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He grinned and wrapped his arms around her waist. He slowly placed a kiss upon her neck. She sighed contentedly. She softly whispered, “Again,” and turned so her mouth could meet his. It was just them, and she loved it. A passion enveloped them as he drove further into her mouth in a searing kiss. She would never forget this moment. She closed her eyes feeling tired. He noticed.

“How long has it been since you have slept?”

“Three days,” she answered.

“Go to sleep,” he ordered.

“No way!”

“In order to keep your strength, you must sleep. I am not going anywhere.”

She smiled. “Let us hope not.”

“Sleep for me.”

“All right,” she finally answered.

Elenya kissed him one more time and lay against his shoulder instantly drifting into slumber land. And she dreamed too. She dreamed of her Prince.

Elenya stood in a calm lake the water reaching above her knees. Her dark copper hair was loose and blew about in the wind. Beautiful silver green trees surrounded the lake. She looked down at herself touching the soft white material, which looked like satin or silk. Her arms were bare including her shoulders as well as her back. A small ring of fabric wrapped around the top of her elbow on each side. The dress wrapped around at the back of her neck. It seemed more like a sheet. She thought of Cleopatra or what Pharaohs wives or daughters used to bathe in. The dress carried a slight purple tint, which she liked. The sun was hot and shined its rays upon her. Then she saw Legolas. He stood before her clothed in simple black breeches. Elenya took his face in her hands and smiled feeling utter joy at being with him like this. It felt like eternity before they finally kissed. The trees hid them from all view, and she didn’t care whether or not they were found. Everything but Legolas faded from her mind.

“Is this real?” she asked holding his face.

“Tis a dream.”

“Can we stay?”

“As long as we can.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck again as he laid two hands around her waist. They kissed each other so passionately that she could barely breathe. They swam together in the lake underwater through the green rushes and the sand. The water felt like clear crystal. They finally lay soaking wet on the soft grass of the shore. The night had come quickly and the stars shone above them. It seemed that Varda had opened up the floodgates of the heavens just for them so that the sky was so full of stars that the constellations were hidden. Legolas took her palm and kissed it gently.

“Legolas, can’t we stay here? It’s beautiful.”

“Shhh cherish the time we have. Dreams do not last forever.”

She laid her head upon his bare chest and he entwined his fingers within her hair. He slowly moved her hair to one side and gently kissed her neck. She reached behind her neck and undid the sashes.

“Elenya,” he said in a soft whisper.

“I don’t care anymore.”

She wrapped a hand around his head and brought his lips to hers. As her hands found their way into his, he released his mouth from hers.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“It is time to wake up.”

“No,” she protested. “It is beautiful here even more than Rivendell or anywhere else in existence.”

“Dreams do not last forever. Wake Elenya awake.”

“I do not want to!” she said defiantly. “No!”

Elenya’s eyes fluttered open. Legolas was still sitting behind her. It was nearly dawn, but still dark outside. Legolas moved slightly when he saw her eyes.


“I had the same dream,” he read her thoughts.

“It’s almost morning,” she said looking out the window. She suddenly grasped him tight afraid, so afraid. “Hold me. I-I can’t breathe.”

Emilie’s side was beginning to take over. She couldn’t let that happen. She was very emotional, but as Elenya she remained stronger. It seemed like she was two different people. Elenya of Middle Earth, Emilie of America. She had to choose who she would be.

“Whatever happens,” Legolas said, “do not watch me. Do not let him see you suffer. I will be with you always. I have one last request from you, Elenya.”


“Will you sing our song to me please? Your voice is the one last thing I wish to have before I die.”

A tear rolled down her cheek as she sang the song she had heard while the fireworks had burst through the sky amidst the stars. She had sung it to him during their travels, and they both decided it was their favorite the song meant for them.

She slowly and softly began to sing to Legolas:

Every evening brings an ending
Every day becomes a legacy
Every sunset leads to morning
With the promise of opportunity

We can reach for the stars we find along the way
Dreaming as we learn to love every day
Promise you will take my hand
As tomorrow dawns we’ll go on

We’ll go on growing closer through the years
We’ll go on through the good times and the tears
Ever on another thousand circles round the sun
If two can be as one, we’ll go on

There is music if you listen in the rhythm of each breath we take
Destinations undiscovered revelations from every choice we make
And I know there are diamonds dancing in the sky
All we have to do is open our eyes

Promise we’ll walk side by side
As a new day dawns, we’ll go on

We’ll go on growing closer through the years
We’ll go on through the good times and the tears
Ever on another thousand circles round the sun
A new life has begun the two of us as one
We’ll go on

Moving through the good times and the tears
Ever on another thousand circles around the sun
A new life has begun the two of us as one

If we live to keep the promise
We’ll go on… ever on… we’ll go on

When she ended, there were glistening tears in her eyes.

“Thank you. But please do not weep for me. Promise me one more thing,” he said.

“What?” she said hanging her head down.

“I do not wish you to be alone as I have said before. If you stay in Middle Earth, and if Haldir asks you,” he cut her off when she was about to speak, “Haldir is a good man, Elenya. And he loves you. I told you this last night but you have not promised me. I do not want you to remain here in darkness and doubt like Arwen when Aragorn passes away. I do not wish you to fade. If you remain in Middle Earth, promise me that you will let him take care of you.”

She uttered, “I promise.”

“I will still be with you always.”

Legolas kissed her one last time as the Prince entered the cell. A frown was fixed upon his face as if he did not want this to happen. Elenya stood up.

“Do you wish to leave?” he asked her sharply.

“No,” she answered.

“Elenya,” Legolas interjected.

She cut him off, “I want to stay.”

“So be it,” the Prince said.

Legolas smiled, for he knew she had accomplished her quest. She had proved her loyalty and love not only to Middle Earth, but to him. He knew that she truly loved him enough to watch him die.

Elenya knelt down beside Legolas and kissed him long and full on his lips.

“Forgive me.”

“There is no need to ask,” he whispered. “It is the Prince who shall suffer the consequences of his actions.”

The Prince took Elenya’s arm and pulled her away. Dario took the sword in his hand. He raised it to strike. Elenya watched and was suddenly awestruck at Legolas’s eyes. They were cold and dark. They were no longer alive. It was as if he had been struck lifeless before Dario had even touched him. The sword came down piercing Legolas’s heart. Elenya’s heart burned and melted within her. Legolas was dead.


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