The visit in Middle-Earth

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The visit in Middle-earth – Bree

It was Sunday. The rain was pouring down outside, the house was quiet as usual.
Every Sunday, her mother slept more than usual. She was always tired, working as a veterinarian. The alarm yesterday in the middle of the night had made her mother tired.
Shannon was lying on her bead, listening to the rain hitting her window.
She shook her head and looked at the clock at her desk, just between the bed and the TV.
Almost seven o’clock in the morning.
She thought for a moment, before she stood up.
Would her mother allow her to call her friend this time? Was she going to complain again about her “obsession” with the movie Lord of the Rings? Or was she going to complain about her talking too much in the telephone?
Shannon sighed, but put on a short, black leather shirt. Then she took her rings, putting them at her hand, and put a chain around her waist and neck.
After that, she looked herself in the mirror and put on the make-up that would make her look like any gothic teenager.
When she was finished, she walked quietly downstairs and took up the telephone.
The number was easy, and her friend answered the telephone immediately.
– Hi Carey. Care for a trip downtown?
– Of course, Shannon, I will be at your place… let’s see… in about two hours?
Carey always spoke quietly, almost in a mystic way.
Shannon nodded.
– I really need to buy myself some new trousers I hate these! Gosh, they look so old… And the leather doesn´t even looks like leather anymore.
Two hours will be fine, but I will see you outside, my mum´s asleep.
– Okay then. See ya later. Bye!
Shannon hung up and walked to the living room. The DVD with The Lord of The Rings, the extra edition was lying there on the table. Just as Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers did.
She was very excited about seeing the last movie, The Return of The King.
Shannon smiled at the DVD and put one of the cd:s in the DVD player.
Just before she was to turn on the TV, she rushed upstairs, remembering Melissa, and started look for her voodoo-doll.
She hated school; she hated Melissa, always looking good, always in her snobby mood.
She was going to give back for Melissa and her gang, always telling her and the entire school that she was ugly, a demon and things like that.
She had no other friends but Carey.
Shannon smiled.
Carey with her calm, almost mystic smile and way of speaking. Carey´s never-failing patience.
Carey loved the movies and the books, reading them almost every weekend, just as she, Shannon did.
She eventually found her doll, and took up a book and held it in her arms.
The title read:
Ancient magic – Voodoo and how to curse someone
Shannon smiled and took all of the ingredients out of the darkest corner in her closet.
She turned on some gothic music and read in the book how to do.
When she was almost finished, she took the lock of Melissa’s hair, and where just to put it in the Voodoo-doll, when she remembered that she had forgotten the neals.
She rushed downstairs.
But her head turned to the living room when she came down.
She wanted to watch the movie NOW.
She thought to herself, making up her mind.
– Just a couple of minutes…
She turned on the TV, and the scene where Frodo was running from the Black Riders appeared. Just as she did, she heard thunder from outside.
– Oh no, not now!
She sighed and cursed the weather.
A thunderbolt lightened up the almost dark living room.
She sighed again and put her finger on the button that would turn off the TV.
Suddenly another thunderbolt appeared right outside the window and made everything go black in the house.
The TV turned off itself, but from the button it came a little lightening bolt of electricity. She didn´t have the time to move, and the bolt hit her in the head.
The last thing she saw just before a lot of stars and lights, was that the scene where the hobbits where at Bree appeared.
Then she travelled out of time and knowledge.
When Shannon woke up, she was lying in a bed, and her head ached. She wondered how she had managed to get to her bed, but when she was looking to the left, there was a strange window. Sure it rained outside, but the window… She did not recognize it at all.
– Surely that bolt of electricity must have hit my head to hard, she thought to herself looking at the window.
Suddenly she heard the loud noise of a door opening somewhere from behind her. She turned around in the bed.
– How are you? I know you must have caught up a cold, lying there all alone in the mud. Outside, and in the mud is not a good place falling asleep at.
Shannon´s head ached, but she forced herself to look at the little man, who really looked worried.
– Who… Who are you? And what´s all of this crap sayin´ that I was lyin´ in the mud, asleep? Stop jokin´ with me you short idiot, my head ache and I need some water.
The little guy seemed surprised.
– I am no idiot, and my name is Barliman and if you don´t show some appreciation I will throw you outside the Prancing Pony, and you will have to sleep in the mud again.
