The Way Home (Part two) – My continued story

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~I am very sorry about the delay of this part! my computer wouldn’t let me submit the story… It did let me submit comments but NOOOOO never the story! Also I would like to apologize because in my first part of the story I said that there would only be two parts, but I think there will be more! so with no further ado let my story begin~

Pippin awoke the next morning to the chirping of birds and the smell of sausage cooking, as he sat up Merry saw that he was awake and went over to him and said:

“Good morning sleepy head! I was about to come over and wake you in a minute! I trust that you slept well after your nightmare!”

“Yes Master Pippin!” said Sam handing a small plate of sausage and tomatoes. “That was a awful bad nightmare you had!”

Pippin stood up with his breakfast and walked over to the fire to where Merry sat with his plates and waited for Sam who was tending the ponies. When he came back and got himself a plate, the three hobbits ate in silence. (Sam with more relish for he had no dinner the night before)

After they had finished and put out the fire, Merry volunteerd to go to the stream and wash the dishes, while Pippin and Sam cleaned up the clearing. While Merry after getting directions from Sam to the stream ambled off, Pippin and Sam started to clean up.

“What are We going to do?” Asked Pippin breaking the silence. “How are we going to explain this to the Shire? I don’t want them thinking of Frodo as Mad Baggins! And I know they will surely miss Gandalf. Bilbo is already gone so they don’t have to worry about him, but they thought that Frodo had more sense than that!”

“I don’t know.” Replied Sam after thinking for a minute “All I know is that it is going to be hard on my Gaffer, tending the garden at Bag-end was his life. It wasn’t so bad when Mr. Frodo lived there, because he was the Master of Bag-end, but now that he is gone I am going to have to fire my poor Gaffer for I cannot have my own father be a servant to me! It just isn’t right!”

They talked for a while while cleaning and after they were done and waiting for Merry to come back with the dishes, they sat down on the big log around the ashes of there campfire.

After a moment Sam asked: “You miss them alot Master Pippin?”

Pippin answered only with a nod and a river of tears flooding down his face. He turned away.

Sam put an arm instinctivly around his shoulders and drew him close, and said to him: “Were in this together! We can get through this if only we stick together!” Yet he was weeping himself. So Pippin put an arm around him and thats how they sat there, getting each other’s shirts soaked with tears.

While Pippin and Sam were in the clearing Merry was walking towards the stream to wash the dishes. He found the stream and sat down on the bank. The sun was shining and the air warm yet he felt cold, as he began to wash he noticed his hands were trembling.

“No” he told himself. “I shan’t weep. I must remain strong for the others.”

He took out his pipe and lit it. As he smoked he thought of king Theoden and his futile promise to smoke with him and listen to his herb-lore. He has smoked after Theoden’s passing and before this moment and not thought of him at all, yet now by himself he felt utterly alone.

“I don’t know what to do. I know I must cheer up Sam and Pip yet I am not cheery myself. I must live a lie?”

His hands were now trembling so much he extingushed the pipe and put down the dish.

The more he tried to regain composure the more he failed. And so he eventually put his quivering hands to his eyes and wept.

He wept long and hard, yet he did not shed tears for not just himself, he shed them for Sam and Pippin, he shed them for everyone of the shire. He shed them for every hobbit outside the Shire that was friends of Frodo. He also shed them for Bilbo and Gandalf.

Later he felt relived yet drained physicly and emotionly. So he layed down and slept. He awoke to Sam and Pippin calling him, he gatherd up the dishes and his pipe and ran to meet them.

“Sorry” he said panting “I kind of got lost in thought.”

Pippin noticeing Merry’s eyes asked him: “What is wrong Merry?”

“Nothing Pip. Nothing at all”

“Good then Master Merry!” Said Sam “What time is it, Master Pippin.

“Can’t be any later then one in the afternoon. Why do you ask?”

“I don’t like the feel of this place.” he replied “It feels omnius to me somehow. and I want to leave.”

“Yes.” Said Pippin “Let us leave at once!” and they ran off towards the clearing.

Merry stoped and looked back at the stream. With of a wave of his hand he turned around and ran to catch up to Sam and Pippin.

After they got back the hobbits at once mounted their ponies and started again for home.

Again they rode fast for a good 4 hours and slowed down to a trot for another few hours. Today they didn’t ride in total silence, they joked a little and thought more, so the ride was almost in silence yet not quite.

After deciding to spend the night in a long deserted cave they found, Sam built up a fire and cooked dinner from Merry’s pack.

As they ate, Pippin and Merry heard Sam humming a little tune.

“What song are you humming there Sam?” asked Merry

“I know I have heard it before!” said Pippin

“Don’t you remember?” Asked Sam, “that song in the troll’s cave I sang that night,”

“OH!” Cried Pippin “Yes I know that song!”

And so with a little help from Sam, they sang the song so loud they shook the flames.

“And the boned he boned from its owner!” they finished with a hearty laugh.

“Ah! It feels like so long ago I have laughed last!” Said Pippin.

“It feels so good to laugh! I thought I would never laugh again! Thank you Sam!” Cried Merry

“Oh, your’e welcome! I needed that laugh as much as you did!” Sam replied wiping tears of laughter from his eyes.

A while later, they decided to turn in for the night.

“A bone he boned from his owner!” Sam sang to himself with a small chuckle, and with that he plunged into sleep.

No one heard him, for Merry and Pippin were fast asleep.

“The bone he boned from his owner!”


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