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Elenya went that night to see Legolas, which took a good deal of persuading to the Prince. She told him of the Prince’s scheme.

“Elenya, you must order my death,” he told her.

“What? You know I can not do that.”

“Hundreds of people shall die. What is my life to theirs?”

“It matters a lot to me. I love you!”

“I know you do. But I would gladly die for Middle Earth. Remember this is not our quest to be selfish of each other. It is a quest of our loyalty to Middle Earth. And if my death is not ordered, he will take you. He said so himself.”

“But what of our loyalty and love to each other? I can’t-“

“Elenya, Emilie, my star I will always be with you. Remember.”

“No Legolas. I will speak with him. He cannot be so heartless. I will not let you die! He is coming. I must go.”

“Elenya please understand.”

She stopped his mouth with a passionate kiss. As she was doing so, the Prince took her arm sharply and drew her away. The cell door closed. As they entered the courtyard, Elenya still pleaded with him to release the elves but to no avail.

“I shall not release them until his bleeding heart lies in my hands.”

“How can you be so unfeeling?” she said holding back tears and taking a place by the fountain. “You don’t even know the meaning of love.”

She remembered the words to an old song. She changed them around somewhat hoping the Prince would understand. “If I could turn back time, I’d run to him today and I know he too feels the same way. He and I were meant to be for longer than forever, I’ll hold you in my heart…….It’s almost like you’re here with me though we seem so far apart.” She stood up and began to walk as the Prince followed her. “For longer than forever. As constant as a star,” she said looking at the bright lights around her. “I close my eyes and I am where you are. June as the dawn brings the sunrise weave and unshakable bond. Destined to last for a lifetime and beyond. For longer than forever, I swear that I’ll be true. I’ve made an everlasting vow to forever love you. For longer than forever like no love ever known, and with your love I’ll never be alone. For longer than forever. Much stronger than forever. And with your love I’ll never be alone…….”

He took her shoulders. “You sing beautifully. But that vow shall not last forever. Forever is a long time. And you have for all eternity to spend with me. You are mine now. When you spared his life, you knew the price for his would be your life.”

A tear rolled down her cheek. “There is nothing I can say to make you change your mind?”

“My will is stronger than yours,” he said snaking an arm around her waist and laying his chin upon her shoulder.

“Don’t,” she said resisting and trying to break free. “My heart shall remain bonded to Legolas forever. A million years could not change that. You may have my will and my body but never my heart.”

“That is all I ask at least for now. But someday I will have your heart as well. You have all of eternity to change your mind.”

Without warning he lowered his lips to her neck and placed a gentle kiss there. She began to panic as he touched her bare shoulders. He felt her hesitation and took her hand facing her.

“Come with me.”

“I’m tired. I’ve seen all I wish to see for one night.”

He ignored her words and pulled her into the midst of the garden and plucked a flower from a branch. He placed it in her braid and traced the hair with his fingers. Unexpectedly, he drew her in roughly and lowered his lips to her mouth but did not kiss her yet. She closed her eyes in fear as he teased her remaining poised upon her lips. He could sense her panic and decided to enter her mind. I don’t want this he heard her uttering the words within her mind. Why can’t he understand? Oh go away! The Prince released her.

“Soon Elenya. But not tonight. For I am tired as well. Goodnight my love,” he kissed her hand and walked out of the garden.

She wondered what changed his mind, but was simply glad he had. She walked back to her room and closed the door behind her, flung onto her bed and cried herself to sleep.
The Prince came to her in the morning before the sun rose. He sat on the edge of the bed and traced the lines of her face and felt her soft strands of hair scattered around her shoulders. She moved and slowly aroused instantly surprised by his presence.

“It is time,” he told her.

“But its not even light out.”

“You shall ride with me today as my Princess. And tis well that a Princess should wear proper Easterling attire. But your face shall not be veiled as most are.”

He nodded toward the chair in her room, and the first thing that came out of her mouth was, “NO! I will not wear that rag!”
He held the Easterling garb out which looked flimsy to her.

“It is made with the finest material. And I am afraid you have no other choice. Your other clothes have been removed.”
She slipped out of the bed and went to the closet. The once beautiful dresses were gone. She glared at him.

“Could not have you going into battle in a dress. The Easterling garb is slit from the thighs so your legs are free.”

“I will not wear that!”

“Then you shall go in your white shift which is transparent so I see,” he grinned.

She looked around for a cloak, but saw none. She would have to wear it she feared. For she knew if she tried to stay, he would drag her out forcefully, and she did not want to be seen in her transparent night shift.

“I shall meet you in the courtyard.”

She stared at the Easterling clothes in disgust for a long moment. She had no other choice. She climbed into the outfit, which she had to admit fit perfectly, but in her opinion did not flatter her figure. She knew if she showed up at Minas Tirith in this, it would be considered improper. Her limbs and midriff were exposed. The skirt of the garment was slit all the way to her hips on each side. Instead of fabric covering most parts, she was adorned with jewels. At least her chest was covered unlike some of the others she had seen. She touched her flat stomach and looked at herself in the mirror. The colors were of bright blue and green. She tied the two sashes in the back together. She left her hair down in front covering her stomach. At least the Prince would not have the satisfaction of seeing all of her.

He met her in the courtyard as he had said. He grinned happily at seeing her in the garb. Without warning, he snaked an arm around her bare waist and led her to the stables where Lossielen was already saddled. She mounted the horse glad to be rid of the Prince’s hold. He grabbed her reins before she could move.

“I have something for you.”

Without a word, he revealed a silver crown with a shining emerald in the center. He placed it on her head gently. She sighed.

“It suits you well. Now you look like an Easterling.”

“I had and have no wish to be one, Prince.”

“I chose it so you could not hide a dagger in your perfect breasts.”

Before she could respond, a loud horn was heard. The Prince urged the horses through the gates where the great army waited. Dario sat upon a very large horse and signaled for the others to stop. Elenya noticed that the soldiers did not ride upon horses but animals that closely resembled camels. But most of the soldiers remained on foot. All eyes were fixed upon her. The Prince took her hand and gave it a squeeze.

Then Dario shouted, “Hail! The Prince if the Easterlings ruler of the known world and his new bride!”

Elenya opened her mouth to protest but the Prince squeezed her hand to the point where it hurt. When the horses began to walk again, she posed a question.

“Where are we going?”

“We are to go to Edheliond.”

“Where are we now?”

“I have set up my kingdom near Pinnath Galen.”

“What shall happen when we arrive? Will the people surrender?”

“Edheliond is strong. I doubt it.”

“What will you do?”

He said nothing.

“Answer the question.”

“That is not important. None of your concern.”

“It isn’t?”

“No!” he said sharply turning to her. He brushed a strand of hair away from her face. “I am sorry my Elenya. You need not worry about it. It shall be taken care of.”

She remembered stories made up by people about what had happened after the War of the Ring. She remembered the story of the Easterlings as vicious barbarians who burned cities and destroyed both men, women, and children. They did despicable acts to the women . He broke her thoughts.
“The city shall be taken care of. You need not worry.”

She hoped he was right, but inside she knew not to trust him not one little bit.


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