The little guy looked very annoyed.
Shannon started to laugh.
– Come on, stop jokin´ with me. It aint funny anymore. Now, who´re you and what am I doin´ here?
The little guy who called himself Barliman looked at her again.
– I- I forgot your name…
Shannon laughed.
– MY name is Shannon Richardson, and I´M not the one who´s trying to impress me, playing that he´s Barliman. You see, she laughed again; Barliman is one of the hobbits in the book The Lord of The Rings, as I guess you already know? He´s the host of The Prancing Pony.
She looked at him in a gothic way, making fun of his shortness, making fun of his according to her, acting. She started to joke with him.
– Has Frodo arrived yet? Or Gandalf the grey?
She laughed, but the guy calling himself Barliman looked surprised.
– You´re a friend of Gandalf?
Shannon started to laugh and fell back to the pillow.
– Oh, come on you short twit, admit it, who´re you trying to kiddin´ anyway?
Barliman looked at her, but said nothing, and gave her a leather pot with water in.
Suddenly she heard a scream and Barliman ran out of the room, leaving her alone to her thoughts.
She laughed, but her head started to ache again so she took her leather pot and drank some water.
After that, she stood up and started to look around in the room. It was indeed very alike as the room at The Prancing Pony had been in the movies, but she pushed those thoughts away.
Why was she here? And why was that little guy speaking like a hobbit would have, even looking like one?
She went to the window and looked out.
An exact copy of Bree from the movies appeared to her eyes.
She wanted to laugh but was almost shocked.
A lot of small people, and another people who looked so tall if she compared them to the little ones, was walking around, some stopped at something and disappeared to her sight.
What was this craziness?
Then she suddenly pinched her left arm.
– I´m dreaming, or something, she thought to herself and closed her eyes.
At least she knew the pinch was real. None of the other was… it had to be…!
She loved the movies and the books, anything that had something to do with The Lord of The Rings… But…
– I´m insane, I´m hallucinating! She said out loud.
When Shannon opened her eyes again, her head ached even more and she was forced to go back to the bed and lie down.
But when she was to do that, she heard a terrible scream from outside. It shook her even into her soul. She knew that sound. The undead Black Riders…
She shook her head, but then she heard their scream again.
– I´ts a DREAM, Shannon Richardson, she said to herself, wake up! You´re at home, in your living room! This is an illusion, a DREAM!
Then suddenly she looked at the other beds in the room. And she started to think thoughts like, where are the cameras then? And where are the filming crew?
She did not expect anybody to come into the room, but when she turned her head, she saw something. Something black.
Maybe it was Carey, visiting her, who would wake her up from the hallucination, her illusions or whatever that was happening to her.
The black came nearer and Shannon sat down beside the bed, looking up at the edge.
She hesitated. Was she going to ask who they were?
Then suddenly Shannon could see what the black was. It was The Black Riders, the undead Nazgûls…! Ringwraiths!
She let out a scream, but held her hand on her mouth so they would not hear.
– This is a DREAM, Shannon! Wake up! You´re going insane! They´re not even real, much less are they here!
She pinched herself again, but when she opened her eyes, she was still there in the room, and the Ringwraiths were there too, approaching her with slow, creepy movements.
Every Ringwraith stopped at each bed, raising their sword in the air. They did not see, nor hear Shannon.
She was now lying under the bed, and she thought they would hear her. Her heart was beating so quickly, and she could hear the heartbeats so clearly…
Then the Ringwraiths stabbed the beds, and Shannon closed her eyes.
– Wake up!
Shortly after Shannon heard their terrifying scream and she had to hold her hand on her mouth so they would not hear her frightened scream.
One of the Ringwraiths threw a bed from its place, and all of the Ringwraiths raged. Then they screamed and rushed out again, in a movement that was unnaturally quick.
Shannon was lying under the bed, watching them leave, and she was shaking of fear. At the same time she thought herself being foolish, believing this was real.
But even if she was dreaming…
Her head worked hard, trying to find a rational explanation to all of this.
Shannon was shaking of fear, and started to laugh at herself.
– You´re crazy, Shannon, believing this is real!
Everyone you´ve seen here is a part of a BOOK, and a MOVIE! A book written by J.R.R

My note:
This is the first time in my life I write a a story and I haven´t got the time to check my spelling…
And please you guys, don´t laugh… It´s the first time I write a story..


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