The Voyage – An Elmen’s Tale

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It is the 2nd Age of our world, as the great Pelenar the Wise has told us. We merely allow him and the Council to tell us what we need to know. We know not of the whereabouts of the Dark Forces of the evil Lord Celestiöl. He has, in the past (or when records began to be kept), tried to take our world for his own. “Power, greed, and lust are what drives this evil madness,” the Head Councilman Fletaélmör constantly tells us. Our country, once known to ancient folk as Lestobethnor, is now recognized as Bethnor. We folk are countrymen who harvest every fall and planted in the late spring, when the daffodils bloom in Mrs. Cartney’s garden and the daisies flourish in the fields and pastures. As is commonly known, we are a simple folk. We live in small cottages and smoke tobacco or lie on our porch-chairs and read our books while drinking an ice-cold glass of lemonade. The large oak trees blossom small flowers on the branches, transforming a naked tree to a bright pink oak. From my porch, the sun sets right in between two enormous yew trees, allowing the soothing essence of dusk to be soaked in by a calm and quiet country. The small folk of Bethnor live a calm life and were pleased with themselves.

Concerning Bethnor

The first folk that arrived on Bethnor were migrating elves and men. They had sailed from a land far away, a land of war and deception. No living record ever carried the name of the distant place, but now refer to it as Uruva Feä. The newcomers quickly began constructing our town of Kemen. Many of our towns keep their original Elvish names. Kemen is Elvish for “earthly”, for our extremely fertile soil. The men blessed us with the first harvest. Elves served for the defense and elegant lifestyles. The men labored in the fields with the crops, harvesting and planting the food. They too worked on the defenses of the newborn city. The two separate cultures combined to create Elmen, or Elvish-men. This superior society slowly expanded outside the walls of Kemen and spread to cover miles of beach. They constructed wooden cottages out of the seemingly never-ending Antala Forest. Antala is old Elvish for “God is giving”, thus why the elves gave it this name.

Thus began the 1st Age of Bethnor. As time slowly progressed onward, travelers and immigrants from neighboring islands migrated to our peaceful island. Various races arrived: dwarves, gnomes, and a few knowledgeable wizards fleeing Uruva Feä and the war. The wizards created a Council or Commonwealth to govern the three countries that made up Bethnor. The separate races resided in the separate countries, the gnomes to the west, the dwarves to the north, and elmen the rest of the area.

The Council included three wizards, even Pelenar’s kin. There was a central city dedicated in full to the Council. Vardo, Elvish for protector, was the city’s name. The city itself contained a glorious hall where the Council discussed issues. There were three very elegant and white cottages made of the finest oak. Connecting the cottages were the aerial walkways between the buildings. There was one very large pathway that unified all three passageways and led to the Council Hall. On the paths were elegant, fluent Elvish calligraphy inscribed on the handle-rails and on the center of the floor.

Thus where the records end. The end of the 1st Age. From here, no one can tell. Someone more wise than I once said, “Fate lies ahead. Use the past, to help you through the present, and enable you to create a brighter future.” Bethnor is a peaceful and tranquil place, and we intend to keep it that way.


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