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Aragorn had read her note. He knew to let her go. He had been pushing her to remain in Minas Tirith. He just hoped he could keep her his little girl forever at least as long as he lived.

Dear Father,
This may be difficult for you to understand, but I must say it. I love you dearly and shall continue to love you for all of my endless days. But I must look to my own life now. I am in love, and I could do nothing to avoid it. He is a good man father and loves me as well. Do not worry. We shall be together again soon. I will come back, but I think I shall rather enjoy the time upon my honeymoon. Give all my love to everyone.

Your daughter for always
Your son in law

He never imagined in a million years that it could have been Valmarias whom he had banished for treason. But Aragorn had received another letter about everything he had done for her.Now Aragorn had more important matters to discuss rather than to tangle with his daughters will when it was decided. Haldir had come to Minas Tirith with five hundred elves from Lorien. He had insisted upon leaving immediately once he heard who it was the Prince had captured. Haldir only hoped she was all right.


Legolas was dead!

A tear rolled down Emilie’s cheek, but she turned her face away from the Prince. He released her from the cell, and she walked into the courtyard as the sun was rising.

“What did Sam say? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing. The Shadow. And when the sun shines it will shine all the clearer. But not for me. No more sunrises or sunsets. Nothing, nothing,” she pondered the word. “No more dreams of leaning in the dark above him. No more kisses. No more time. No more stars or shadows. Nothing.”

The Prince walked up behind her.

“The King is coming,” he said. “You could have lived truly lived on the right hand of the most powerful man in the world. Oh that you were mine,” he grasped her shoulders. “How I would take you and fill you.”

“It is over,” she turned to face him and gave him a stare that could melt steal at twenty paces. “You will not hurt anyone ever again including me.”

“I did not hurt you. You hurt yourself. I could have made you happy.”

“You brought me nothing but darkness, fire, and pain. And you will die for your actions. The King will see you hanged for what you did to Edheliond.”

“I highly doubt that.”

“When Aragorn comes, I am taking my horse and returning to Minas Tirith after I go to Rohan.”

“Why Rohan?”

“I shall let my friend Eowyn care for the child.”

“Elenya, you only make things worse for yourself. Stay with me.”

“Never! Do you think that things have changed between us simply because the one I love is dead!?” she asked enraged. “Even though he is gone, I shall never ever yield to you! You have been blind since the beginning! Never!”

He stood back shocked at her words. “You are mad!” he said. “You could have the sweetest pleasure of your life yet you do not take it!” he stopped and sighed touching his head. “You truly loved each other. You were truly happy. You were in bliss.”

“Before he died,” she finished.

“I was blind. Blind indeed.”

The Prince walked away dejected. She was glad for she had hurt him. She did not feel pity for him. The Prince had knowledge though for she had visited his library. If only he had put that knowledge to use. He did not have wisdom merely a craving for lust. She had denied him. And he was angered.

That afternoon, Aragorn entered the city and she met him at the gate, Aryiel holding onto her hand. Aragorn embraced her. He knew something was wrong. He could see it in her eyes.

“What has happened?”

“Legolas is dead,” she blurted out not thinking of any other way.

Aragorn stepped back. Legolas was his greatest friend save for Gandalf. He had been there from the beginning the beginning in Rivendell where he had pledged his bow to Frodo. Emilie had never seen Aragorn weep before, but he did. And they wept together. They held each other like two old friends their knees touching the ground their tears falling down their cheeks. Emilie did not weep for herself. She wept for Aragorn’s loss. Finally she worked up the courage to tell him of Legolas’s ending. Aragorn sat beside her in the courtyard.

“A great light has gone out. I shall never forget him.”

“The world shall never forget him. I do not want Middle Earth to forget him. I feel like a failure Aragorn. What could I do?”

“Elenya,” he began but she cut him off.

“No, do not call me by that name anymore. Elenya died with Legolas. Call me Emilie for that is my name.”

