The Young Eldar – Part 3-Secrets Made Known

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Days had passed. The solders were set about the walls for shifts to overlap so that there was at least twice as manny as the usual gaurd at once on the city and nearist country. Messengers were sent out to warn the rest of Gondor and it’s neighboring relms.

Not a day passed without one of the royals checking in on Astrid. Legolas kept at her side more relentlessly than Sam did with Frodo. He just wouldn’t leave her no matter who was there to wach her while he was gone. Food was brought to him, but he accepted verry little of it.

When Astrid finally did awaken from the darkness, it was with a start. The last dreem seemed familler to her. It was night in it, and she was a solder of high power. She comanded manny elves of Lorien and even Rivendell, but a sword pierced her back. A mortal, one who looked like a younger Aragorn, had ran to her, but she’d died befor he even got two feet from her.

With that she sat up screeming in fright. Now that she saw the Houses of Healing, her eyes darted around the room as if she’d really been at that battle and not in Minas Tirith. She saw Legolas, he’d jumped at her cry and sat back down again with a sigh of relief.

“But…But I was just…It was dark, and…and there were solders….the king…you…Gimli…” she stuttered trying to reason.

“I’ll explain what happened as soon as you calm down.” Legolas laied his hand on her arm. A stern look came on his face as if he were about to say something he didn’t want to recall.

“What? You…You know what I drempt? How did I get in here?”

“That sword mark gave you those dreems, feavor dreems.” He sighed and took his eyes off of her befor continueing again. He said, “That dreem was the last moments of your father. Weapons of the Dark can bring on things like that. We all had our ideas, but only the lady Arwen could say for sure…. You are like her, but your relationship is clocer.”

“What are you getting at?”

“Things like this are becoming more common with the Eldar of late…You carry the soul of Haldir en’Lorien.”

A tray droped in the door way, crashing on the stone floor. Their eyes whiped around to see the young solder, Bregil, with Eldarion just behind him. Both of them had their mouths hanging open and were wide eyed. Niether could believe what they’d just heard.


“My Lord!…My Lady…She’s awake now, and it’s true!” cried Bregil as he ran into the court. Legolas had sent him to them to tell them what had happened.

“What?” Rhiannon looked up.

“Slow down, and speek clearly, Bregil.” Arwen advised as he bowed to them.

“Now, what did you come to say?” Aragorn asked.

“The girl…she’s awake. Legolas Greenleaf said that she really was the reincarnate of Haldir en’Lorien…It’s just as you’ve said, my Lady Arwen.” he panted.


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