The_Elf_From_America-Part Thirty One – Forever-Final Chapter Before Sequel

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“I have been thinking on what you said.”


“And I wish to give you something.”

“What?” she asked.


Legolas held up a ring in the darkness. It shone with the greatest light. In the center rested a bright stone that looked like a diamond.

“I have not known you long. I do not know of what race you are. I do not know your father’s name or mother’s name. I know that you are not even of this world. But I do know you are a gift sent to me. I know the reflect of the stars in your eyes. I know the flutter of my heart every time you are near. I know you as the fairest star that ever walked this earth, your earth, or any earth or ever shall walk the earth. I know that you love me as I love you. I know that sometimes it’s hard for me to breathe around you. I know that I can never wish for a life without you. I know that I could never hope to live without you. I know my heart. And my heart chooses us. Elenya, will you marry me?”

She seemed stunned as he held up the ring to her face. A tear rolled down her cheek. How could she refuse such a proposal? Then a line from a movie came into her head.

“So I guess you expect me to fall into your arms and cry hysterically and say that we’ll figure this whole thing out. And I’ll never wake up from this dream, and we’ll get married and part to the Sea and live in harmony forever. I mean what do you expect to live happily ever after?”

“Yes,” he said wiping her tears away with his hands. “To live happily ever after forever. Will you?”

“YES!!” she said wrapping her arms around his neck.

Legolas lifted her into the air and kissed her. They danced about in the night the stars shining high above them. She slipped the ring upon her finger and kissed him back.

“But what if I wake up?” she asked.

“I won’t let you fall asleep.”

He gathered her in his arms again and kissed her. He held her tight fearing she would slip away into the night. However, she did. No mind cannot resist when it is called. It surrendered to the real world.
Emilie awoke. She sat up suddenly and stared. She was in her room. Her mother looked down at her.

“We’re leaving now, Emilie.”

She knew her parents had been planning to go to New York for a couple of weeks to visit her Godparents. Emilie’s mother held her tightly, and then left her room. Once Emilie heard the garage door close, she screamed out with all her might.

“NO!” she screamed. “No! I didn’t want to leave. Not now. Why? WHY?!”

Then Emilie realized something. She lifted up her hand and saw the Legolas’s ring still upon her finger and the Evenstar’s necklace upon her chest and Galadriel’s Elanor still upon her head.

“What does this mean?” she asked herself. “Where is he? Can he come to me? Shall I ever go back?”

Emilie thought to herself for a minute. “I have been brought back here to America for a purpose. But why do I still have these things?” She looked up to the sky. It was raining out. She cried as swiftly as the raindrops fell upon her window. Slowly she said, “I will wait for you Legolas. Please come to me soon. Or else, I will never love again.”

Throughout the days, Emilie neither slept nor ate. She deserted all of her friends though they tried to come many times to cheer her up. The only way she could be cheered was if Legolas walked through her door.

It was a Friday Night. Emilie changed into the silver dress with the swaying arms. It was the dress she had planned to wear to the Premiere of the Return of the King. She would wear it tonight. Her parents were not home yet and would not return home for at least another three weeks. Emilie slowly walked out of her house and into the night. She walked to the lake beside her house. The dress trawled on the ground and the grass tickled beneath her feet. Slowly she began to sing.

“Who can say for certain, maybe you’re still here. I feel you all around me, your memory so clear. Deep within the stillness, I can hear you speak. You’re still an inspiration. Can it be that you are mine? Forever love. And you are watching over me from up above. Fly……… me up to where you are beyond the distant star. I wish upon tonight to see you smile. If only for a while to know you’re there. A breath aways not far to where you are. As my heart holds you just one beat away, I cherish all you gave me every day. Because you are mine…….forever love watching me from up above. And I believe that angels sing and that love will live on and never leave. Fly………. me up to where you are beyond the distant star. I wish upon tonight to see you smile if only for awhile to know you’re there. A breath aways not far to where you are. I know you’re there. A breath aways not far to where you are.” She stopped singing for a moment and paused. She looked up and noticed a single star rose out of the darkness. She continued. “Wishing you were somehow here again. Wishing you were somehow near. Sometimes it seems if I just dream somehow you would be here. Wishing I could hear your voice again knowing that I never would. Dreaming of you and help me to do all that you dreamed I could. Wishing you were somehow here again knowing we must say goodbye. Try to forgive. Teach me to live. Give me the strength to try. No more memories, no more silent tears. No more gazing across the wasted years. Help me say goodbye.” She stopped for a moment and looked up. The star had faded behind a cloud. The song came back into her head and she sang. “When the cold of winter comes, starless night will cover day. In the veiling of the Sun, we will walk in bitter rain. But in dreams, I can hear your name. And in dreams, we will meet again. When the seas and mountains fall, and we come to end of days, in the dark I hear a call calling me there. I will go there and back again.” Suddenly, she saw the star appear again.

The snow fell all around her. The moon glowed upon her. Her hair was slightly shorter, but she was still his Elenya. He could still see the blueness in her eyes. He silently approached and spoke, “I said my star would not fade. You missed me bad huh?”

She knew the voice. Her heart nearly jumped out of her skin. She turned around and met his eyes. So it seemed that she would be shown mercy. She stared at him in silence trying to comprehend how he had come. A tear rolled down her cheek. He slowly brushed it away. Suddenly, she flew into his arms, and he held her close.

“Oh! Where have you been?” she asked.

“You know me. Always late. But I’m here,” Legolas said holding her tightly. “I’ll never let you go….

“So you’re here forever?” she asked.

“Forever and a day.”




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