The_Elf_From_America_THE_QUEST – Part Four

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He tied her hands to her front and set her behind Dario on his horse. They seemed to be in a hurry to wherever they were going. Then she knew. Ever they traveled south. Her fears returned as she was led through the wide dark gates. She stared up at the dark stone towers of the palace. Daro stopped the horse and pulled her off. Her knees grew weak and buckled. She was here. Now what would happen to her? She was led through the doors of the court A large throne stood at the end of the long hall. A figure clothed in a long dark mantle turned to face her. She knew instantly who it was. The Easterling Prince was known far and wide for his amazing dark handsome features. A long sword hung at his side. His dark hair fell about his shoulders. A golden crown rested on his head. He stared at her with his deep brown eyes. A smile was fixed on his face, but a frown upon hers. He approached her slowly and took a strand of her dark silver hair in his hand.

“I knew the tales that Aragorn’s daughter was fair, but I knew not that she took on Luthien’s form. Welcome to my palace, Princess.” He took out a dagger, lifted her hands to his chest, and said, “I believe we can free the Princess of her bonds if she so wishes.” The Prince cut her ropes. He looked at her dress for a moment noticing its torn condition. He turned to Yanarel. “I gave orders she not be harmed.”

“She tried to escape. Tore it herself she did.”

“I want no excuses. Leave us!”

The Prince raised his hand. The three men left. She watched them go and grew nervous remembering the stories of the Easterlings and their alliance with Sauron. He circled her inspecting her.

“Were you a vulture in another life?” she asked.

He laughed for a moment, but then frowned. “I do not appreciate sarcasm.”

He took her arm firmly and led her to a table piled high with food. He sat her in a chair and took his place at the head. The Prince offered her food and ate himself. She remained still.

“You will not eat?”

“Not with you.”

“You shall be remaining here for quite some time, Princess. I am your new lord and master now. You belong to me.”

“I belong to no one least of all you.”

His eyes flared. She remembered the stories of his quick temper. He stood up and clenched his fists.

“Try to understand, Princess. You do realize I can do what I want with you now.”

“My father will- she began

“I’m sure you’ll see that Aragorn will come around. It complicates the situation when he must sacrifice someone he loves. Fortunately for me, I have you in my possession.”

“What do you mean to do with me?”

“I mean to keep you here till Aragorn becomes more reasonable and I have Anduril in my grasp.”


“I have sent my men to retrieve it.”

“He won’t trade Middle Earth for my life. I’d rather die. What do you want?”

“Aragorn shall surrender his sword to me as he kneels. His city and armies shall be in my grasp. I shall rule Middle Earth in his stead. Oh he shall be my loyal subject. And he shall give me his daughter in return for my generosity.”

“Never! It is my decision and I shall be given to nobody.”

He contained himself. “It is time for me to show you your room Princess. You shall see soon,” he took her arm and stood her up, “Princes marry Princesses. You are mine now.”

He led her out of his court and up a flight of stone stairs to the top floor. He took her to one of the rooms on the right. Unlike what she thought, it was a beautiful room. There were two windows with bars on them.

“Two guards shall be here to guard you including Dario. Don’t get any ideas of escape. You may wander in the garden, courtyard, library, and all other rooms but for the tower. I do not think your fair eyes would enjoy seeing that site. Now if you shall excuse me, Princess. I shall return tonight to check on you.”


Elenya stood by the fountain looking at herself in the mirror. She remembered how much she had missed this. Arwen had braided some strands of her dark flowing hair but left most of it down. She had given yet another dress to Elenya. This one was different being a dark blue with sleeveless straps and a low chestline. It flattered Elenya’s dark eyes. When he looked at her, she seemed as a gleaming saphire in the dark. He began to sneak up behind her.

But before he could pull his trick, she said, “I know you’re there, Leggy.” She said calling him by the nickname he hated.

“What?!” he asked stunned.

“Oooh maybe I shouldn’t have called you that,” she said wrapping her arms around his neck. “Word is that you can pierce a gnat a hundred miles away.”

“You better believe the rumour,” he said smiling.

She laughed and said, “As you wish Prince.”

He wrapped his hands around her waist and held her tightly. “We shall depart tomorrow. But we must be careful. The Prince of the Easterlings is not to be underestimated. You will have to be strong.”

“Legolas do you forget who you are talking to?”

“Nay lady. I am talking to the girl who I love and dont wish to see hurt. I am talking to the girl that holds my heart within hers. I am talking to the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I am talking to the girl who I someday wish to marry. I am talking to the girl who is bound to me and always shall be.”

She simple said, “I love you too.”

He took her in his arms in one fell swoop and kissed her as he had done so many times. But there was something different behind it. Perhaps fear. He was holding her so tightly as if he were afraid she would suddenly disappear. He knew something she didn’t.

“Legolas, what is wrong?”

“Eru told me of what would happen in the future. I swore to him that I would not tell you. You will have to figure out what the test is on your own. But the time is coming soon. I need you. I need you to remember me remember us. To trust me, trust us. Trust your heart.”

Elenya held onto his words. “I will.”


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