The Young Eldar – Final part…Part 7-Down with the Nazgul

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It rained constantly. All that she could see was deth. Not even the thunder could be heard.Battle raged, but she couldn’t hear a thing, or feal it enless it was bare steel agenced her flesh.

“Astrid!” a voice called to her. An arm grabed hers and jerked her to the ground, but she did not feal it. The sun blazed around them in Minas Tirith as it was stormed by the last remaining orcs and Uruk-Hai. Still, nothing could shake the vision of Helm’s Deep from her sight, but it wasn’t her sight… It was Haldir’s last moments playing befor her eyes as if she were her father himself, and not a 16 year old girl who should have been with the other women and children deeper into the city.

“Bregil!” Aragorn cried to the solder. “Bregil, get her off the field! She dosen’t realize what she sees isn’t her own!”

“Yes, my lord!” he answered and took her by the arm, making his way deeper into the city as fast as possible.

“If only I had been able to truly regain the use of my arm after the war.” Eowyn muttered to herself. “I’d be so much better off.”

Eldarion stood near his uncles, falling from a mace blow just as his father had, yet he was able to role away from the next blow aimed for him. He clambered to his feet only to meet with a blow from behind that pushed him down into the mud face first. Blackness followed, and a sence of comfort.

Andon looked around himself for something to use as a weapon. The attacking army had broken into the second wall not ten yards from whear he stood. He looked up in the loft of a barn and found a roughly made daggar just long enough for him to be used as a short sword. A shaddow passed above him, the cold fealing sent into his bones by it could only mean that it was the Nazgul.

He jumped onto a shelf and reached for the dagger. His hand met the hilt not a moment too soon, an Uruk had come into the barn and swung at him. Andon’s jerky nerves saved him from utter ruin as he leaped away into the hay to his right and crawled out a hole that he’d placed there years befor to torment the old farmer.

What the boy didn’t expect was to find himself facing the rider of deth when he came out, bu it happened anyway. He shook with fear and nearly droped the daggar as the Nazgul’s stroke fell. Yet it never touched him. Seredron had pushed Andon out of the way in much the same haste as Astrid had while an unknown boy flew at the Nazgul with his sword beared and readdy to behead it.

Eldarion awoke to the scent of athelas. His mother sat near, and his sister shook his arm. Smiles apeared on both their faces as his eyes opened.

“You liked the scent so much as a baby, I thought that a small little piece burned in the room would catch your attention.” Arwen said.

“My head…” he groaned. “Whear is Father?”

“He is seeing to an old friend.” she said. “You’ve nothing to worry about but yourself now.

The strange boy’s eyes opened to see another youth entering the room. He reconized him as the one who was stupid enough to stand befor the enimy and not move out of it’s way.

“The king said that you’d be awake soon.” he said timmidly.

“Yes, we heal faster than you do.” he said still slightly drowsy.

“Who are you? I heard a name, but I don’t know if they ment you or not. They said something about a thing called a hobbit helping the lady Eowyn kill one befor.”

“No…It was not me, but he is a friend. I am called Samwise Gamgee, and you should know better than to have done that. If it’s one thing that I’ve learned from life is not to stand there and let yourself be killed.”

“Handing out more advice, Sam?” Legolas said as he walked in with Gimli.

“What you did was more foolish than what he did.” Gimli chided.

“But I know the consequences of it. He didn’t know what could have happened except deth. Best to help out rather than sit back and let it get into the mind of another.” Sam said.

“At least it’s gone now.” Andon sighed. “I hope I never see another thing like that again.”

“Likely you never will, boy. It’s likely that none ever will.” Aragorn came in to check up on his old friend.

Eowyn stared harshly at her cousin’s daughter. Gala had been fool enough to marry that elf. Now Eowyn was unlucky enough to care for her when Legolas couldn’t.

Astrid looked down. “I’m telling you. It’s what happened out there. I saw and felt it all. The rain, the deth, all of it.”

“The sun was about to scortch evrything and you see night and dead elves around you?” Eowyn mocked the girl’s poor tail. “That’s what happened at Helm’s Deep, not here.”

“I know what happened to her out there, Eowyn.” Elrohir said.

“Same as what happened to our sister manny times.” Elladan said. “she saw what her father saw when faced with a similer situation.”

Mid-Summer’s Day was filled with more than the usual anual celibrations. The people partied over their freedom from another fear. Eldarion’s wounds were nearly healed. Astrid was as well as she could be with the wound from Beltine. All others were in other stages of healing.

The prince led Astrid away from the group yet again, yet this time, he had a bit more to say. He led her back to the hill whear they’d went star gazing that spring night.

“Astrid, I have something to ask of you.” Eldarion said. “Will you be the next Queen of Gondor and Arnor?”

“Marry you?” she gasped. “Well… It’s…” she looked out over the lake. “Only if you will look to me as your wife and not the queen.”

He gave her an odd look. Her choice of words didn’t quite come to a yes or a no.

“Yes, Eldarion. You know that I will.”


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