The Young Eldar – Part 6-Unexpected Attack

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Aragorn and the others were deep in conversation when the door flew open to the king’s privat studdy. All faces turned to the opening whear Bregil stood, catching his breth. He bowed to them and finally was able to breath enough to tell them his message.

“The prince sends word that the black rider in the sky is returning swiftly, My Lord. He said that he’d caught a glymps of a large army comming behind.”

Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli all immediately thought of the battle of the Hornburg. An army approching an ill prepared city. They nearly felt crushed.


The city’s soldiers were out in a flash as Andon, Gillian, Seredron, Astrid, Eldarion, and Rhiannon ran through allerting the people as they went. They eventually met back at the palas and headed for the king’s quarters. There they found not only Aragorn readdying himself, byt the others including Arwen grabbing at their war gear.

“Mother?” Eldarion asked, confused at the way she looked over an elvish sword of fine make. “You intend to fight?”

“Your grandfather was never good at keeping me at home when the people were in danger. I will not let your father even think it.” she said calmly.

“Are you comming, young one, or are you afrade of a battle, boy?” Gimli eyed him. Eldarion darted out of the room to his own.

“You all stay here, but keep a weapon close if they mannage to get this far into the city. Do not leave one another enless you must. Safty in numbers, remember that.” Legolas said to the younger ones left in the room, fixing an eye on Astrid to be sure she understood.


Eyes followed the king as he marched out to the front with the others. Gasps and manny a murmer came as the others saw that their queen and the sister of the king of Rohon also went with him.

The attacking army did not stop to chalenge the city, but kept moving as if with a singl mind and objective beond tearing down Minas Tirith. The orcs and gobblins had come together again in Moria during the years of peace and rebuilding. They just would not give up. Vengence drove them on for the loss sixteen years befor.

The king’s eyes closed for a moment as they broke into the city whear the dwarvs hadn’t yet come to in their repairs. On his right stood his friends; on his left stood his son and highest oficers of the gaurd. More losses were to come, and come soon.

His eyes opened as an orc came down on him with a sword lifted high. Quickly, Aragorn ducked and drove Andruil through it and did his best to stay alive as more attacked. He soon noted that trools were also among their attackers. In the split second that he took to look, a mace nocked him off of his feet, and he fell nearly two yards away from whear he’d stood.

A sword nearly took is head when the slim, yet sturdy, blade of Elladan intercepted it and drove the Uruk away. Fast to his feet, the king ran to a new face on the field, Astrid. She had decided to compleatly dissobay the elven prince, and come out to fight for the city. The others noted this also and gathered around her.

“Astrid Haldirianna en’Rohon, how dare you come here when told to stay inside?” Eowyn scorned.


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