“Emilie,” he said taking her hand. “You did the right thing. Now you must let go of your anger. I loved Legolas not only as a friend but as a brother. And I will see that the one who caused his death will be brought to justice,” he sighed and met her eyes. “Someone wishes to speak with you. He is waiting for you outside the city.”

“Haldir?” she guessed.

Aragorn nodded. “When he heard of your imprisonment, he came to me and practically ordered the army to set out. When I heard of Edheliond’s attack, I sent reinforcements, but it was too late. I am sorry I arrived late as well.”

“It would not have mattered. He has an army of ten thousand perhaps more. But now it is over. The army is sundered. The tribes each have gone to their own lands.”
Aragorn finally caught sight of the little girl with the shiny golden hair walking in the courtyard. He motioned to her.

“Aryiel,” Emilie called to her and the little girl obeyed. Emilie took her hand and brought her to Aragorn’s side. “She was orphaned during the siege at Edheliond. I wish to take her to Rohan.”

“I am sure Haldir would be glad to accompany you.”

“I do not wish to stay here any longer.”

Aragorn kissed her head, and she stood up looking towards the tower. For the first time, Emilie was allowed outside the gates. She saw a clear view of Aragorn’s camp on the hill to the northeast. Then she saw a white horse in the distance riding closer towards her. She recognized the figure. He dismounted and walked towards her. She bowed her head slightly.

“Elenya?” he knew at once something was wrong with her.

“My lord.”

Now Haldir knew there was something wrong. She had never called him by that name before. He took her hand.

“What is it?”

“Ask Aragorn. And he said you would accompany me to Rohan. I wish to speak with Eowyn and Faramir. And if you do not mind, I would like to set out immediately.”

“I will as long as you tell me what has happened on our journey there.”

Emilie brought out Lossiellen and placed the girl in the saddle and climbed up behind her. She explained to Haldir of what had happened to the girl and why she was going to Rohan. Emilie departed but not before saying farewell to Aragorn. Then she discovered what had happened to the Prince. He had been killed in his own chamber by one of his servants. Dario had been the murderer. He had been commanded to kill himself and the Prince. Emilie knew the Prince would rather commit suicide then be led to justice in shame. She also knew it was the first time the Prince had never received what he desired. She doubted Aragorn would have killed him. When the Easterlings had allied themselves with Sauron and had killed many of Aragorn’s men during the War of the Ring, he had pardoned all of their acts and let them depart peacefully. Emilie did not wish to think of the Prince. Legolas said he would suffer the consequences of his actions. And he had.

That night when Aryiel was asleep, Emilie related the events of her time in the Prince’s dwelling and of Legolas’s death. He excused himself from her side when he heard of Legolas’s death and went into the forest leaving her alone near the campfire. She didn’t want to know what he was doing in his time alone.

“Just don’t kill yourself,” she told him before he left.

He said nothing. She knew he needed solitude. Haldir and Legolas were very much alike though Haldir was far more arrogant than Legolas. They were friends though. Haldir was perhaps a greater friend than Aragorn had ever been to Legolas. They were after all elves both more than a century old having grown up as friends.

Haldir returned to the camp, and she noticed his bleeding knuckles and large gash upon his arm.

“A little target practice with the trees?” she said slightly smiling. “I think you lost.”

“Elenya,” he knelt down beside her and took her hand the blood drops falling onto it. “You loved Legolas even more than I. Why do I not see you suffering?”

“Haldir, I am not Elenya anymore. Elenya died with Legolas. If she were still alive, she would be suffering. But I allowed her to pass away.”

“No,” he objected. “I don’t believe it.”


“Because if Elenya, were gone I would not still be in love with you.”

“Haldir, you are misunderstood.”

“No, I am not!” he said grabbing her arm tightly.

“Let go,” she protested. “I’m not in the mood, Haldir. Do you want a cracked rib?”


“Haldir, stop calling me that! I’m not Elenya anymore!” she said hugging her face to his chest.

He released her.

“What should I call you then?”

“Emilie,” she answered. “My name is Emilie.”




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