The_Elf_From_America_THE_QUEST – Part Eight-The Capture

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Legolas was pretty lucky. He sighed looking at the dungeon around him. It was meant to be he knew. Eru had told him of this in his dream. If he had been faster, would it have made a difference? No. That man was a giant. The Prince knew him. He had said, “My old friend Legolas comes back to try and haunt me now. Throw him in the dungeon and let’s see how pretty he stays.” He had changed and for the worse. Elenya was Legolas’s only hope now he knew and prayed she could free the Princess before the Prince did something terrible.

She did not stop running until she had reached the courtyard of the palace. She knew something was wrong. She had waited all night for Legolas to return and he hadn’t. Now it was the second night. He would not have taken that long. Something was wrong. She knew the Princesse’s room would be strongly guarded. She unsheathed her sword and began her ascent up the stairs of one of the houses in the courtyard. She had been so closely connected with Aragorn that she would sense where the Princess was. Suddenly, she felt a presence behind her. She swiftly turned around and met blades with someone who looked like a giant. He knocked her blade from her hand. She swiftly took out a knife. He took her by the wrist and knocked the knife from her hand. She cried out in pain.

“We have known of your coming,” the figure said. He revealed himself. “I am Dario captain of the Prince’s guard. You were foolish to come here.”

“I came here for the Princess.”

“Well now you shall be taken to the Prince.”

“I think you should just let me go King Kong.”

She was still cloaked and hooded, and Dario didn’t remove it. She was thankful for that. He brought her instantly to the Prince’s court.

“I found her near the Princesse’s quarters,” Dario explained.

“Remove her cloak.”

Without warning, Elenya took the sword from her sheath and pointed it at Dario.

“Lay a hand on me, and I will cut you in two.”

With one swift stroke, Dario knocked the sword from her hand in a swift stroke. She cried out as he tore her hands behind her back and removed her cloak. As her long dark hair cascaded out, the Prince sat up in surprise as he laid eyes on the figure. For it seemed Luthien stood before him. Though she was different in many ways to the Princess, he thought her fairer and he desired her as he desired no woman before. He looked at the perfect figure of Elenya and instantly claimed her for his own.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I don’t feel the need to tell my name to the Easterling Prince.”

Dario shoved a fist into her stomach. She flinched but did not cry out. The Prince approached her. She did not look at him. He took a knife from his belt. Taking the handle, he pressed it under her chin lifting her face to his eye. She watched him circle her as he had done with Areniel. She frowned. He whispered something in Dario’s ear.

“It shall be done my lord.”

Dario quickly walked out of the court. Elenya frowned not liking the fact that she was alone with the Prince of the Easterlings she had heard so many terrible tales of. She stood in his presence frowning her head down refusing to look at him even though he was stunningly handsome. She wished Legolas were here. She hated the way the Prince looked at her.

“Your room is being prepared now,” he said as he walked to a table and poured a glass of wine.

He offered her the cup putting it to her face. She made no move. He set it down for a moment and unbound her hands. He handed her the cup next. Instead she threw it and its contents on the floor.

“I’ll ignore that. I have met many stubborn girls but none such as you,” he said taking a strand of hair between his fingers.

“Maintain your distance,” she ordered.

“Your room is being prepared now. Tell me your name.”

“Call me a fox for that is all I am to you.”

“Certainly not. A creature as lovely as you is not worthy of the name of fox.”

“Your flattery will not work on me. I suggest you free me.”

“A fox your name shall be until you provide me with one otherwise.”

“I swear to you on my soul, you will not keep me here.”

“I think the moments to decide that are over for you.”

Emilie was filled with rage. She raised a hand to strike him when it was caught from behind. Dario took her by the wrists and practically dragged her out of the court. He took her past the courtyards and gardens and up the stairs to a set of rooms she had been walking near before she was caught.

“I suggest you try nothing foolish. You will be guarded. The Prince favors you for now and I suggest you stay in his favor if you don’t want to die.”

“In this kingdom there are worse punishments than death.”

“Perhaps he will think of one for you then.”

Dario shoved her into a room. Her weapons were taken from her. She ran to the door as it closed and found that she was locked in. She hated being locked in. She slammed against the door in fury but it did no good. She turned her back against the door and went to the window. It was raining and there were bars set upon it. She gripped at them with all her might. Finally she flung onto her bed as tears streamed down her face. Where in the world was Legolas?


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