It was the night of the lake.

Emilie had dressed in a simple silk white dress with no sleeves. She had taken a lantern to the lake with her. She would sleep on the beach tonight. The lake was the closest thing she knew to Legolas. He loved the Sea. She missed him. She sat watching the water lap onto the sand. Suddenly, she sensed a presence. Even though she was not an elf, she had learned much from her dream. She turned and met eyes with the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. She glowed and seemed to draw attention away from the stars and moon. No she was a star herself! She was clothed in white as well. She carried a crystal in her hand. She had flowing silver hair that glittered like stars. Her hands were like white snow. Her presence was soothing. She spoke to Emilie in kind words. She seemed to have more knowledge than Galadriel.

“You know of whom I am, Emilie. I know of your troubles and of your prayers.”

Emilie walked to the lady’s side.

“Varda!” she exclaimed.

“Yes I am real. And I come to you at this hour of need. You shall return to Middle Earth.”

Emilie’s tears instantly ceased.

“Now wait. I cannot promise that you will stay. That is Eru’s decision. But Legolas is in anguish as well. He needs you and so does another. The hour is drawing late in Middle Earth. Time is passing by quickly. The Princess is in dire need of help.”

“The Princess?”

“Aragorn’s daughter. A time is coming when she shall be taken from him. She is the most beautiful living thing on earth even fairer than her mother. But you know Elenya yourself that you are beautiful. Legolas loved you greatly, but I fear for him if he sets eyes on the Princess. Legolas loves not only for your beauty. He loves you for who you are for what you are. Never forget that. But the Prince of the Easterings is different, Elenya. The Prince of the Easterlings has caught the Princess’s eye and wants her for his own. He is an elf and so is she. He is set out to take Aragorn’s kingdom. I am sending you on this quest. You aided Frodo in his. Now you have your own. You must be wary of the Prince Elenya. He will speak kindly to you when the test comes. He is handsome. You must not fall sway to him. And Legolas shall be tested to.”

“How can I go back?” Emilie asked.

“Look into the crystal in my hand.”

She did. Emilie began to see images. They were of Ithilen of Eden Ardhon where Legolas and she had first parted. She saw her Prince weeping over the balcony of when they had faded away.

“Eru has come to him and told him of what is to come. He is weeping in joy Elenya. He is waiting for you. Go to him.”


Varda beckoned her to come near. She held the crystal in the air by some force and then reached for Emilie’s neck. She slowly fastened a necklace around her neck. It was sheer silver and a charm hung on the end. It had an elven design and was set in the form of two swans with a saphire crystal in the middle cut in the form of a star. Emilie thanked her for the gift. Varda held the crystal before her. Emilie held out her hand and her fingers touched the cold glass crystal. Instantly, she felt as if she had reawakened. She had been reborn. Sent back so she could finish her quest. She felt the elven presence entering her again. She felt her appearance change. Then she saw his face. He knew of her coming and he embraced her. She was back!


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