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She sat upon a couch in the Prince’s tent. Earlier Easterling dancers with veiled faces had danced, and the Prince had shown interest as he filled his stomach with fine food and wine. Elenya ate nothing despite his promptings. He continually watched Elenya but she simply stroked the child’s hair. Finally she set the child aside who had fallen asleep in her arms. It was dark now, and Elenya grew tired. She looked at the child’s sleeping form beside her. The child had said nothing. She simply clung to Elenya whenever a soldier or the Prince was near. Elenya lay on her stomach tears still streaming down her cheeks. She had refused to speak to the Prince. He lay beside her tracing the lines of her back.

“Sometimes for the greater good in order to get what you want, sacrifices must be made,” he said.

She remained silent. Then she felt his hands. He untied the sashes of her back and let them fall to her sides. He laid his palm upon the soft skin underneath.

“No,” she said softly but bravely.

“You are my bride now, Elenya. It is time we be bound.”

“No, not with her here,” she said rustling the child’s hair.

“She is asleep,” he said lowering his lips to her neck.

“How many more shall die before you heed my word?”

He pushed her to her back so he could face her. He saw the tears glistening in her eyes.

“I always do what I must,” he said softly.

“You did not have to kill them,” she protested.

“It is far to deep for you to understand,” he said lowering his lips to hers.

She turned away. He cupped her chin in his hands.

“Elenya, you knew what the price would be. Your life for his. You are mine now.”

He ran his hand upon her bare stomach until becoming gratified when he touched the fabric of her thigh. He grinned as he laid his hand upon it. She turned back onto her stomach refusing to allow him to touch her that way.

“I want you,” he whispered in her ear. “You will come inside me tonight. We shall be bound.”

“No,” she refused.

“Then I will take you willingly or not. For you came to me.”

“I came to you because I love someone else.”

“But you did come to me,” he added his hand running along her back. He traced the lines. “You have many scars.”

“It’s what happens when you fight four battles of uruks, orcs, and Easterlings, and the Nazgul.”

“The Nazgul?”

“I was a member of the Fellowship.”

“So you were the tenth?”

“Aye. I traveled with Frodo from the Shire. To Rivendell, I went. That was where I met him. The very first night,” a smile came to her face. “He kissed me. Under the stars where I had just danced, he kissed me. Then he took me to see the sunrise. And he protected me. He saved my life from the uruks. And I saved his at Helm’s Deep. We shared everything together. And our hearts were linked upon a starry night in the wilderness when I said I loved him. But I held back.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Never will I tell you that reason,” she said not wishing to reveal her secret.

“You are incredible.”

“You do not see what Legolas sees. You will never see what he sees.”

“I hardly think that is true. And I shall see something tonight that he has not seen.”

He pushed his hand underneath her arm. She backed away frightened. He took her by the wrist firmly and grinned.

“I shall not hurt you. I shall not rush at you like some fool, Elenya. Be calm.”

“No! Leave me alone.”

“Was that an order?” he said taking her other wrist and drawing near to her face.

“Consider it a threat.”

“What can you do to me?”

She took the chance and brought her foot to his stomach. He let her wrists go as he gripped it.


“Does not sting me though you have strength.”

She stood up as he came to his knees. Quickly, she tied the strings upon the back together. She stood upon the hilltop looking at the city wondering how many more would die and if the Prince really would take her by force. She felt his hands grip her shoulders and his mouth connect with her neck. She hesitated, but he wrapped his arms around her stomach.

“Ow!” she cried out as he came into contact with her wound.

“I am sorry,” he said loosening his hold upon her. “I forgot you were injured. Not tonight then. There is a shortage of perfect waists in this world. I do not wish to damage yours anymore.”

She raised her arm to strike him, but he caught it and captured her mouth in a scorching kiss.

“How dare you!” she said when he had finished.

“You are my bride. I had every right to.”

“You do not have a right to me anymore than you have a right to destroy everyone in the world.”

“This was your decision, Elenya. When you spared his life, you knew what the price would be.”

“How could I have known you would do this?”

She thought of Legolas. Was it right that one man should die for the world? She knew what the answer was. He would gladly die for Middle Earth despite his love for her. This was a mission. It was her quest. Her quest of loyalty to Middle Earth Varda had said. Why did she bring me back so Legolas could die? How many more innocent people would die because of her decision. And the Prince was forceful and stubborn. He had power over her now. He could do whatever he wished with her. She would not let him have that pleasure. He spoke to her once again interrupting her thoughts.

“I have done nothing but taken what is rightfully mine. Someday Middle Earth will be ours. We shall rule it for all time and be blessed with the children you shall bear for me.”

“I will never,” she said stubbornly.

“Oh yes you will,” he said stroking her cheek. “We shall go to Valinor, and our son shall remain in my stead.”

“How can you possibly think-” he put his hands across her mouth and grinned.

“Rest Elenya. You will need it for the time shall be near when your body shall be filled and have the most glorious night ever.”

“I do not want this.”

“What else can you do now that you made the decision?”

“Unmake it,” she said the tears beginning to fall.

“You mean you wish for his death?”

With one last breath remaining in her body she uttered, “Yes.”


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