The Young Eldar – Part 5- Keep an Eye to the Sky

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“You’re saying that there was an attack there as well?” Aragorn said, becoming more concerned with the news the twins brought from Imladris.

“Only one was there. We think that it’s the same as struck the girl.” Elrohir informed.

“Astrid is more than she seems, brother.” Arwen said. “She is what I thought, but the memories are hard on her. She can see it as if it were just yesterday. The girl has the soul of her father.”

“Of Haldir, you mean?” Elladan asked.

“Yes, and she seems to hate us for not telling her.” Legolas commented, head still bent from the words Astrid cried at him.

“All that we’ve been able to do is keep a few to look out into the sky if it comes again. That thing nearly killed a girl, what would happen if it brought an army with it next time. More than one child will loose their life… not to mention the men we’d loose. There may be no victory, we’re still recovering from the last time Minas Tirith saw the Nazgul.” the young solder, Bregil, complained.


“Well?” a voice came from the door way to Astrid’s room. “Are you going to lay around all day like a bump on a log, or are you going to get up and come out for a walk. Maby even a bit of compettition on horse back?”

“Rhiannon?” Astrid asked, still half asleep.

“Yes, my father said to get you up and moving. Gillian, Seredron, Andon, my brother, and I are to help out.” she rummaged through some cloths Astrid had still neglected to unpack from her saddle bags and through some in her face.

Riding cloths.

“We’ll be expecting you down in the stables in twenty minutes. If you’re not there by then, we’ll dragg you out there.” the princess giggled.

“Good, we were just about to come and get you.” Andon said, climbing into the saddle.

“And just what are we doing again?” Astrid asked.

“Just a small race around the track.”

A screech pierced the sky as Astrid rounded the last turn/jump on the track. All eyes darted to the sky, and Andon and Gillian lost their balence as their horses bolted like the others. The Nazgul dared to show it’s self in broad daylight. They may be the only ones who could warn the city.

“Run! Ride! Let’s get out of here, now!!!!” Seredron cried.


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